Quick Charmed Update

19 Apr

See that 5 o'clock shadow going on? That is what we call HOT AS FUCK.

Okay so I’m up to 4×6 on Charmed and I’m going to do a quick update. I was really surprised by Prue’s death which in turn surprised me because I knew that at some point Shannen Doherty left the show. But I also found it kind of frustrating because I didn’t feel like the show gave me the chance to really mourn her death. I’m wondering if a rewatch would change that since I’d know what’s coming. Otherwise, the only moment that really got to me was Piper as the fury, screaming at Prue’s grave. And wow did that break me.

As for Paige, I’m going to reserve judgment for now. Honestly, she fits like Prue & Phoebe for me right now. Nowhere near my favorite, but I don’t dislike her either. Piper just has my love as far as Halliwell sisters go.

But the real thing I wanted to comment on was how well the guys are used on the show. As most of you know, being fellow TV watchers, supporting characters can often become plot devices. But so far it seems like Charmed does a really good job of not letting Leo & Cole be around only when the girls need them.

With Cole, his absences are not only well explained by his seeking out information on The Source and needing to hide but also were a foundation set up early on in the third season. Very well done. Cole’s constant weary scruffiness when he returns doesn’t hurt either. SO HOT. But what’s great is that when Cole does come back for an episode, he has information but he also has a way to help. It’s not just exposition. So far in the 4th season as well, when he does come back there’s also a need for character development with him, something else I appreciate.

And while we’re speaking of The Source, can I just say how much I love shows that understand the power of a name? Technically “The Source” doesn’t immediately strike fear. But when you think about it, regular names of demons, even ones as creepy as the fear demon or the guys on Hush, don’t seem unbeatable. But names like The Source, The First, The Originals…those conjure up the idea of a power that has been around much longer than mere demons. It’s this idea that something so much older, that’s existed long before any other character, has so much more power. It’s a powerful mythological concept and I love when shows understand that.

Anyway, finally to Leo. Leo seems like the tougher character to write than Cole. At least Cole has reasons not to fit in everywhere. But Leo is difficult because he’s still the whitelighter but he’s also Piper’s husband. And I think the show is doing a really good job of having Leo do his job, while be a husband. He doesn’t always take Piper’s side and he prioritizes all the girls as per his job. But he also doesn’t talk to Piper like she’s just one of the girls. There’s a deference and respect that fits a marriage. It’s impressively well written in its subtlety.

And my real last comment is the way Leo & Cole get paired together. The sisters have to be together because of the Charmed Ones thing. But that leaves Cole & Leo out at times and I like that there’s this sort of partner thing going on. It’s not a bromance as they aren’t that close. But there’s a mutual respect and understanding that the two can help each other. I’m a big fan.

Never mind I thought of one more thing. I really love the whole snarky banter between Piper and Cole. There’s this dry humor that both Julian McMahon and Holly Marie Combs deliver really well and that plays off each other perfectly. I don’t personally ship them because I adore Piper and Leo but I do see why people would.

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