H20: Just Add Water

02 May

This is basically a super short post about yet another latest TV obsession. I think I’ve pretty much given up on current TV (except The Vampire Diaries & Cougar Town) until finales are over & I can just marathon my way through catching up. It gets really annoying to watch up until like episode 20 or 21 and then sit around waiting for 3 weeks to see the last episode.

So instead, I am taking advantage of Netflix. Or Netflix is taking advantage of my inability to let go of the mouse and refrain from clicking “next episode”. It’s so tempting! Anyway, as many of you know, I marathoned Dance Academy like a mad woman last week and this week I’ve been watching “H20: Just Add Water.” Apparently I’m into Australian teen shows at the moment. H20 is definitely more along the lines of what I thought Dance Academy would be. Light hearted, cheesy, and doesn’t require me to be overly invested in the characters.

I just finished S1, (so obviously I still like it, even if nothing can measure up to Dance Academy-seriously, I love this show) and I’ll probably get a good ways into S2 today. I still love Claire Holt, though she doesn’t really have a lot to do most of the time. Also, those board shorts do nothing for her figure. It is really clear how much Phoebe Tonkin learned about acting on the set because the girl in the pilot of H20 compared to the girl in The Secret Circle pilot are light years apart. I can’t bring myself to like the character of Rikki or the actress (Cariba Heine) playing her. It’s just blah.

And not that I can find any real evidence, but I’m curious if there was some bad blood on set. I know, I’m such a gossip. It’s just that Phoebe & Claire are constantly tweeting each other and like the most adorable best friends ever and they don’t even follow Cariba. I need a life.

Okay overall, I wouldn’t highly recommend H20 because it’s a little too cheesy for most people’s taste. But if you enjoy ABC Family or Disney Channel shows and not only as a mockery, you might find it a fun distraction on a lazy summer day.

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One response to “H20: Just Add Water

  1. Eleanor Palimore (@EllieTheMod)

    May 2, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    I love this. x) I watched a bit of H20 when it came out, because my cousin asked me to. I thought it was ridiculous, but there was something so enjoyable about it, so I only stopped watching when I could no longer find episodes on YouTube. Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin are now two of my faves, so… there’s that! Many a young actor has had their career kick-started by a slightly cringe-worthy tween show, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


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