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19 May

Since a few other people have been jumping in on which summer shows they’ll be watching, I thought I’d add to the mix. For me, summer TV, like any other TV season really, is more about what I enjoy than what might be critically acclaimed. However, I’m even less critical of my summer fare. I don’t ask for a lot in my television shows. Bromances, attractive people, fun adventures, and snappy banter basically covers it. Summer TV delivers better than most. I may try to do the occasional recap or check-in to shows this summer but if I don’t, here’s the list of what I will be watching.

Technically I will be testing the waters with SYTYCD. Some years I adore the show, others I pop in for the videos. I’m hoping this year is a love it.

Men at Work: May 24th-TBS

Danny Masterson has not been on my TV enough lately and neither has Michael Cassidy. Plus I’m a sucker for TBS sitcoms since I think they have a knack for finding shows about a group of friends who can be funny. TBS comedies usually aren’t punchline after punchline but not every show needs to be. My Boys for example remains one of my all time favorite comedies.

Hatfields & McCoys: May 28th-History Channel

While I doubt I will watch this one live, I do plan on viewing it at some point over the summer. Between my love of rivalries & love of history, this is right up my alley.

Breaking Pointe: May 31st-CW

I like my dance shows. And anything that supposedly shows a more realistic side of dance is awesome. Plus if I end up obsessed with anyone from this particular “reality” show, SLC is close enough for me to stalk people.

Necessary Roughness: June 6th-USA

I’m still not in love with Callie Thorne in the lead role here but I forgive a LOT for a football show. Or a show loosely related to football. Scott Cohen & Mehcad Brooks more than make up for it. Especially Scott Cohen. Even Marc Blucas is slowly allowing me to shake away some of the bitter aftertaste from Riley.

Saving Hope: June 7th-NBC

It has Daniel Gillies. As Melissa (@phantomrat) says, if this is not how you base your viewing decisions, I can’t help you. I do like Erica Durance as well but seriously at the end of the day, I’ll be tuning into this one for Gillies. If it ends up surprising me with its quality, so much the better.

Bunheads: June 11th-ABC Family

Please. It has dance, Kelly Bishop, and Amy Sherman Palladino at the helm. The question isn’t so much will I be watching, but how obsessively I will be doing so.

Dallas: June 13th-TNT

I don’t think it is possible for me to express my excitement for this. I know it will be cheesy and soapy and therefore PERFECTION.

Suits: June 14th-USA

I love this show. Seriously. Gabriel Macht is utterly fantastic, as is the rest of the cast. The Harvey & Mike bromance is quite possibly my favorite thing about the show. But as evidenced by my love for The Good Wife, I’m a sucker for law dramas when I care about the characters behind the scenes.

Awkward: June 28th-MTV

I refuse to pick a team with this show (unless I can be Team Jenna) but I’m so happy it was renewed. Ashley Rickards is brilliant. And in a world that insists on throwing love triangles at us, this is one of the few shows that gets it right. I was heartbroken with last season’s finale so I’m quite excited/dreading the resolution.

Perception: TNT

I honestly don’t know much about this show except Eric McCormack is in it so I’ll be checking it out at least a couple times.

White Collar: July 10th-USA

MATT BOMER. TIM DEKAY. And a whole host of fantastic supporting characters. This is easily one of my favorite summer shows and I do not miss an episode.

Leverage: July 15th-TNT

This is my other favorite show. (Okay its actually a tie between Leverage, White Collar, Suits, and Awkward). I adore adore adore Parker & Hardison together and Elliott Spencer is one of my top 5 TV boyfriends. Specifically he is 3rd. Behind Oz & Wesley but ahead of Matt Donovan.

Political Animals: July 15th-USA

You had me at James Wolk and Sebastian Stan but political intrigue and a distinctly more risque show on USA also intrigues me.

Shows I might try catching up on or get suckered into:

Several USA shows, (Burn Notice, Royal Pains, Common Law, Covert Affairs) are on my list to try and watch at some point. And I could weirdly see myself getting sucked into Baby Daddy on ABC Family depending on how involved Chelsea Kane is because I really enjoy her. The Newsroom on HBO is another of my might tune in from time to time shows.

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