Belated Resolutions & Back to Blogging

21 Jan

Wow. It’s been forever since I’ve blogged. Whoops! I’d love to have good reasons for this but there aren’t too many. Mostly it’s because I primarily used this for TV thoughts and my interest in TV this fall has significantly plummeted. I think I’m caught up on all of two shows. (Scandal and Happy Endings). My summer was full of catching up on great TV, not to mention all the regular summer cable favorites, and that same level of excitement never really returned with the fall. And so blogging fell a bit by the wayside. But no more!

Er, well, the goal is no more. I’m going to change things up a bit and bring this blog back to a more personal level (which is what it should be since there aren’t that many people who care about my opinion) and try to introduce a bit of a schedule. I’ve tried this before without much luck. but new year, new discipline! or something. Anywho, there will be a second post today, in the spirit of getting on track immediately, but for now, I’ll give you the two bits of info I consider somewhat important: where you can find me on the web (for stalkers friends) and what the blogging schedule will be. I may add extra posts from time to time but in case you want to ignore certain days or (I hope) look forward to specific posts, you’ll be able to find them.

Blog Schedule:

Mondays: Book Blog! This will be a sort of summary post, what I’m reading, what I recommend, what I think you should stay away from, etc. I’m always open to suggestions for new books to read. I tend to prefer young adult fiction but I’ll branch fairly often into biography, philosophy, historical fiction, and weirdly business books. (I snagged my brother’s copy of Freakonomics and I’m loving it). If you want suggestions from me, it helps if I know the type of books you like and maybe the last couple that you read and enjoyed, as well as the last one you remember hating.

Tuesdays: Tuesday Tunes! I’m not a music guru by any means. But I do have favorites, from top 40 (I’ve learned to accept that I like dancing around to both Ke$ha and One Direction) to lesser known indie bands, to my growing love of EDM (thanks to my brother). So this won’t be exciting, but hopefully it’ll clue you into what’s playing in my head.

Wednesdays: Book Blog! A bit different from Monday’s entry. This one will take my favorite book I’ve been reading (or perhaps an old favorite) and do a full review. I’m debating a couple different styles. I can either do a more review style with some fun extra categories (think in the FYA vein) or I’ve considered a reaction style post, where I recap the book as I’m reading it. The latter would have more spoilers, but get more into my thoughts as I read. I’ll let y’all chime in down in the comments about whether you prefer reviews to be spoiler free, or like the idea of more detail. Whatever book does get put here will get a brief mention in the previous Monday’s post, so if you wanted my quick opinion before going to a review, that will still be available.

Thursdays: Rewind Recap! Keeping up on recapping current TV shows is fraught with problems for me. I don’t have DVR so I have to watch life. But contrary to popular opinion, I have a life! (I know right, who would’ve thought). Plus there are plenty of great recappers out there and the world doesn’t really need another one added to the mix. So I’m going to stick to lesser recapped shows, or older ones that are harder to find recaps for. Right now, the plan is to finish covering Dance Academy, with at least 2 episodes covered a week. As for after that, I’ve got a few choices in the poll at the end of this entry, so please vote or submit your choice.

Fridays: I Can Be Opinionated. This should not be new information for any of you. But basically, Friday’s posts will be for me to get all editorial on y’all. On whatever topic I feel like.

Saturdays: Foodie Fun! I like cooking. I like baking. I like making epic failures in the kitchen just to find something that does work. My goal is to have at least a main dish and a dessert recipe, complete with my thoughts and tips on here each week. This week’s (for those wondering) will be crockpot brisket and white cupcakes with raspberry filling & lemon buttercream frosting.

Sundays: Roundup! This will sort of be my catch all post. News, videos, thoughts on movies, fanfic recommendations, favorite tattoos, whatever have been highlights of the week that I haven’t covered, that’ll be on Sundays.

Where you can find me:

Twitter: @onlymystory I’m on twitter the most out of anything else so that’s the easiest place to talk to me, ask questions, suggest a book that I must read, give me a recipe to try, tell me why I’m an idiot, or gush about the cast of Teen Wolf & The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. (I’m obsessed).

Tumblr: onlymystories Getting just slightly less attention than twitter, tumblr is one of my favorite places. I don’t have a fandom specific blog, though it is pretty Teen Wolf heavy right now. I do tag most fandom posts however, so if you want to follow and tumblr savior a few things, I’d recommend it. For those who share my love of shirtless werewolves, I’m always open to talk about the characters, theorize over future plotlines, answer questions about any of the fanfics I’m writing, or take prompts. Seriously, I don’t bite.

Pinterest: Onlymystory I have a pinterest. I update it fairly regularly. I have a variety of boards so I guess you can decide if it’s worth following or not. But there it is.

Obviously this is my blog. I’m never NEVER on facebook. Like missed a friend’s wedding shower because that was the only way invitations got sent out and I didn’t check it for 3 months level of never on facebook.

My cafepress store MusicBlend. The name doesn’t fit at all. Once upon a time it had music-related gear only. Now it’s mostly movies & TV show inspired stuff. Feel free to check it out and/or make requests.

Storenvy: I make crafty type things!

Goodreads: I’m trying to be better about reviewing each book I read so if I don’t have it reviewed in detail on here, check that out for an additional perspective.

Fanfiction or AO3: If you’re curious about my fic writing preferences, there’s a half-finished TVD story (that probably won’t get finished at this point because my interest is nearly non-existent), a lot of Teen Wolf stuff, and a few Suits stories. I slash ship like crazy. FYI.

So yeah that’s me! Remember to vote below on the show I’ll recap after Dance Academy and feel free to leave any suggestions.

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