Charmed Season 1

09 Apr

I started watching Charmed this week. For the first time ever. When it first started I was still in high school, and since my parents hadn’t yet figured out not being psychotically strict, TV was off limits. Except the World Series. Anyway, the point was that if I wanted to watch a show, I was sneaking out of the house to watch it at a friend’s. Buffy & Friends won out against everything else. And then when Buffy ended & I was in college and had time to catch up on other shows it was 2003. Which meant The OC, Las Vegas, and Joan of Arcadia all premiered and Charmed again lost out. But here we are, 6 years after the show ended and I thought well if Netflix is going to be nice enough to put it on instant, I’ll give it a try.

I have to admit to being a little worried about Charmed. I love the old WB shows but when you didn’t watch them growing up, they don’t all hold up as well. I mean, they do in a way, if you watched them, you probably still love them. But I find that trying to watch some for the first time is really tough for me. Like I gave Dawson’s Creek a shot a couple years ago and other than Pacey Witter (because duh) I pretty much hated the entire thing. Felicity isn’t bad pursay, but I got halfway through S1 and gave up. Haven’t had a desire to return. And as much as I know I should start Everwood, it just seems soooo boring. All of this didn’t bode well for Charmed. But I needed something to distract me from the fact that One Tree Hill just ended so I gave it a shot.

And fell in love.

Thank goodness. I’m so glad I’m not jinxing myself on WB shows. Charmed is absolutely fantastic. It’s a lot of fun and the sisterly relationships are dead on. Plus, like Buffy it seems to have a good grasp on the villain of the week combined with overarching storylines approach. I’m technically 2 episodes into S2 so I’m actually going to comment through there because 2×02 is my favorite episode so far. Otherwise, I’m mostly going to comment on the things that stood out the most to me. Also, it should be obvious that this is a spoilery post but if you didn’t pick up on that, here’s your warning.

Holly Marie Combs: Easily my favorite of the three actresses. I just love the character of Piper and seriously, HMC does not age. Like at all. She seriously has like the best genes. Also, Piper is great. She’s got fire in her and determination but she also is cautious and tends to overthink things at times. I am a lot like Piper (except I don’t have the amazing guy, more on that to come) but personality wise, we’re a lot in common.

Weird things that bother me are the way Alyssa Milano runs and the fact that Shannen Doherty apparently outlawed bras no matter what outfit she’s wearing. Seriously, if you have boobs and are not wearing a dress with a built in bra, you need to strap one on. It’s just nasty and so, so obvious.

I also have to combine talk about Andy and the S1 finale/S2 premiere. A lot of you probably remember the way WB shows would break your heart in the finale and then break it all over again in next season’s premiere. Current shows don’t seem to do that as much. There’s like this trend to jump ahead in the story so that we can move on with a new storyline. But of course, just because time passes, doesn’t mean the hurt heals. WB shows seemed to get that a little more. So of course, after bawling my way through Andy’s death in the finale, I got to do it all over again in the premiere. I was especially impressed because I saw it coming and couldn’t help but bawl.

Which brings me to my thought about Andy. It was around episode 14 or 15 that I started wanting him to die. But in a weird way. Like I didn’t really want him to die because I like Andy and I like Andy with Prue and I think he’s really great. But over the episodes, it seemed like something changed from the pilot Andy. That Andy kept insisting that supernatural forces could exist but as time went on, he shied away from the whole demon thing. I’m not sure if that was a bit of a retcon on the writers or not. To me, it felt like the supernatural stuff wasn’t so much of the problem as the secrets around it. Andy’s job and his passion are to learn the truth and bring about justice. Even though justice was being served through the Halliwell sisters, there’s no justice for families of victims. They can’t know about the supernatural and so Andy is constantly wrapped up in more secrets until finally he learns the truth and is still trapped by secrets. And it just made me think that maybe Andy needed to die. Because he didn’t belong in this world anymore. It was a world that didn’t make sense to him (not as much as he wanted) and T.W. King did a really good job of showing how overwhelming everything was. I didn’t want to lose Andy but it felt like death would be merciful to him.

Since we’re on boys, now let’s bring up Leo. Because Leo? IS DELIGHTFUL. He totally rocks my world. Like seriously I haven’t been this head over heels attached to a male character since Oz. And Oz is my all time favorite TV character so that’s saying something. Leo is good and perfect and he has the whole look of the guys I fall for. The Matt Donovans, Pacey Witters, boys in flannel kind of guy. I need him to stay forever. Andy’s death I came to terms with. When Leo briefly died, I about hyperventilated. I had to pause the show because I was crying so hard that I couldn’t see the screen. I’m aware that’s a little absurd but I couldn’t help it. I’m that attached.

Finally, S2x02. The flash forward episode (at least the first one I’ve seen). I could see what the lesson was like a mile away but I thought that even more impressive was the darkness of the story. It wasn’t a fun journey to the future. It was pretty dark and depressing and that never really changed. It was an extremely well done episode.

Okay so that’s my thoughts after S1. I’ll probably have S2 done in the next few days. Just a reminder I have never seen Charmed before so please, please, PLEASE do not put spoilers in your comments. I don’t want to know what happens to the characters. I haven’t been spoiled in the last 14 years, let’s keep it that way. Thanks!

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