Initial Impression of the Battlestar Galactica Series Finale

05 Jul

As I’ve said before, I’ll be going more in-depth about my thoughts at some point. But after finishing the series, my first thought is that the finale works. I’ve read a few recaps and seen that a lot of people weren’t quite happy about how it ended. The ones I read seemed more upset about the seemingly happy ending everyone got, though a few added that there were a lot of easy solutions. I’m not actually disagreeing that’s what happened, I just think it fit.

For one, from the very beginning, it was established that they were trying to find their way home. It started out being Earth but the point was always a home. So it makes sense that they found one. A lot of the other stuff, jumping right to our earth, Laura dying peacefully while watching the wildlife, Kara disappearing as an angel, etc…I’m not saying it was all exactly perfect but this show has set up the idea of miracles and mind-bending moments. It also spent a series telling us how Laura wanted to die and a season about how Kara ‘came back wrong’ and other things. Again, not saying it’s my favorite solution but when you lay the foundation and groundwork to do these “miracles”, I’m a lot more forgiving of a show as a whole.

The flash-forward at the end threw me a bit admittedly. I liked the idea of closing out on these kids starting their new lives, trying to make a home for themselves in a world far behind the one they grew up in. And the indication that the cycle might be repeating (whether you choose to assume that this Six & Gaius are walking in our world or just the progression of a different Earth) is a little disheartening. Sure the people we loved are long dead and can’t see this, but wouldn’t it upset them to see after all they fought for that the world seems on the same path? Yet that’s sort of BSG’s way. Nearly every episode has happy moments embedded within the heartbreak and dread. Pure happiness is a dream, not a reality.

The flashbacks were the one thing that bothered me, though I admit that I sort of tuned out. I think they either should have been used before this or not used at all. If they’d been added perhaps around the time the first Earth turned out to be a dud, that might have worked out. As it was, I felt like the flashbacks severely took me out of the story. I can’t even get started on some of them. I’m not going to go too much farther into them because I don’t want to dwell on the bad but honestly this was my big issue with the finale.

Finally, I was a little scared at one point because I thought the show pulled an Anya on me with Helo and I wasn’t going to get the chance to mourn. But then I saw Helo, Athena, and Hera walking in the grass and I felt utterly relieved. I do think I need to rewatch to properly grieve over Anders. He’s a character who’s journey I want to write about but I do feel like I never got to truly cry because I wasn’t sure what would be his ending.

So that’s it. 2 weeks of my life devoted to one of the most singularly phenomenal shows I have ever seen. See you on the other side.

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One response to “Initial Impression of the Battlestar Galactica Series Finale

  1. Angelized1st

    July 6, 2012 at 11:34 pm

    I’m glad you loved the finale. I had just finished watching the series before you began it. After I was done I wondering what took me so long. It’s phenomenal! I talked to my friend Candace about it, and we have different opinions about the Six / Gaius scene at the end.

    I personally believe that the earth they ended up on (our earth) was really the burned out hovel they had previously found, but when they jumped to the New Earth, it was also through time, not just space. Essentially, they went back in time, and that the whole show exists in a time loop. We are destined to destroy ourselves. I know that’s probably a depressing way to look at it, but it has symmetry don’t you think?

    As for Gaius and Six themselves, that totally through me. Were they angels? Were they immortal some how? Part of me thought they actually survived though time because of the dreams the two of them used to have of each other when they were apart. Gaius never seemed to be like everyone else, but then he wasn’t revealed to be one of the Cylons, so…

    After I finish my Damages re-watch, I plan to get into Caprica. Tried watching that before BSG when it was on SyFy, but was too confused. Now that I get the story it may make more sense. Have you started watching that?


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