The Tuatha Series: Beginnings Chapter 2

29 Aug

My bad. Forgot I only posted this on fanfic. Chapter 3 should be up tonight too.

It wasn’t like Stiles was all that clear on how to bring it up. So as he usually did, he talked a lot more and tripped over things several times an hour instead of a day and generally annoyed Derek throughout the process.

“Stiles!” Derek growled at him after he flailed into Isaac as everyone left the latest pack training session. Isaac propped Stiles back up, squeezed his arm reassuringly (he knew why Stiles was being more Stilesy than normal) and hopped in the back of Erica’s car.

Derek had decided that along with regular meetings, it was time they all trained on how to use their abilities beyond the attack training Peter had given them. Well, time for all the wolves. Though he still made Stiles go out there and train with Allison. It took her about a week to get over the idea that she was breaking up with Scott. Stiles was pretty sure it was because she missed the pack, and with her family falling apart, she needed them more than ever.

Regardless, Allison still had a little too much fun playing her version of dodgeball during training sessions. Erica and Jackson had tried to protest that dodging wolfsbane filled paintballs was completely unfair.

Derek’s response was “if you can dodge a paintball, you can dodge an arrow” and Stiles had fallen into a fit of laughter at the movie reference. Derek smirked too but then glared because Stiles knocked over the bucket of said paintballs.

So Stiles learned how to shoot and how to maneuver out of the way of a wolf’s claws and teeth. Sometimes Lydia would join them but she was also studying with Peter. No one was sure about trusting Peter, at least not fully, but he hadn’t gone after anyone yet. It almost seemed like he just wanted to get back to the land of the living and wasn’t interested in a power struggle.

Stiles was concerned about Lydia, but he knew better than to say anything. While she had jumped into action to help Jackson, and help again against the rival pack, Lydia was still kind of pissed at all of them. Just the memory of the day Lydia let loose on them was terrifying.


“What do we do about Lydia?” asked Scott. The group was at their 2nd pack meeting since they’d discovered a new pack of alphas was in town.

“Exactly what do you mean?” queried Peter, a note of warning in his tone. There was something else there too, something only Stiles and Erica seemed to catch.

“What do we tell her?” asked Allison. “I know she was there with Jackson but she hasn’t really talked much since. It kind of feels like she thinks it was another hallucination.”

“And you propose…?” Peter was letting Scott and Allison do all the talking and at this point everyone seemed to feel that a trap was coming, they just weren’t sure where it was coming from.

“Maybe we should encourage her to think it was still a hallucination? That maybe Jackson was in trouble but she imagined the whole wolf/lizard/spewing liquid ash part of it?”

Stiles rolled his eyes. He wasn’t sure whether to think Allison was just being more ignorant because she was still trying to adjust her life or if Scott was hitting new levels of stupid. “You can’t tell her she imagined it all.”

“Why not?” asked Allison.

“Yes, why ever not?” A voice practically purred from the doorway. Lydia stood there in jeans, laced boots, and an emerald shirt that further highlighted her eyes. Eyes that snapped with rage.

“Lydia!” Several people in the room gasped her name.

Stiles noted that Peter was the only one who didn’t seem all that surprised. Apparently the whole observational part of the wolves training still needed work.

“Really, I’d love to hear why you’d think I should be informed of the supernatural situation now. None of you bothered back when I was bitten by a werewolf.”  Lydia walked forward and ran a finger along Derek’s jaw line. He glared but didn’t push her away.

“In fact, you went after other recruits for your pack. Guess you could only take one of your uncle’s leftovers.”

Scott made a noise as though to complain and Lydia whipped around to him.

“What is it, Scott? Don’t like the term? Well don’t worry. Everyone knows you’re not really a leftover. Why at this point I’m surprised Derek hasn’t rolled over and begged in submission to ensure your allegiance.” She raised a hand and waved it back and forth as Allison started to interrupt.

“Is it your turn then, Allison, darling? Going to tell me more about your roleplaying games and the need to research for them? Or perhaps you want to pretend the party that I had never happened.” Lydia reached over to run her fingers up Allison’s arms. Allison flinched as Lydia’s nails drew blood. “You couldn’t be bothered to listen to me for weeks, in fact, I distinctly remember your response to me running around naked in the woods to be essentially, buck up and show this school what you’re made of.”

Lydia laughed, cruel and flippant. “Funny how you couldn’t be bothered to listen to your mother the night she died either.”

“Lydia!” snapped Stiles, unable to believe even she could be so heartless. “You can’t…”

“Don’t you dare!” She whirled on him, marching closer in a way that had everyone but Peter cowering away from the enraged redhead.

“I can’t?!” she screamed, voice dripping in venom. “I can’t what? I can’t call you out on ignoring me? I can’t call you out on hiding the truth?”

She swept the room, capturing the others in her gaze.

“Let’s go over what happened because of that. You all seem quite comfortable sitting with Peter. Who of course, was dead only a few weeks ago. And who brought him back to life? Oh that’s right. Me. I did. I resurrected an evil, murderous, psychotic Alpha because he was attacking and practically possessing me through dreams and hallucinations.”

Even Peter shriveled away from her a bit at that one.

“But none of you could bother to tell me about him, could you?” continued Lydia. Tears were streaming down her face but her voice never wavered. “None of you could tell me that I should stay away from my boyfriend, who was currently killing people on the whim of a teenager. None of you could be bothered to explain that my friends were werewolves.”

Her voice finally shook, barely, and she nearly whispered the next words. “I had a panic attack, screaming in terror in the middle of class, and still, not one of you told me the truth. You kept lying to me. I was dying. And you all lied.”

Stiles was rubbing his eyes with the sleeve of his hoodie as Lydia finished. Isaac had his head buried in his hands, not even attempting to quiet his sobs. That upset Stiles even more somehow because Isaac had nothing to do with this. Scott was staring at Lydia in shock and even Derek had tears in his eyes. Jackson was keening back and forth in his chair, a high pitched noise barely emerging.

It was as though a veil had lifted and they all saw just how much they’d put Lydia through.

Lydia’s body shook and she said quietly, “no more lies.”

Then she screamed it. “No more lies!” And she kept screaming it, standing there in the middle of the room, surrounded by the people who claimed to love her. “No more lies!”

After what seemed like an interminable amount of time, when everyone was at a loss, Allison stood up. She walked over to Lydia, wrapped her arms around her and held on for dear life. “No more lies,” she whispered.

*end flashback*

Now, as the last pack member drove away, Derek turned to Stiles. “What is it with you lately?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” huffed Stiles.

“You’re clumsy and your mouth won’t stop going and I swear you’ve taken more Adderall than is humanly possible,” clarified Derek. “Though I thought you were done with the Adderall.”

“Whatever,” said Stiles. He hesitated. “I just…I just kind of need to talk to you about something.”

“So talk, Stiles. Since when have you not been able to talk to me?”

“Well since what I have to say doesn’t really involve yelling at you which is what I usually do and so I know how to do that and I know how to be quiet and just enjoy your company but I don’t really know how to bring this up,” rambled Stiles without a breath. “Plus if I say this and you don’t like it or get upset at me or something then I’m kind of worried about what that means and…”

“Stiles.” Derek pushed Stiles into a post on the porch. “Stop. You aren’t making any sense.”

Stiles glared at Derek. “Can’t you just like use your stupid wolf senses to know what I’m trying to tell you?”

“It doesn’t work like that. I’m not a mind reader.” Derek was scowling right back at Stiles.

“You can tell when I’m lying,” countered Stiles.

“Because your heart beats faster. When you get nervous it does the same thing.” Derek hesitated before the next part. “And we can tell some feelings by certain smells.”

Stiles nods, distracted. “Yeah, yeah like that whole being able to smell someone’s getting sick before they realize it and…” his voice momentarily trailed away. “Wait. You mean smells like…?”

Derek nodded. These were the type of moments he hated having with Scott. The day he’d had to explain to Scott that what he was smelling on Allison was arousal had been worse than his parents trying to give him a sex talk over a decade ago. Awkward to say the least. And of course it had taken Scott forever to get it. Derek finally had just said ‘sex. She smells like a girl who’s horny to have sex with you’. Even then he wasn’t sure Scott picked up on it.

Now Stiles knew what to do. Trying to tell Derek he was pretty sure he was in love with him had proven far too difficult. But arousal? That he could show pretty easily. He just wanted to make it worth it. If he’d been completely wrong about Derek’s feelings, Stiles at least wanted a few quality seconds.

And he definitely wanted to see what it felt like to run his hands along Derek’s stomach. He really, really wanted to know what that felt like.

So he motioned for Derek to step a little closer and kept his back pressed against the pillar. “You know how you always push me into walls or posts or door frames?”

Derek grimaced. “I’m trying to stop.”

“Actually,” said Stiles, still a little bit in disbelief that he was going to do this, “I kind of just wish you had another reason to hold me against a wall.”

Before Derek could try to figure out what Stiles was saying, if he was saying what he thought he was, what he wanted him to be saying, Stiles had wrapped his fingers around the edges of his jacket and pulled Derek up against him.

“And I’m kind of tired of only knowing how you smell.” Stiles pressed his lips against Derek’s, kissing with only a hint of force. “I want to know how you taste,” he muttered against the alpha’s lips.

Derek didn’t even hesitate. His arms came around Stiles’ waist and pulled him fully against his own body. “I want to taste like you,” he whispered back, in a voice that had Stiles practically melting.

Derek kissed Stiles back, still somewhat gently, but Stiles wasn’t having it. He’d gotten his opening and he was damn sure he was making it count. Who knew how long before Derek changed his mind. Stiles slid his hands up around Derek’s neck and used his tongue to nudge at Derek’s lips.

They parted almost instantly, Derek letting out a small sign of pleasure as he let Stiles in to explore.

It was only seconds before Derek’s tongue was pushing against Stiles’ mouth in return, the fire in both of them too hot to quench.

Stiles was happier than he’d ever thought possible. He figured he could easily spend a few hours here, kissing Derek and being kissed back.


So I’m only adding this note because this matters to the story later. Derek and Stiles are only kissing. That’ll be more clear in the next chapter. And it will probably be a while before any really good stuff happens. I mean Stiles is only 17. And Derek has ISSUES. But it will also take a while because I don’t really know how to write smut. I’m trying to figure it out so if the kissing was good please tell me! Then I’ll know I’m at least on the right track. I’ll find a way to write it eventually. Swear!

Oh and on the Lydia stuff, I know I went kind of dark but it really pissed me off the way no one would clue her in during S2. I think we all know that Peter’s still a threat, especially going into S3 but I’d love to see Lydia get to be a little angry at the others too. And if not, at least I got to give her that rage.

Lastly, I have the fanon impression that Isaac latches onto Stiles (and vice versa) and is more naturally affectionate. I really like that aspect, in fact its made me love Isaac even more so I’m kind of going with it as the story progresses. Whew! That’s all the notes but please leave reviews!

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  1. Maxine (@darkmaxou)

    August 29, 2012 at 6:42 am

    Thank you for posting the second chapter !!!

    Yes it was kinda dark with Lydia, but I didn’t feel like it was totally out of character… I mean, they spent the entire season letting her think she was crazy !

    As far as the Sterek stuff goes… right pace I think. And don’t worry about your smut-writing skills, my imagination (and I’d guess anyone else’s) is perfectly capable of filling the blanks !!! :p


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