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TV Catchup

Hey so remember when I said I was going to regularly update this blog? Yeah, good times. Anyway, no promises on anything, but hey, I’ve been watching TV this summer while working on writing jobs and I though why not throw out a few thoughts on what I’ve been watching and what I haven’t.

I’ve been slowly going through The West Wing since the spring. I really like the Newsroom and I enjoyed Studio 60 whenever I could catch it but I’m realizing that I’m not a big Sorkin fan. I don’t dislike TWW (or Sports Night) for that matter but other than liking some of the dialogue, I don’t feel very attached to the characters or invested in the stories. Still, I find West Wing to be a good palate cleanser as it were, so I won’t be giving up on it.

Orphan Black. OBSESSED. Like beyond obsessed. This show is so good, Felix is the best, and Tatiana Maslany is a goddess. Also Increasingly Hot Paul. Reasons.

I really like Switched at Birth, a show I’ve been told to watch for a while and just didn’t get to it. I find I like Bay quite a bit more than Daphne, though I like Daphne. Just not a fan of a few of her choices lately. The only frustrating thing for me is that I’m always a half season behind on ABC Family shows so I don’t know what anyone’s talking about regarding the current episodes.

I tried Merlin. It was alright. Honestly I blame tumblr. Like ya know how tumblr will ship people and it gets you to watch the show and you fall in love with the show and ship the same couple? And by that I mean Teen Wolf and Sterek. Yeah, everyone seems to ship Merlin/Arthur and I never really got invested in it while watching and there wasn’t enough left over to get me to care about the show.

Hawaii Five-O. Just started this one and only up on the 1st season, but I love it. Kono is the best and I totally ship Steve & Danno. (I’m told it’s not possible to do otherwise). This has been nice too because the last few shows I’ve been trying to catch up on feel pretty blah. Definitely gotta get the next season asap.

Alright then the big goal of the summer has been the SuperWhoLock trifecta. Sherlock was great. Love the show, totally see why everyone loves it, madly in love with Andrew Scott’s Moriarty. I like Martin Freeman as Watson (though as far as current Watsons go, I prefer Lucy Liu’s portrayal on Elementary). But I don’t get the Benedict Cumberbatch obsession. He’s great as Sherlock and I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but the crazy fan thing just passes me by.

Doctor Who. Ugh. So, I can’t decide how I feel about this show. I’m up to the last three episodes of S3 (which I’ll definitely be watching for Captain Jack) but I’m not that invested. I liked Nine, though nothing ever made me feel addicted to the show. In fairness, I’m not an alien show kind of person, I prefer sci-fi that floats on the edge of fantasy or is in the whole cylon/terminator realm, so hooking me is more difficult. Plus the Daleks bore the shit out of me. I’m in love with Rose Tyler and I found myself way too emotionally invested in Ten & Rose. Speaking of Ten, David Tennant is awesome. Love him. But S3 has Martha and I kind of want to throw Martha out a window into outer space. Her crush is annoying. That on top of not being able to get into the plots has made S3 feel like a chore. I liked Donna in the Christmas special a lot though, so I’m hoping S4 improves.

Supernatural will be started on in August.

In the meantime, my current summer show obsessions are Teen Wolf (duh), Suits, SYTYCD, and Graceland. Graceland has all the pretty. And then below are the current loves of my life and banes of my existence.


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