Ultimate DILF

22 Aug

There is no point to this post. Obviously. But Chris Argent is really freaking hot on Teen Wolf. So I wanted to make this little post. I assume you know that I don’t watch ALL of the TV (yet) so if I missed one, feel free to mention in the comments and I’ll add them in. Oh and remember this is a DILF poll. As in damn sexy. So a perfectly good dad might not make the list. Unless I get enough arguments over it. Anyway, be sure to comment with who you’d pick.

“Chris Argent” – JR Bourne: Teen Wolf

“Coach Taylor” – Kyle Chandler: Friday Night Lights

“Jax Teller” – Charlie Hunnam: Sons of Anarchy

“Nathan Scott” – James Lafferty: One Tree Hill

“John Winchester” – Jeffery Dean Morgan: Supernatural

“Rufus Humphrey” – Matthew Settle: Gossip Girl

“Seeley Booth”: David Boreanaz: Bones

“Karl “Helo” Agathon” – Tahmoh Penikett: Battlestar Galactica

“Michael Bluth” – Jason Bateman: Arrested Development

“Kevin Hamilton” – Mike Faiolia: Awkward

“Christopher Hayden” – David Sutcliffe: Gilmore Girls

“Sam Bennett” – Taye Diggs: Private Practice

“Michael Vaughn” – Michael Vartan: Alias

“Uncle Jesse” – John Stamos: Full House

“Donald Draper” – Jon Hamm: Mad Men

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One response to “Ultimate DILF

  1. PhantomRat

    August 22, 2012 at 2:32 am

    Argent, Taylor, Scott, Agathon? Sophie didn’t have it this hard!


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