Quickly on the Battlestar Galactica S3 Finale

03 Jul

***SPOILERS AHEAD**** (For anyone who is behind me in this first ever viewing of Battlestar Galactica. )

I am absolutely in love with the reveal of four of the final five cylons. Like you literally could not pick better people in my mind. I plan on writing thoughts about some of the characters individually and three of them (Saul, Anders, & Chief) are those characters so I won’t go too in depth. I had guessed that Chief was a cylon from the pilot and totally felt gratified in being proven right. Seriously y’all, I cannot accurately express my glee over the reveal. I have no idea what is to come as far as why these 4 (of the final 5) are different but I feel certain it will be fascinating. But here’s the 2 quick things that strike me as I watch what is only an initial reveal.

1) Politician. Civilian. Officer. Blue-Collar. Leaders when called, never leaders by choice. These are four of our final five cylons. Tory Foster. Samuel T. Anders. Saul Tigh. Galen Tyrol. Each one clearly represents an aspect of the fleet. A piece of humanity. In a way, they make up the image of the only humans still alive in this world. I wish there were words to express how perfect this is as a reveal.

2) I love that (barring the 5th Cylon completely discrediting my theory) none of our core leaders are cylons. Laura Roslin, Lee Adama, Bill Adama, Gaius Baltar, and Kara Thrace. All of these have stepped up and made choices that affect the entire race of humanity. I honestly think it would do a disservice to the show and the themes it brings up if one of those 5 were cylons. Because a huge part of this show is the idea that just because we’re human, doesn’t mean we deserve to win or be the victors or be the best. Humans make choices and make mistakes and are, well, human. And to make one of these five a cylon really discredits that whole concept. It gives an excuse for the bad decisions they’ve made. I’m not trying to imply that the four who were revealed are perfect (far from it), but the fate of humanity has never been in any of their hands. (Even those few weeks with Saul don’t count in my opinion because nearly everyone else was working against his foolishness). By keeping these five as genuine leaders, the themes and debates are very much still applicable.

And a final thought is that I love what Saul Tigh says. I’m not Saul’s biggest fan but I love the way he chooses to be an officer on the Galactica. Whatever else he may be, that’s the man he wants to be. It’s not only a great line for Saul, but it really speaks to one of the central themes of the show. That what you do and some aspects of how you’re made aren’t always up to you. But who you want to be is always a choice.

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