Esther and her “Woo Woo” (TM @Heroine_TV)

02 May

My thoughts on Esther.

Ugh. Esther. Am I right? That’s a rhetorical question, we all know she’s THE WORST. Like who wants to kill Elijah? Or make Alaric evil? Or rob Rebekah of just one high school dance with the quarterback? Also, talk about transferring your guilt and issues to your children. Surely someone on the other side was a therapist. Get thee to a couch and prescription pill addiction, Esther!

But enough about how much Esther sucks. I think there are basically two camps in terms of Esther and the magic she brings with her (as far as I can tell). There are those who aren’t real fond of it but don’t care enough to completely hate the magic. Or the other side are the ones who hate this Esther shit like Buffy the Vampire Slayer S6. You know where Willow went evil/crazy and it just dragged on forever and everyone knew she would be redeemed because Joss wasn’t as involved at this point and he’s the only one with the balls and streak of cruelty to let Buffy kill her. So you’re left wondering why we’re stuck on a story we all know the answer to and dealing with the time suck that was the Trio. (Yes, I have opinions about that storyline). Anyway, I think I’m still in the first camp, but I’m starting to move towards the latter.

Whenever Esther suggests killing her children, I'm like...

Ok, got a little distracted there. Basically what I’m saying is we’ve got a bit of a mess on TVD. Rather than get too into the debate, I thought I’d just break down the magic of Esther so far, especially this recent episode. Hopefully it helps grasp WHAT is going on, if not WHY it is happening.

How the Originals Exist:

  • Esther created her children as vampires. Mikael was cool with it. Ayanna was not.
  • Esther used the magic from the sun and the white oak tree in her spell to create vampires.
  • She also used the blood of the Original Petrova in the spell. Note that in the flashback scene from “Ordinary People”, Tatia’s blood is in the chalice. She is not the one they drank from to complete the transition. This has linked vampires to the Petrova bloodline. (Cindy McLennan, who recaps for Television Without Pity, has some great theories as to how this explains why so many people, especially supernaturals, are drawn to Katherine & Elena).
  • The consequences of this spell’s ingredients meant the white oak can kill an Original while a dagger bonded to white oak ash will immobilize the Original as long as it remains in the heart. (Sidenote: If I were the Salvatores, I’d be checking the banks under Wickery bridge for ash from that fire.) The herb that grew around the tree was vervain and will burn/injure all vampires to varying degrees. The sun burns and kills vampires, necessitating the need to only be out at night or to have daylight rings created.
  • Turned vampires (not created like Originals) can be killed by any wood stake.
  • Vervain blocks compulsion by all vampires, even Originals, and all vampires must be invited into a home owned by a human.

When Esther starts screaming for her "SISTAAAAAAS"...

Esther Creates Mikael:

  • We know little about this spell. Esther states that she made Mikael into a vampire hunter though so he wasn’t always this way.
  • As a hunter, he only drank from other vampires and was on a single minded mission to kill Klaus.

Every time Esther starts lecturing about how her children are monsters and a blight on society...

Esther Curses Klaus

  • The curse required the killing of a vampire, a werewolf, and the doppelganger to turn Klaus into his true self, a hybrid.
  • Esther slipped a fail-safe (she clearly didn’t account for the Salvatores) into the curse. The blood of the doppelganger is essential to turn other hybrids.

Esther’s Linking Spell:

  • Because the blood of the doppelganger was used to create the first vampires, it has magical linking and bonding powers.
  • Esther used Elena’s blood (and Finn’s) to link all her children together. This way, what happens to one, happens to all.
  • By using the blood of all 5 Originals (which I believe Esther could have used to link them, had they been willing to give up their blood), Bonnie was able to reverse Esther’s spell.

Esther Tries to Turn Her Children Human

  • We know from other grimoire exposition that a witch’s spell can always be reversed. this is why many spells require a specific witch or ingredients to prevent every Mary, Jane, and Wicca from reversing them.
  • Esther channeled the Bennett witch line to gain enough power to reverse her spell and turn Finn human. Because of the link, they would all revert to the humans they were before being turned into vampires.
  • To break the channel, the line to the Bennett magic had to break. Because a witch’s magic can still be accessed in death, killing Abby or Bonnie wouldn’t work. So Damon turned Abby into a vampire.

Any time Esther's face is on my TV screen...

Boundary Spells

  • Esther actually first used a boundary spell (or a sacred circle as it is often called) with her pentagram outside the witch house. It kept Klaus, Elijah, and Kol out while she performed the spell.
  • She next created a boundary spell around the high school.
  • Yes, we are all more interested in knowing where she found an invisibility cloak big enough to hide the dump truck that left the salt.
  • We know that a human can cross over the salt boundary in TVD canon but not supernatural beings.
  • Traditionally, salt is only a symbol of a sacred circle and added protection. But the circle exists on its own. Also, normally a human could break the barrier by kicking the salt to create a “door” in the circle. We don’t know if TVD canon does not allow this or if Bonnie and the others need to brush up on their knowledge of the most basic spells and elements.
  • This spell was only lifted when good Alaric killed Esther (Bonnie did not break the spell).

Every time Esther speaks...

Esther Binds Alaric’s Ring

  • Esther melted Alaric’s resurrection ring and bound it with the white oak stake to make it indestructible.
  • (Ok, I do have an issue with this that I can’t overlook. Emily created the Gilbert rings, so the magic shouldn’t be readily available to Esther).

Esther Turns Alaric

Using the blood of the doppelganger (it’s like Lawry’s Seasoning Salt, everything tastes better with a dash of doppelganger), Esther turned Alaric into a vampire hunter like Mikael.

He should have the powers of an Original because he is a created vampire, not a turned vampire.

He also has the single minded focus to kill the Originals (and any vampires or sympathizers along the way).

This spell is temporary. Once he’s completed his mission, Alaric will fully die. (It’s kind of like Dollhouse but with more death and less Eliza Dushku.)

  • Technically, you could consider Alaric a copycat Original. All were created not turned. But he’s not 1000 years old so he’s kind of like a 2.0 clone model. Hello Dolly.

Basically, Esther-


  • All we really know right now about doppelganger blood is that it turns hybrids, gives Esther a major hard-on, and is an extremely powerful linking agent.
  • (In an interview at NYCC 2010, Julie Plec noted that TVD could someday have a more monster of the week style rather than a season long villain arc. Considering how many people might like to use Elena’s blood, I could see S4 moving into that arena. Not to tangent too much but while at the time I hated the idea, now it could be a very smart move. It allows Klaus (and the others) to stay to protect Elena (as her blood is not only useful to Klaus but can be used to harm all Originals), but still creates tension over good and evil working together against other evil. (See Spike and the Scoobies for example). This could also potentially fix some of the issues with villains becoming such beloved characters. Villains of the week wouldn’t have the time. Unless they’re like Lexi. But really, no one is like Lexi.)

To sum up, people bring up Esther, and I go...

Esther’s “The Fuck Was That?” Woo Woo

  • Body switching between Klaus and Alaric required a spell and blood transfusion but Esther seems cool to just hop in and out of people.
  • Killing one Original kills the bloodline. It’s kind of hard to tell if this is part of Esther’s plan or a bonus feature that she’s totally down to watch a few dozen times.
  • Somehow Esther’s body was preserved for a thousand years but one week in Mystic Falls and she’s losing power. Once Again, the town motto: “Mystic Falls: You’ll Never Leave and You Can Bet Your Life on That” proves correct.
  • Esther has been gearing up Alaric’s evil psycho side on the Other Side every time he died. She’s also been visiting Bonnie in dreams and can now appear to her in person and apparently sort of possess her.
  • Why Esther can do all this but has to channel powers is still a mystery.

Okay, I think that got it. If I missed something, tell me NICELY in the comments and I’ll edit. Also feel free to rant, rave, and discuss away. I certainly want to talk about this mess.

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  1. ramblingsofrin

    May 2, 2012 at 1:34 am

    LOL, I LOVED this! I was curious about Ric’s ring also, and did Esther talk to Samantha too then?They just make shit up as they go I think.


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