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Tuesday Tunes: Bronze Radio Return & EDM

This is my short and simple entry of the week, since I’m not great at describing my musical tastes. My brother Eric and sister Whitney are big fans of electronic dance music. I’ve heard some of it before but I’d mistakenly lumped it all together under a techno banner and dismissed the genre. As it turns out, I’ve been seriously missing out. EDM is awesome as dance music but I’ve actually found it’s been really helpful for my writing. I like to work with music, but jazz tends to be my go to choice for background music when writing. Most of the time jazz works fine. But not always. Various EDM stations have been on lately and my writing has been smoother and less fraught with writer’s block than it has been in weeks. I don’t have the big scoop on rising EDM so I tend to listen to stuff like Calvin Harris, Dead Mau5, Swedish House Mafia, etc. I’d highly recommend giving it a try.

As for the band I’m going to highlight, Whitney introduced me to Bronze Radio Return and I’m a big fan. They’ve been around for a while, but like I’ve said before, keeping up on new music is not my forte. Those of you who like Hart of Dixie may recognize a couple of the songs.


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