Dallas, Jessie, Suits, & Pretty Little Liars

16 Jun

Just another one of those catch up posts for y’all. As I’ve been hunting away for a job here in Texas (which yay I got one, celebration!), I’ve ended up with a lot of downtime. Er well, time to apply away at jobs online and then wait for interviews. Anyway, it’s meant catching up on TV. So here’s the latest trials and marathons.

I discovered Jessie on Disney Channel and this might be the first time that Debby Ryan doesn’t annoy me. Her character comes off as a little bit of a cross between Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato which trips me out if I only hear the voice. Anyway as I understand it, the show features Jessie as a small town Texas girl who becomes a nanny in New York City. It’s my kind of Disney show and gives me hope that a new round of addictive shows is coming soon.

As for Dallas, I’m only on the first 2 episodes like everyone else but I’m in love. It is every bit as soapy and delicious as one would expect. I used to watch some of the original Dallas and being from this city has me loving being able to recognize so many favorite spots. I haven’t really picked favorites or enemies yet but I’ll definitely be watching through the summer.

In truly phenomenal news, Suits is back. If you are not watching this show, I’m really not sure how I’m still friends with you. It has the single greatest bromance in the history of television, beating even Chandler & Joey. Also, there’s Donna, who I want to grow up to be and Jessica who is like the most amazing woman ever. It’s snarky and epic and delicious. Plus the best/nerdiest movies are quote constantly. Watch it now.

Finally, I’ve been marathoning Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. I’ve been meaning to get into the show for a while but just never really had the time or easy access. But now that it’s instant streaming, addiction is at my fingertips. I’m in love with everything Aria & Hanna wear though I’d say that Spencer and Hanna are easily my favorite characters. I’m kind of curious about the mystery but I will admit that I watch more for the characters and the romance than the mystery. Besides, Ali is a total bitch and way boring as a knock-off Lily Kane. I’m surprised the girls didn’t gang up and murder her as a bonding exercise.

I’m definitely going to end up finishing the first season tonight. I thought I wasn’t going to be bothered by S2 not being on netflix until July 3rd but I see now that it will probably kill me. I have so many shipping and couple feels right now. I can’t even write or tweet about a moment without pausing the episode because I’m terrified I’ll miss something super important. I’m madly in love with Toby/Spencer, Hanna/Caleb, & Aria/Ezra. I’m still holding out hope for Maya to come back because I adore her and Emily together. But y’all can I gush over Toby? He makes my heart beat faster. What is that even about?!

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3 responses to “Dallas, Jessie, Suits, & Pretty Little Liars

  1. Jordan

    July 7, 2012 at 2:03 am

    Personally, I think that Jessie is meant to be a modern kind of spin-off type thing of that 90’s show The Nanny except it’s for kids. Just think about it for a second.

    • onlymystory

      July 7, 2012 at 7:41 am

      Oh okay cool, good to know. I’d only seen a couple episodes when i wrote this so I was still trying to figure out the concept.

  2. Aline Bou-Diwan (@AlineBouDiwan)

    May 31, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    I stumbled on this blog thanks to Erin’s 10 random questions with you, and I’m pretty thrilled about finding more people who love Suits just as much as I do. That show is incredible. I can’t wait for S3. In short, I agree with EVERYTHING you say about Suits lol. The bromance is epically awesome.


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