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How to Cook when You Kind of Suck at Cooking

That sounds so mean of me. And I’m not some expert chef or anything. But I grew up with a mom who cooked and I’ve always liked cooking so throwing shit together in a pan is a little easier for me. The way flavors are supposed to go together and taste makes sense. Like tomatoes and basil. I get that. Although I also will concoct bizarre combinations too. Like I once made a basil & blueberry reduction sauce for pork chops that turned out to be to die for. And I’ve probably lost you.

The point here (and I’m writing this more because I sort of promised a friend I’d share some tips and totally forgot to) is that while I can’t turn you into Julia Child, I can help you learn how to make more than ramen and scrambled eggs. * Not that ramen isn’t delicious and a vital food group.

*Actually, toss that scrambled egg with ramen noodles and some peanut sauce and you’ve got an inexpensive version of pad thai. *

To become a decent cook, there are basically a few rules it’s a good idea to follow.

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Halibut Saltimbocca Recipe

I know this blog tends to be primarily about TV & books (mostly because my life is primarily about these things) but I’m trying to be slightly more diverse in my postings. Also I’m trying to post more regularly so on days when I don’t have a long & insightful (imo) post, I thought I’d throw in things like favorite recipes.

Today is going to feature halibut saltimbocca which is quite possibly the easiest main dish you will ever make. Except for maybe ramen. But this will also wow guests and make them think you are much more talented in the kitchen than you probably are. Or I might not be giving you enough credit and you are pretty awesome as a cook and this is just another dish to add to the repertoire. 

What You Need:

Halibut fillets. (You can also use boneless chicken breasts instead of fish if you prefer).

Prosciutto. This is an Italian bacon that you can find in just about any grocery store in the deli section. Look near the fancier meats & cheeses.

Sage leaves. Try to get good big sage leaves though a couple small ones will still work.

Lemons. 1 lemon will get you through about 4 fillets. Slice the lemon so you have thin circles.

What You Do:

Place a deep skillet on med-high heat and pour in about 1/2 an inch of vegetable oil. If you want to be more health conscious, you can use olive oil and just enough to cover the pan but it definitely tastes better when cooked fully in the oil. The fish (or chicken) stays more moist. 

While the oil is heating up, place a sage leaf on top of each fillet. 

Add a thin circle of lemon on top of the sage leaf.

Wrap the entire thing in a slice of prosciutto. 

Once your oil is nice and hot, place the wrapped fillets in the oil and cook for 5-6 minutes on each side. 

Serve hot with whatever sides you prefer. I tend to go with fresh green beans cooked in a little balsamic vinegar and wild rice but you really can pair just about anything with it.

Voila! One of the easiest dishes you can make. This is also a great meal to make for one or two people since you can prepare exactly as many fillets as you desire. 

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