TV Apathy

TV is kind of boring me right now y’all. Like other than a few shows, I can’t find anything I really want to watch. Even my go-to reruns aren’t inspiring me. I’m happy to have Vampire Diaries back and I’m excited for Happy Endings and I’ve liked Nashville & Arrow but otherwise nada. The weird thing is that it feels like I’m not the only one who’s been feeling blah towards fall TV, a stark comparison to how much we were all flailing over this summer’s offerings.

I know one of my problems is that I’m kind of stuck in a Teen Wolf rut. Which isn’t the worst rut in the world to be in, OBVIOUSLY, but it does make it frustrating that other than Vampire Diaries, I can’t seem to find much excitement about other shows. Even the prospect of shirtless Wade has done nothing to get me to watch Hart of Dixie so clearly, there are problems.

Anyone have suggestions on how to fix this? Or any shows that might knock my humdrum attitude away?

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Kicking off Fall TV: Recommended Recaps

Alright kids, so at some point I’ll post my opinions about actual shows but one of my equally favorite things is getting to read recaps. I love the opportunity to engage with other fans about a show and talk about things we love. One thing I’ll suggest to anyone looking for recappers is to stay away (most of the time, there are always exceptions) from paid recaps. I find that there’s just not much opinion given in a lot of these recaps but worse you’re practically guaranteed to be surrounded by trolls in the comments. If you do want to engage in a dialogue with a recapper who gets paid to recap, try doing it on twitter. You’ll keep your sanity.

That aside, here are some of my suggestions for recaps and discussion opportunities. Also note that these are my favorites. There are other great recappers out there, these are just the ones I focus on.

Vampire Diaries: Obviously one of my favorite shows so I read more recaps.

Both Erin ( and Iphignia ( are excellent choices for reaction recaps. Both tend to give a minute by minute reaction which I love because I can then see if other people thought the same things I did. Twitter moves so fast during the show that I miss that sometimes.  I’ve always loved Sarah’s ( recaps but she’s taking a break this year and brought in @TikisGrandad to do recaps. The first one was utterly hysterical so I encourage you to add it to your must reads. As for introspective recaps (or ones that love to theorize and make me reconsider my own theories), Crissy (, Lucia ( and Cindy ( are excellent choices.

Arrow: I’ll have a lot to say about this show down the road and may do the occasional recap-lite myself on this blog but for now, it’s a must that you read Erin (’s recaps. For starters, she’s got the opportunity to share with us some fun and unknown facts from the set but her first recap was pretty sweet as well.

Supernatural: I don’t watch Supernatural (yet) but my good friend Erin has just started recapping the show at The Televixen ( so be sure to check hers out.

As to specific recappers or recap sites, I’ve got three that I think do a solid job overall. Alan Sepinwall over at recaps-ish a lot of my favorite comedies and he’s got a great community of commenters that help catch pop culture references or soundtrack info.

The AV Club is interestingly enough a site where I half the time disagree with the recappers but I think they are by and large an intelligent bunch who make me think from different perspectives. Plus the comments are smart and insightful, always a plus.

My number one favorite recap site however is OffColorTV. ( You’ve got a great group of recappers, all people who genuinely love their shows or love a lot about them (hey some shows suck but still gotta be recapped) and who aren’t shy about sharing an opinion. But the best thing about OffColorTV is the community. Even if you don’t like a recap style, you can usually get a good discussion going in the comments and there are rarely trolls hanging around. (If they do show up, they get shut down pretty fast too). In this day of people spouting off crap under cover of online anonymity, it’s nice to find a group of people who just love to talk about TV.

And of course if you ever want to know my opinions, feel free to talk to me on twitter (@onlymystory) or tumblr ( I’ve never been shy about sharing and I don’t plan to start now.

Update: I knew I’d be dumb enough to miss one. You absolutely have to read Thomas Galvin’s Vampire Diaries recaps (

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My Top Five TV Shows

Top Five or Top Ten or really top anything lists can be difficult to write. I honestly don’t know how critics do it with their year end lists. For me however, my top five is just personal. I couldn’t even begin to do justice to a top five if I had to judge based on which is the best. So what I’ve got here, and what will be any of my future top five lists, is my favorites.

In the case of TV, this means the shows that I go back to time and again. The ones that I can rewatch any day because there’s always something about it that fits any mood. You’ll notice that some are more obvious comfort food style shows. Others are ones that can spark endless debate or reflection. I love a show where the characters are thoroughly well rounded and real and yet there’s still so much more to them that doesn’t ever make it on screen. Or, I guess it does make it on screen since I can see it, it’s just not exposited. Those are also my go to shows.

Finally, the one constant in all of my favorite shows is the idea of found families. You’re born into a family. Stuck with ‘em. Sometimes we get good ones, sometimes we get bad ones, most of the time we get a mix of good and bad. Some of us spend loads of time around our blood families. Some don’t. But the people who seem more like family to me are the friends I’ve gathered around me over the years. Found family. Give me a show with that and it’ll become an instant favorite.

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The Tuatha Series: Beginnings Part 3

(So I should clarify really quickly that in my story, everyone is currently a junior and it’s the summer before senior year. I didn’t skip ahead in the show’s timeline, just pretended this hasn’t been sophomore year.)

A week after Stiles and Derek had their impromptu make-out session, the pack was gathered again for a meeting. They’d actually had the pack meeting two nights ago, tonight was supposed to be training but Lydia and Allison said it was important that the pack discuss two important issues tonight.

Derek was trying to be more supportive of his pack as a whole and let them lead discussions. On the one hand, this made sense to him. His parents had led their family’s pack in much the same way, allowing everyone an equal say. It was always clear however that his mother, as the Alpha, had the final say.

He knew this particular pack of his was different too. It took Stiles pointing it out to him one night (before they’d moved their relationship ahead) that he was drawn to people who were broken. That too made it easier to understand why Allison and Lydia both fit within his pack even better than Scott. The boy wasn’t free from suffering but he hadn’t suffered in the way the others had. And of course Derek had never even considered biting Scott when he first returned to Beacon Hills.

He had felt an odd pull towards Stiles from day one though.

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How to Cook when You Kind of Suck at Cooking

That sounds so mean of me. And I’m not some expert chef or anything. But I grew up with a mom who cooked and I’ve always liked cooking so throwing shit together in a pan is a little easier for me. The way flavors are supposed to go together and taste makes sense. Like tomatoes and basil. I get that. Although I also will concoct bizarre combinations too. Like I once made a basil & blueberry reduction sauce for pork chops that turned out to be to die for. And I’ve probably lost you.

The point here (and I’m writing this more because I sort of promised a friend I’d share some tips and totally forgot to) is that while I can’t turn you into Julia Child, I can help you learn how to make more than ramen and scrambled eggs. * Not that ramen isn’t delicious and a vital food group.

*Actually, toss that scrambled egg with ramen noodles and some peanut sauce and you’ve got an inexpensive version of pad thai. *

To become a decent cook, there are basically a few rules it’s a good idea to follow.

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The Tuatha Series: Beginnings Chapter 2

My bad. Forgot I only posted this on fanfic. Chapter 3 should be up tonight too.

It wasn’t like Stiles was all that clear on how to bring it up. So as he usually did, he talked a lot more and tripped over things several times an hour instead of a day and generally annoyed Derek throughout the process.

“Stiles!” Derek growled at him after he flailed into Isaac as everyone left the latest pack training session. Isaac propped Stiles back up, squeezed his arm reassuringly (he knew why Stiles was being more Stilesy than normal) and hopped in the back of Erica’s car.

Derek had decided that along with regular meetings, it was time they all trained on how to use their abilities beyond the attack training Peter had given them. Well, time for all the wolves. Though he still made Stiles go out there and train with Allison. It took her about a week to get over the idea that she was breaking up with Scott. Stiles was pretty sure it was because she missed the pack, and with her family falling apart, she needed them more than ever.

Regardless, Allison still had a little too much fun playing her version of dodgeball during training sessions. Erica and Jackson had tried to protest that dodging wolfsbane filled paintballs was completely unfair.

Derek’s response was “if you can dodge a paintball, you can dodge an arrow” and Stiles had fallen into a fit of laughter at the movie reference. Derek smirked too but then glared because Stiles knocked over the bucket of said paintballs.

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Panic Attacks

Sometimes I have panic attacks. Not small ones either (though do those really exist or are they just anxiety attacks?) but full blown terrified, sobbing, not sure how to take a step or move my hand or do anything level panic attacks.

*By the way, this post is going to be fairly personal so if you’re used to the light hearted stuff, sorry.*

Anyway, so yeah I get these panic attacks. They started just over 8 years ago, during a really dark period in my life. I don’t really talk about what happened then, fuck I never talk about it, but it sort of changed things. Because whereas I used to actually be a take no prisoners kind of girl in any situation, it pretty much got ripped away from me. If you ever wonder why people get so up in arms over supposed jokes or casual comments, I can tell you right now it’s for two reasons: either you’re a noble person or you’ve been through the reality and the jokes have long stopped being funny. While I still have a beat the shit out of you attitude if you mess with my friends; I tend to panic when I’m alone.

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