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Belated Resolutions & Back to Blogging

Wow. It’s been forever since I’ve blogged. Whoops! I’d love to have good reasons for this but there aren’t too many. Mostly it’s because I primarily used this for TV thoughts and my interest in TV this fall has significantly plummeted. I think I’m caught up on all of two shows. (Scandal and Happy Endings). My summer was full of catching up on great TV, not to mention all the regular summer cable favorites, and that same level of excitement never really returned with the fall. And so blogging fell a bit by the wayside. But no more!

Er, well, the goal is no more. I’m going to change things up a bit and bring this blog back to a more personal level (which is what it should be since there aren’t that many people who care about my opinion) and try to introduce a bit of a schedule. I’ve tried this before without much luck. but new year, new discipline! or something. Anywho, there will be a second post today, in the spirit of getting on track immediately, but for now, I’ll give you the two bits of info I consider somewhat important: where you can find me on the web (for stalkers friends) and what the blogging schedule will be. I may add extra posts from time to time but in case you want to ignore certain days or (I hope) look forward to specific posts, you’ll be able to find them.

Blog Schedule:

Mondays: Book Blog! This will be a sort of summary post, what I’m reading, what I recommend, what I think you should stay away from, etc. I’m always open to suggestions for new books to read. I tend to prefer young adult fiction but I’ll branch fairly often into biography, philosophy, historical fiction, and weirdly business books. (I snagged my brother’s copy of Freakonomics and I’m loving it). If you want suggestions from me, it helps if I know the type of books you like and maybe the last couple that you read and enjoyed, as well as the last one you remember hating.

Tuesdays: Tuesday Tunes! I’m not a music guru by any means. But I do have favorites, from top 40 (I’ve learned to accept that I like dancing around to both Ke$ha and One Direction) to lesser known indie bands, to my growing love of EDM (thanks to my brother). So this won’t be exciting, but hopefully it’ll clue you into what’s playing in my head.

Wednesdays: Book Blog! A bit different from Monday’s entry. This one will take my favorite book I’ve been reading (or perhaps an old favorite) and do a full review. I’m debating a couple different styles. I can either do a more review style with some fun extra categories (think in the FYA vein) or I’ve considered a reaction style post, where I recap the book as I’m reading it. The latter would have more spoilers, but get more into my thoughts as I read. I’ll let y’all chime in down in the comments about whether you prefer reviews to be spoiler free, or like the idea of more detail. Whatever book does get put here will get a brief mention in the previous Monday’s post, so if you wanted my quick opinion before going to a review, that will still be available.

Thursdays: Rewind Recap! Keeping up on recapping current TV shows is fraught with problems for me. I don’t have DVR so I have to watch life. But contrary to popular opinion, I have a life! (I know right, who would’ve thought). Plus there are plenty of great recappers out there and the world doesn’t really need another one added to the mix. So I’m going to stick to lesser recapped shows, or older ones that are harder to find recaps for. Right now, the plan is to finish covering Dance Academy, with at least 2 episodes covered a week. As for after that, I’ve got a few choices in the poll at the end of this entry, so please vote or submit your choice.

Fridays: I Can Be Opinionated. This should not be new information for any of you. But basically, Friday’s posts will be for me to get all editorial on y’all. On whatever topic I feel like.

Saturdays: Foodie Fun! I like cooking. I like baking. I like making epic failures in the kitchen just to find something that does work. My goal is to have at least a main dish and a dessert recipe, complete with my thoughts and tips on here each week. This week’s (for those wondering) will be crockpot brisket and white cupcakes with raspberry filling & lemon buttercream frosting.

Sundays: Roundup! This will sort of be my catch all post. News, videos, thoughts on movies, fanfic recommendations, favorite tattoos, whatever have been highlights of the week that I haven’t covered, that’ll be on Sundays.

Where you can find me:

Twitter: @onlymystory I’m on twitter the most out of anything else so that’s the easiest place to talk to me, ask questions, suggest a book that I must read, give me a recipe to try, tell me why I’m an idiot, or gush about the cast of Teen Wolf & The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. (I’m obsessed).

Tumblr: onlymystories Getting just slightly less attention than twitter, tumblr is one of my favorite places. I don’t have a fandom specific blog, though it is pretty Teen Wolf heavy right now. I do tag most fandom posts however, so if you want to follow and tumblr savior a few things, I’d recommend it. For those who share my love of shirtless werewolves, I’m always open to talk about the characters, theorize over future plotlines, answer questions about any of the fanfics I’m writing, or take prompts. Seriously, I don’t bite.

Pinterest: Onlymystory I have a pinterest. I update it fairly regularly. I have a variety of boards so I guess you can decide if it’s worth following or not. But there it is.

Obviously this is my blog. I’m never NEVER on facebook. Like missed a friend’s wedding shower because that was the only way invitations got sent out and I didn’t check it for 3 months level of never on facebook.

My cafepress store MusicBlend. The name doesn’t fit at all. Once upon a time it had music-related gear only. Now it’s mostly movies & TV show inspired stuff. Feel free to check it out and/or make requests.

Storenvy: I make crafty type things!

Goodreads: I’m trying to be better about reviewing each book I read so if I don’t have it reviewed in detail on here, check that out for an additional perspective.

Fanfiction or AO3: If you’re curious about my fic writing preferences, there’s a half-finished TVD story (that probably won’t get finished at this point because my interest is nearly non-existent), a lot of Teen Wolf stuff, and a few Suits stories. I slash ship like crazy. FYI.

So yeah that’s me! Remember to vote below on the show I’ll recap after Dance Academy and feel free to leave any suggestions.

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How to Cook when You Kind of Suck at Cooking

That sounds so mean of me. And I’m not some expert chef or anything. But I grew up with a mom who cooked and I’ve always liked cooking so throwing shit together in a pan is a little easier for me. The way flavors are supposed to go together and taste makes sense. Like tomatoes and basil. I get that. Although I also will concoct bizarre combinations too. Like I once made a basil & blueberry reduction sauce for pork chops that turned out to be to die for. And I’ve probably lost you.

The point here (and I’m writing this more because I sort of promised a friend I’d share some tips and totally forgot to) is that while I can’t turn you into Julia Child, I can help you learn how to make more than ramen and scrambled eggs. * Not that ramen isn’t delicious and a vital food group.

*Actually, toss that scrambled egg with ramen noodles and some peanut sauce and you’ve got an inexpensive version of pad thai. *

To become a decent cook, there are basically a few rules it’s a good idea to follow.

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Panic Attacks

Sometimes I have panic attacks. Not small ones either (though do those really exist or are they just anxiety attacks?) but full blown terrified, sobbing, not sure how to take a step or move my hand or do anything level panic attacks.

*By the way, this post is going to be fairly personal so if you’re used to the light hearted stuff, sorry.*

Anyway, so yeah I get these panic attacks. They started just over 8 years ago, during a really dark period in my life. I don’t really talk about what happened then, fuck I never talk about it, but it sort of changed things. Because whereas I used to actually be a take no prisoners kind of girl in any situation, it pretty much got ripped away from me. If you ever wonder why people get so up in arms over supposed jokes or casual comments, I can tell you right now it’s for two reasons: either you’re a noble person or you’ve been through the reality and the jokes have long stopped being funny. While I still have a beat the shit out of you attitude if you mess with my friends; I tend to panic when I’m alone.

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That Frustrating, No-Good, Very Annoying Thing Called Weight Loss

I am not one who likes talking about weight loss and attempts at healthy living or dieting or what have you. Partly because mine tend to be just that, attempts. But also because it seems like I can lose 3-5 pounds and then turn around and gain it back and never really see anything productive. However since moving to Texas a month ago, I’ve lost 16 pounds. So my thought is that maybe if I blog about it and share and allow people to keep me accountable and perhaps encourage me, I might actually achieve my goals.

See here’s the thing. I’m fat. I think that’s become a dirty word recently, to the point that the tendency to shy away from saying “fat” has caused a backwards problem. I’m all for women embracing curves and being healthy. For some, healthy does mean very thin because that’s your body type. For others, a healthy weight is wearing a size 14 (or whatever) because of your own body’s makeup. But I think we don’t like to say “fat” anymore because it seems rude. And it is if you’re yelling it at someone on the school playground or using it to deride someone. But to simply acknowledge that the concept of “fat” exists seems like a smart idea to me. Let me explain why I say that for me personally. I used to say I could stand to lose a few pounds or carried a little extra weight. My friends would essentially say the same thing. No one came out and said that I’m fat. And I get that there’s this underlying fear that somehow the word “fat” will trigger eating disorders and depression and other problems. And I do think in some cases, it can be a trigger for greater problems so I’m not advocating that you run around telling people to go exercise because they’re fat. It’s still a word best used by close friends or family and yourself. But I’m deviating.

The biggest problem for me was that by implying that I simply needed to drop a few pounds, instead of being direct and honest with myself about my weight was that I kept gaining it. So that initial 10 pounds that didn’t really belong became 20. And so on. Until about 2 years ago when I hit (and have stayed at since, fluctuating maybe a pound or two) 254 pounds. That’s a lot, y’all. Like an ugly number. I shouldn’t weigh that much. Part of the time I didn’t even weigh and would tell myself it’s not that much. (If you’re doing this, may I suggest that you weigh in and look at recent pictures. They are a much greater indicator of how you look than our own sometimes forgiving mirror. And yes, the mirror can be forgiving. It can be brutal in pointing out flaws but I find it very easy for me to say oh look how cute this outfit is, forgetting that I should be swimming in it if I had a healthier lifestyle). Until I confronted myself and acknowledged that I was fat, not suffering from any sort of condition, but simply refusing to eat healthily and exercise, nothing was going to change.

Unfortunately, even when I got to that point, still nothing changed. Three years ago I had weighed about 235 and got down to 218 before a trip to DC. Then I gained it all back. The discipline and desire just wasn’t there. Over the last six months, the desire’s been there, but the discipline’s been lacking. It really is a tough thing. I’ve trained my body to live like a Gilmore Girl. Poptarts, cheeseburgers, bacon, coffee, sugar, etc. I don’t know how to exist on even a partially balanced diet. Since I graduated high school (so over 10 years), my eating habits have been total crap. And while I would love to be in shape and able to wear cute clothes rather than try on 40 things and hope 1 looks good and have energy and a number of other things, I haven’t been able to find the discipline.

This last month though, the discipline has been there for me. Which by the way, if you have someone who can force you to be disciplined, I highly recommend it. So much easier. Anyway, I’ve had to walk to interviews and while I have rides to work, I’m serving tables and constantly on the go. I walk pretty much non-stop for 8 hours a day. Is it really exercising? No. But since I’m a sit and watch type of person, it is a drastic change from my usual habits. And it is reminding me that the last time I served tables (six years ago), I ate pretty much anything and never crossed 150. My goal is to change eating habits but still, a little built in active time is a good thing.

Secondly, the family friends I’m staying with through the summer are very healthy eaters. Plus they just started weight watchers. So there’s more control of portions and such too. While they’ve been very clear that I can fix my own if I don’t like it or can add on more bread or whatever, I’m choosing to eat as they do. It also seems kind of rude of me to be like ‘no, you fixed a great meal but I want something else’. So my lunches have been salads and my breakfasts are no-sugar cereal or oatmeal or eggs and dinners are full of whole grains and fruits and veggies. In fact I think the only sugar I’ve had in a month was from one slice of angel food cake and the creamer in my coffee.

The cool thing is that so far, I haven’t had to try. By simply living according to someone else’s rules and being forced to walk by my job, the pounds are coming off. A month after moving to Texas, I now weigh 238.5. It’s still a lot. My clothes fit a little better but I want them to start falling off. I still crave junk food, though I only succumbed once and got Chick-Fil-A. But I have noticed that my cravings have been more for burgers, fried chicken, salty foods. The sugar cravings have become almost non-existent. So I suppose that’s something. Little by little, my life is getting healthier.

I’m also looking into Weight Watchers myself. I don’t think I’ll go full on with meetings and such. But one of my issues with food is that I know I need to keep track of it but I’m not disciplined enough to figure out calories. The friends I’m with though have found the point system to work really well. Especially since it is easier to keep track of than calorie counting and it makes it easier to eat out. So I’m going to give it a try and see if the points system helps me stay on track.

But there is more of a point to this post that has turned out to be much longer than I initially intended. I’m here for another 6-8 weeks where my eating habits are more controlled. Then I’m back on my own again. And my goal is to be able to maintain at least 75% of the discipline. I’d love to make it a full 100% but I also feel like that’s setting up for disaster. I can get there. So I’m putting down my goals over the next two weeks. If you follow me on twitter or just want to comment here to check in with me on how I’m doing, I would be immensely grateful. It has been a long time since I’ve seen the scale at 239 (sad as that is) and I would like to start reaching numbers I haven’t seen in 5 years. For the first time, I feel like I might actually get there.


  • -Buy a pedometer and see how many steps I walk in a typical day, including at work.
  • -Walk enough on my days off to equal the amount of steps I walk in a work day.
  • -By July 15th, add 1000 steps to each day. (The goal here is for me to hopefully focus on being more active while at home, rather than choosing to sit unless having to be at work).
  • -Create a daily points chart with goals and limits for food intake.
  • -Eat 5 servings of fruits or vegetables a day. (Eventually I will get this to 9 servings).



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Summer Days or Oh-Oh the Summer Nights!

Summer. I have a love/hate relationship with this season. In some ways it is perfection and in others it is super obnoxious. But I was thinking about summer food and bugs (ick) and other random thoughts so I thought I’d share.

Melon Salsa: If you’re a fan of chips and salsa (I’m addicted) or of summer fruit, you will love this recipe. Dice up a cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew melon and mix it together in a big bowl. Dice a red onion and a couple orange or yellow bell peppers and stir them in too. Make sure you use red onion and orange or yellow peppers. They’ve got just enough bite to balance out the melon sweetness but aren’t too spicy. You’ll want to use a firm watermelon too but if you’ve got some mushier pieces, set them aside. I’ve got a yummy drink recipe that can use it up perfectly.

Okay so once you’ve got your fruit and veggies tossed together, add in chopped cilantro and lime juice and mix everything up. You can kind of add cilantro and lime to taste. The melon salsa is really good on normal tortilla chips or on those cinnamon pita chips. I eat it plain too, just scoop up a big bowl & sit out on the porch. Another trick is to grill chicken or fish (white fish like mahi is excellent) and then add the salsa on top. Easy, pretty, and never fails to impress guests.

Mosquito Bites: All that fruit (and other sweet stuff) loves to attract bugs during the summer, a fact you are probably well aware of. If you’re lucky, you just have mosquitoes to deal with but some of us get the added bonus of chiggers (a much less harmful cousin of ticks). Anyway, my granny taught me years ago to put clear fingernail polish over a bite. The polish draws out the ‘poison’ and helps keep the bites from itching. So if you end up with a few bites after a picnic or camping trip, give it a try to be itch-free.

Summer Soundtrack: I’m a sucker for good country music during the summer. That and bubblegum pop. Jonas Brothers, Hanson, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, High School Musical, that’s the music I’m blasting out my car stereo or going on a walk with. And for nights relaxing on the porch or at the lake, I swear by Kenny Chesney, Bonnie Raitt, Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, Zac Brown Band, Alison Krauss, and Eric Church.

Movies: Granted, I spend plenty of time indoors anyway. I enjoy outside but there’s so much good TV I need to marathon or movies to watch at midnight that I don’t fully take advantage of the summer. However, whether you love the sun or shy away from it, there are a few movies that scream summer to me. For romance, you can’t go wrong with Roman Holiday, The Notebook, Pretty Woman, Pillow Talk, or Casablanca. I swear by stuff like The Parent Trap (either version), The Swiss Family Robinson (original only), Toby Tyler, Now and Then, Little Giants, and Little Rascals when I need a nostalgia fix. And of course movies like Grease, Dirty Dancing, A Streetcar Named Desire, and American Graffiti are can’t miss.

Last but not least, drinking in the summer. I’m one of those people who loves a fruity drink during the summer but I don’t like having to go through a lot of effort. So I’ve perfected a few tricks. First, always keep grenadine around. It perks up any drink. A diet coke with whipped vanilla vodka & grenadine is sweet & yummy. You can also substitute sprite or pepsi if you’re weird. I love pink tequila with lemonade too or just a standard margarita.

And if you did happen to have a little leftover watermelon from that salsa, this frozen watermelon mojito will make you wish it was summer all year round. So take the watermelon (about 5-6 cups) and blend it with a can of limeade concentrate, at least a cup of clear rum (more if you like a strong drink like me), 1/2 a cup of sparkling water and a handful of crushed mint. After it’s blended, pop it in the freezer for a couple hours and scoop some out when you feel like it. Delicious!


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Texas Forever

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose. I am in Texas and epically winning.

You may have heard this on twitter but I moved to Texas. This weekend. And while it seemed very spur of the moment, it was not. I was in Austin this weekend for the Austin Television Festival (a full review of which will actually be on in the next few days, not here on my personal site) and managed to work things out to stay in Texas. Though I’m specifically going to be in Fort Worth, not Austin.

I’ve been wanting to come home to Texas for a while. I was born here and then my parents moved us up to Idaho when I was 7 so while some might say I’m an Idahoan, I’ve always claimed my Texas roots first. I think home is the place you choose, not necessarily the place you grew up. All of my extended family is down in Texas and that’s really important to me. But the things that matter in the South in general (food, family, faith, friends, football) are the exact same things that matter to me. Look places get stereotyped for a reason and a lot of Texas stereotypes are good things. Some are bad but most of the bad ones are even worse in Idaho so this is basically still an improvement.

And then of course there comes the question of wasn’t this a big decision for so spur of the moment? But it isn’t. Not really. I’ve wanted to be back in Texas, and I want to pursue my writing, both in YA books and screenwriting. There are opportunities for both here. And more importantly, there are opportunities for me to learn how to do those things better. Are there cities more equipped to get me my dreams? Yes. But here’s the thing. Part of what I told myself back when I started looking into moving out of Boise was that I needed to pick a place where I could be happy. And as I researched, I realized the place that made me happy wasn’t necessarily the best place to achieve my dreams. For example, Los Angeles is a much smarter move in terms of screenwriting. But I don’t want to live in Los Angeles. I’ll admit that if I did find success in this area, I will probably end up in LA at some point and that’s fine. But if I didn’t, if I never sold a screenplay and had to work in a decent job that wasn’t my dream, I want to do it in a place I love. That’s Texas. I could utterly fail in all of my career goals (though I certainly hope I don’t) and still be happy here. I’d urge any of you thinking about moving to consider that. Failing is a part of life. We can aim for the stars, but we aren’t always going to reach them. So choose to live in a place and in a way that fills you with joy even when life doesn’t go your way.

Enough philosophy. I’m here, I’m happy. I’m also job hunting like a mad woman so if any of you reading this live in the Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington area and know of someone hiring, please feel free to give me a heads up. And in a few months when I’m settled in an apartment and such, I expect y’all to come visit. Texas Forever.


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Launching My Etsy Store

This is one of those things that really should have happened like six months ago. But you know how you have ideas or you work on ideas but you never really get anything all the way done? That’s been me. However, the last couple weeks my good friend Erin and I have been talking about needing to get on the ball as far as some of our side projects go. See, I don’t do well in standard 9-5 jobs. It’s just never been my style. I work graveyard shifts right now and it’s pretty much perfect for me. Unfortunately it’s not enough. Student loans are a money suck. Anyway, long story short is that the first thing on the list in my attempts to earn a little extra money is to finally launch my Etsy store.

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