Launching My Etsy Store

01 May

This is one of those things that really should have happened like six months ago. But you know how you have ideas or you work on ideas but you never really get anything all the way done? That’s been me. However, the last couple weeks my good friend Erin and I have been talking about needing to get on the ball as far as some of our side projects go. See, I don’t do well in standard 9-5 jobs. It’s just never been my style. I work graveyard shifts right now and it’s pretty much perfect for me. Unfortunately it’s not enough. Student loans are a money suck. Anyway, long story short is that the first thing on the list in my attempts to earn a little extra money is to finally launch my Etsy store.

The store is called It’s a Nostalgia Thing. As you might expect, it has nostalgia inducing items. I make scrabble tile and bottle cap necklaces and gameboard clocks and coasters (coming soon). Most of the pendants and earrings use images from favorite Disney books, Sesame Street, Richard Scarry books, Winnie the Pooh, etc. There are a few modern day pop culture ones available as well but I will be making more of those if they turn out to be popular. Also, you can always send a request for a specific type and I will create a private listing on Etsy so you can purchase the pendant. Anyway, feel free to check it out. Hopefully this is a start to keeping me from working an insane 80 hours a week.

I’ve put up pictures here of several of the pendants, not all of which have been posted to Etsy yet. If there’s one you like that I haven’t put up, leave a comment or tell me on twitter & I’ll add it right away.


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