Charmed Season 2-3.6 Review

11 Apr

I totally meant to start writing this out when I finished season 2 but then I just kept hitting the next button on Netflix and wouldn’t you know it, I got six episodes into season 3. So my review is up to this point. First and foremost, I need to discuss how GOOD season 2 was. So many episodes felt like they could have been season finale episodes with all the action, emotion, and character development packed into each one. I talked before about “Morality Bites” an episode that still stands out as incredible to me. The “She’s a Man, Baby, A Man” episode wasn’t a favorite overall but I did love Prue as a man and that Darryl finally came out and insisted on the sisters’ help, even as he didn’t want to know the details. (Which is something I’m loving about Darryl. Andy couldn’t handle not knowing but he also couldn’t handle knowing the secrets either. Darryl seems to have a great grasp on exactly how much he can handle. Plus in that shirtless leather trench at his rave sting? AY-CA-RUMBA.)

I had a really hard time with the drowning episode since water is my greatest fear and I have this whole drowning nightmare and such. I try not to watch water movies or episodes because they give me nightmares. Seriously. So that was kind of tough but it was really well done. The following ep, “Ms. Hellfire” was almost fantastic. Bane was super fun (glad we saw him again) and Prue as a badass was great. The only frustrating part there was that the fear demon was behind it all. He was terrifying when we first met him but this time around it wasn’t the same. Kind of blah. I have a lot of favorites as you can tell. Like the baby Matthew episode when both Dan & Darryl know the baby jiggle and totally calm the kid down. MY OVARIES WERE GOING CRAZY.

The last few eps though were more about people for me so I’ll just start with Piper. I honestly didn’t see her being the one to break down but as soon as the show started to display that, I realized it made perfect sense. Piper more than anyone wants a normal life. Phoebe enjoys all the aspects of being a witch, especially the history and knowledge. Prue meanwhile has a bit of a dark side that I think keeps her attracted to it even when her good side is frustrated. But Piper wants to be able to fall in love and live her life but not at the expense of hurting others. So when those things conflict, it starts to break her. The astral monkeys episode was absolutely fantastic for Piper. I was bawling for her.

I feel like I should also say something about Dan but I honestly can’t think of much. Dan was a really sweet guy. He was. & the fact that he was a baseball player was totally hot. But I fell in love with Leo first (just like Piper) and I never doubted that he was my favorite (unlike Piper). So Dan never really had a chance to win me over.  Sorry Dan.

The last episode that I enjoyed was the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I noted on twitter that I figured that out pretty early (not that it bothered me) but I always wonder if these things are that obvious or if I just study way too much mythology. Anyway, I was kind of worried for awhile that the girls would vote to save Prue and then magically find a way to save the world but that they’d show their priority is sisters and not the world. And that’s not exactly a bad thing to put sisters first. It’s just that with all the effort over protecting the innocents, I wanted that to be the priority. AND THEN IT WAS. And I was so happy about it. So superbly happy. The girls choosing to let Prue die to save the world, assuming that they wouldn’t get her back, is something that’s rather rare in supernatural shows and made me very excited. I do get that that’s weird.

Now the only thing that I’m going to comment on for season 3 is the Piper/Leo stuff early on and my current feelings about Cole Turner. The whole “they” or “them” that gives Leo instructions and won’t let Piper & Leo get married is really pissing me off. Also, who are ‘they’?! I need a name. Anyway, I really hate “them”. Piper & Leo have always put innocents first. And the occasional time that they struggle to fight for good (or when Piper struggles) is because “they” separated the two of them and so she’s distracted. The woman’s entire life is about protecting others, let’s give her the chance to have some happiness.

Then there’s Cole. I have to comment on Cole now because I’m really liking him and I don’t know how long that will last. I have this thing where I love when villains stay villains. I don’t mind elements of humanity, especially if they’re established as partially human but I don’t like them to lose their edge. & I’m worried about how this is all going to go down with Cole & Phoebe. Though I do like that relationship. But for now Cole Turner is delightful. I mean, it’s Julian McMahon, so DAMN SEXY but the character is so perfect right now. He’s obviously madly in love with Phoebe and it’s like he doesn’t even want to fight that anymore. But the mission is still the same and he’s still fighting to kill the Charmed ones and it’s all so very delightful.

Okay so that’s where I’m at so far with Charmed. As usual, I’m watching it for the very first time so please don’t spoil me. Thanks.

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