TVD Chicago Review

22 Apr

If anyone spent time on twitter this last weekend, you probably saw quite a few tweets about TVD Chicago. Creation Entertainment held their second ever Vampire Diaries Con in Chicago. Overall, I do believe it was a successful con. It was my first show specific con and it didn’t make me hate them (always a plus). Some of the issues I had weren’t those of others and the atmosphere seemed pretty satisfied. I’m also not interested in autographs or photo-ops so my impression wasn’t affect by this part of the con. My focus was on the panels and vendor room.

*My friend Erin (@entertainocd) should be posting her own review at She did do photo-ops with Paul and autographs with everyone but Torrey so I’d look to her for that part of the experience.*

I am also writing up a personal post about my overall trip, which will have more to say about some parts but this is my official review.


Friday night wasn’t too active. Gold members were allowed to register early. Creation ended up allowing everyone except single day ticket holders (which I had) to check in, a nice gesture on their part. Jamie, the Ian look-alike, was also roaming the lobby and talking to fans. It was a little entertaining to watch people do a double take. The vendor room was open for a short time I believe, though I didn’t visit until Saturday.


The busiest day of the conference kicked off at 11am. I had to register before Matt Davis’ panel but the line was only a few minutes long and the volunteers knew exactly what they were doing. That was great for me as I didn’t have to stand in a line all morning while my friends were visiting. The Hillywood Show girls started with a little Caroline/Katherine skit to introduce Matt, something they ended up doing for each panel. I’m the type of person to never care (and overly judge) host intros but the girls did a good job. The skits weren’t too long and they used a lot of lines from the show in them, something I appreciated.

Matt Davis was an absolute riot and everything I hoped for. (Matt Davis and Daniel Gillies were the two I was most looking forward to). He kept being horrified as all his past movies were brought up. Matt had forgotten (or blocked out) his role in “Urban Legends” and noted that filming “Blue Crush was pretty miserable due to a lot of cold night shoots. He also revealed that he was incredibly nervous while filming “Legally Blonde” because he had a crush on Reese Witherspoon. Matt also said that’s his best known role and that people will still see him on the street and yell “Hey Warner! Fuck you!” He told stories about set pranks and cracked the audience up. Matt said that his favorite scene on the Vampire Diaries has yet to air and that the show has affected his career for the better, “Working with great people is an education & a chance to hone his craft.”

My Tweets from Matt Davis’ Panel:

Q: Do you want to become a vampire on the show? (Little kid asked) Matt: “Yes.” #tvdchicago

“Move to Mystic Falls because you don’t have to go to school.” ~Matt Davis. “tvdchicago

Excited about The Cult, his potential new show this fall. Matt plays an investigative journalist. #mattdavis #tvdchicago

Matt was excited to play Klaus before JoMo & put his mark on the character. Notes Joseph does an amazing job. #tvdchicago

Matt wants Alaric to stop dying. Jokes about a montage of him dying.#tvdchicago

Matt’s scared of sharks. #tvdchicago

Matt: “Jack Johnson’s little brother did most of his surfing scenes in Blue Crush.” #tvdchicago

Q: Dream role? Matt: “Blade Runner prequel.” #tvdchicago

Matt says Nina is the show’s prankster. #tvdchicago

Q: What was your fave tv show as a child? Matt: “Most influential cartoon is GI Joe. Then Cheers and maybe Alf.” #tvdchicago

Q: Who messes up the most? Matt: “Ian.” #tvdchicago

Matt says people still call him Warner from Legally Blonde.#tvdchicago

Q: what was it like working with Reese Witherspoon Matt: “Terrifying. i was starstruck, fawning all over her.” loved Far & Away #tvdchicago

Matt threw the question back to the audience. He says Mcqueen talks in movie quotes constantly. #tvdchicago

Q: Favorite movie quote Matt: “I think we need a bigger boat. ~Jaws”#tvdchicago

Someone brought up Urban Legends. Matt forgot he was in it.#tvdchicago

Q: How difficult is it to play a psycho? Matt: “Not very.” #tvdchicago

Matt says eating Paul, Ian & Nina wouldn’t be very filling. “Skin & bones.” #tvdchicago

Q: “on a desert island, who would live & who would die?” Matt: “zach, Trevino, Mcqueen & himself would live & Paul & Ian would die.”

Q: does it make you feel badass to fight vampires? Matt: “hasn’t fought one in a while but yes.” #tvdchicago

Q: fave scene from season three? Matt: one that has yet to air.#tvdchicago

Q: “how has tvd affected your acting career?” Matt: “better. Working with great people is an education & a chance to hone his craft.”

The next actor panel was Michael Trevino, who turned out to be a blast. I’d heard polarizing opinions about Trevino. At some cons he’s been a favorite and others a major letdown. This was the former. He engaged the audience, told stories and even hinted at a few spoilers about Klaus and Tyler. He shared that his favorite band is The Doors and listens to a lot of house music as well as that he and Matt Davis would love to do a TVD Funny or Die video. Trevino still considers his first transformation his favorite scene he’s ever done and noted that he loves working with Zach & Candice as well as Joseph, who is “very challenging”. He also shared that he’s addicted to Food Network shows, though he’s better at grilling than cooking. Michael said he would have fun cameoing on Glee as someone throwing a slushee. His favorite movie is “The Libertine” or “The Godfather” and “Nacho Libre” for a comedy. Trevino got his own version of the who would survive on a desert island and said he would take Zach with him because Zach has lots of deadly weapons and echoed that Paul would die first. Trevino was very insightful when asked how long he wanted the show to go on when he said five seasons total so as to tell the best possible story. While there were a few issues with fan decorum, overall he was very gracious and a lot of fun.

My Tweets from Michael Trevino’s Panel:

If TVD cast was in Hunger Games, he’d team up with Matt Davis, Paul would die and he (Trevino) would win. #Tvdchicago

Q: Do you & Matt Davis share a belief in aliens? Trevino:”We do. His is a lot stronger than mine.” #tvdchicago

Trevino is very insightful about how long the show should last in order to tell the best & strongest possible story.

Would love to have scenes with Paul & Ian. Finally gets a one on one scene with Kat in an upcoming ep that he’s excited about.#Tvdchicago

Scared of spiders. #trevino #tvdchicago

No one’s played a prank on him. #trevino #tvdchicago

Most embarrassing moment: in 6th grade at a carnival he got thrown up on. #trevino #tvdchicago

Loves to play Guitar Hero.

Weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse is a flame thrower.#trevino #tvdchicago

In a battle for Caroline’s heart, Tyler or Matt? Trevino: “Tyler. Thinks Matt will end up with Elena.”

Q: if you were a woman name 10 things in purse? Trevino:”Lip gloss, gum, tampon, keys, library card, birth control, Cell.” #tvdchicago

Trevino said he, Zach Roerig and Paul Wesley all just auditioned for the same role. He hopes Zach gets it. #trevino #tvdchicago

Trevino: Mom thought he should be a lawyer. He thinks he’d like to try directing. #tvdchicago

Loves Chicago food. #trevino #tvdchicago

Would take Zach on a desert island since Zach can hunt & has lots of deadly weapons. #trevino #tvdchicago

All time favorite movie is “The Libertine” with Johnny Depp. & the Godfather. Fave comedy is Nacho Libre. #trevino #tvdchicago

Q: Would Tyler stand a chance against Klaus? Trevino:”Yes. ” Then comments that certain things haven’t aired. Interesting… #tvdchicago

Trevino: Loves filming at Klaus’ house since it is actually Holyfield’s house. #tvdchicago

Q: Guilty pleasure? Trevino:”Sucker for Food Network shows.” takes notes on cooking techniques. #tvdchicago

Got hustled in pool a few weeks ago by a girl in LA.#tvdchicago

Q: Would he be on Glee? Trevino:”Maybe dancing but not sing. Or cameo long enough to throw a slushee.” #tvdchicago

Cowbells is brought up. These boys keep getting movies brought up that they’d like to forget. #tvdchicago

Says his dad would spend all day at the movies with him & sneak into theaters when he was a kid. So always loved film. #trevino3tvdchicago

First werewolf transformation is still his fave episode & most memorable scene. #trevino #tvdchicago

Q: Fave actor to shoot scenes with. Trevino:”Zach is a lot of fun. Candice is great. Also loves the challenge of Joseph Morgan.”#tvdchicago

Trevino auditioned for Damon first then for “Stefon” (heh). Then Julie suggested he go for Tyler. #tvdchicago

Q: Finish the sentence, I have always wanted to? Trevino:”Ride Shamu.” wanted to be in a Sea World show growing up. #tvdchicago

Favorite band is The Doors. Listens to a lot of house music. #trevino#tvdchicago

Trevino says he and Matt Davis would love to do a TVD parody for Funny or Die. #tvdchicago

Q:If you were a hybrid for say, what would you do? Trevino: “Vamp speed to girls.” #tvdchicago

There was a long break between Trevino’s panel and Daniel Gillies. Fan panels were offered, but I chose to spend time with friends rather than attend.  I’m sure reviews of those panels will be available somewhere. I also didn’t have tickets to the Decade Dance at the end of the night.

The last actor panel was Daniel Gillies, and y’all words do not describe the wonder that is this man. I will keep the gushing to a minimum (or at least try to) but I feel very safe in calling him the best panel of the entire con. He had everyone alternating between cracking up and swooning right off our chairs. A few highlights were when asked who would he choose to be Elijah’s love interest, Gillies immediately answered, “Alaric. I don’t need to explain. Have you seen Matt Davis? Wow.” He then dubbed them Alarjah. His favorite book is Katherine Dunn’s “Geek Love” and top movie quote hails from “Dangerous Liasons” –“You’ll find the pain is like the shame darling, you only feel it once.” For me (and my friends) one of the best things about Daniel Gillies is how much he obviously loves his wife. She’s clearly the first thing on his mind at all times and it just amped him up even more as a favorite. He too contributed to the theory that Paul Wesley doesn’t have survival skills by noting that Paul takes the longest to get ready for a scene. Completely adorable.

My Tweets From Daniel Gillies Panel:

Gillies keeps talking to Paul’s banner. #tvdchicago

Q: who should be Elijah’s love interest? Gillies: “Alaric. I don’t have to explain. Look at Matthew Davis. Wow. Alarjah”. #TVDChicago

If he could have a superpower it would to be Joseph Morgan. #gillies#tvdchicago

Fave movie quote: “the pain is like the shame darling, you only feel it once.” ~Dangerous Liasons. #tvdchicago

Really wants to go to Cuba. #tvdchicago

Q: Best book you read last year? Gillies: “Complications. Also loves Katherine Dunn’s Geek Love”. #TVDChicago

His passion for this movie is so moving. I’ll echo him in saying y’all should go see A Separation. #tvdchicago

Gillies loves the film “A Separation” . #TVDChicago

Gillies once waited tables in Canada and served Paul years ago.#tvdchicago

Jokes that the Elijah fro or cornrows are his best hairstyles.#tvdchicago

Now he’s apologizing to Paul’s poster. #tvdchicago

Paul Wesley takes the longest to get primped before scenes. Has marvelous hair & is so pretty. #TVDChicago

Won’t pick a winner between Klaus & Elijah but says Joseph Morgan could kick his ass. #Gillies #TVDChicago

Allow me to describe this room. Daniel Gillies speaks and everyone melts off their chairs in total awe. #TVDChicago

Q: If TVD crossed over with another show, what would it be? Gillies: “Three’s Company”. #TVDChicago

Jokes that he’d like to see Elijah move to the Bahamas and open a casino. & marry Eva Longoria. #gillies #tvdchicago

Gillies fave thing to do on downtime is hang out with his wife, 3 dogs, and 2 cats. DYING. #TVDChicago

Gillies asking fan about her favorite thing in Chicagi and then walked down and gave her a hug. BEST. #tvdchicago

Gillies just offered to let the audience spoonfeed him. #tvdchicago

Gillies says he doesn’t look at Elijah as good or bad but that he just gets things done & admires that. #TVDChicago

Gillies says Fave thing about playing Elijah was initially a threat & now that he’s an influence in a new order. #TVDChicago


Unfortunately, Sunday wasn’t able to match the level of Saturday. Things got to a late start with the Paul & Zach gold member only panel (I wasn’t there so I don’t have details about the panel itself). Then came what I consider to be the worst part of the con, the Zach Roerig and David Anders panel. It was nearly impossible to decide if they were drunk, stoned, or both. No matter what it was very unprofessional. Those of us in the back couldn’t hear half of what they said since they kept moving the mikes away and talking to each other. There were some funny moments and we learned that Joseph Morgan hates the nickname JoMo. But overall I was very unimpressed and I don’t know that I would watch either actor on a panel again. I will have more about this later on but that’s just a quick review of the panel specifically. Which did include a lot of singing. And it was pretty sweet to hear how happy Zach was that Matt Donovan was the first one to kill an Original.

My Tweets From the Zach/David Panel:

The boys are holding puppies onstage. SO ADORABLE. #tvdchicago

Anders: “If you don’t cry at Sarah McLachlan & shelter dogs, you may not be human.” #tvdchicago

Zach’s reading his own questions now. Out of a list of supernatural characters he’d be a succubus. #tvdchicago

If these two don’t film their own porno someday I will be shocked.#anders #roerig #tvdchicago

Anders doesn’t understand why people watch procedural dramas like NCIS. #tvdchicago

According to Zach & David, @josephmorgan actually hates being called JoMo. #tvdchicago

Zach: “High five, JoMo started a book club via twitter.” #tvdchicago

There’s a lot of singing, accents, and dirty talk on stage. #tvdchicago

Zach demonstrated his pelvic thrust pickup line than both showed their secret handshake. That’s like holding hands in the air.#tvdchicago

Q: How did you react to learning that Matt would be the first to kill an Original? Zach:”You’re goddamn right.” #tvdchicago

Q: Fave pickup line? Anders “I want you inside me.” #tvdchicago

Zach enjoyed shopping at TopShop/TopMan while in Chicago.#tvdchicago

Q:Bucket list? Zach would like to skydive, win an elite paddleboard race & break dance on the moon. David -to fart in public. #tvdchicago

Q: Do you share any characteristics with your TVD characters? Anders: “I’m a dick in real life. So yes.” #tvdchicago

Zach’s telling a “spooky” bedtime story. Or a poop joke. #tvdchicago

Now Anders is rocking his own musical talent by singing Miss Saigon.#tvdchicago

Roerig just belted out a little Mellencamp for the crowd. #tvdchicago

Anders listens to Radiohead & excited for coachella. Roerig just saw them in concert. Also likes Bon Iver & Astro Fang. (cousin’s band).

Anders and Roerig may also be higher than kites. Geez.

Anders says he was assumed to be British for years. (he’s from Oregon) #tvdchicago

They’re now debating whether to swim in Damon’s eyes or Joseph Morganzjs. #tvdchicago

Q: If you were a vampire, Originals or Salvatore side? Roerig: “Well Damon has piercing blue eyes. But Klaus is..”. #tvdchicago

If not acting, Zach would run the family business & David would do something. Hard to hear. #tvdchicago

David Anders & Zach Roerig are singing from the stage. #tvdchicago

Q: What actor has had the biggest influence on you? Roerig: “Since he’s here, David Anders.”. #tvdchicago

Q: most embarrassing moment? Anders: “Filming S2, Paul Sommers made it look like I shit my pants in the hospital bed scene.”.#tvdchicago

The girls, Torrey, Malese, and Kat, were very redeeming after that first debacle. While not quite as funny (though I blame double standards because girls don’t seem to be allowed to make the same jokes) as the boys, they were definitely bubbly and sweet. Kat obliged several fans in singing and dancing while Malese shared info on some of her upcoming projects, including her role on “Shelter”, the new CW pilot from JJ Abrams and Mark Schwahn. Here’s hoping it gets picked up. The girls shared very different music and TV tastes but all agreed on the grossness of the TVD fake blood. Torrey was awesome in fielding One Tree Hill and Pretty Little Liars questions. She’s also embraced the psycho as she said she would still love to play one again, from a different angle. Torrey was definitely the highlight of the panel for me.

My Tweets from the Ladies’ Panel

Torrey “loves playing Meredith but you can’t beat crazy Nanny Carrie. Stealing babies & feeding people cockroaches.” #tvdchicago

Torrey says James Lafferty was a really nice guy to work with but she didn’t get to spend much time with him offset. #tvdchicago

Torrey said that the blood was so gross that when she had to drink from Paul’s wrist, she wanted to get that thing out of her mouth.

Malese says the blood tastes disgusting. It’s dyed corn syrup and tastes gross. Kat hated the Nosebleed blood. #tvdchicago

Kat did a little dance too. #tvdchicago

To clarify, Torrey said she loved Klaus telling Stefan to turn it off & ep 6 catching Elena & it showed he still loved her #tvdchicago

Kat is singing for the crowd. #tvdchicago

Fave place to travel for Torrey is South Africa, Kat’s is Ethiopia, and Malese loves the history of the east coast. #tvdchicago

Torrey is swooning over Stefan catching Elena off the bleachers. LOVE HER. #tvdchicago

Q: Actor you’d love to work with? Kat- Stanley Tucci. Malese- Anne Hathaway. Torrey- Monica Belluci. #tvdchicago

Q:Upcoming projects? Malese- Big Time Rush & Shelter (Mark Schwahn & JJ Abrams new show), Kat-music, Torrey-Evidence (thriller). #tvdchicago

Torrey came to Chicago at 16 to model but was too short. She ended up just walking the streets & exploring for a month. #tvdchicago

Q: Phobias? Torrey- Everything. Malese- spiders. Kat – elevators.#tvdchicago

Torrey is explaining & gushing over funfetti cake. #tvdchicago

Fave TV Show: Malese- The Voice & PLL, Kat- The Borgias, and Torrey- Six Feet Under. #tvdchicago

Q: Was it hard to play a ghost? Malese noted yes to play invisible & for actors to play off her while pretending they can’t see her.

Malese jokes that she’s forever 14. #tvdchicago

Q: Fave song? Torrey-Listening to The Antlers & St Vincent. Malese- Boyfriend by Justin Bieber. (seriously) #tvdchicago

Telling Steven’s embarrassing moment. He joined them in searching his tag on tumblr. found him photoshopped onto a nude body.#tvdchicago

Torrey would live in a British library in the 1800s, Kat in the early 90s, and Malese in Hollywood in the 40s. #tvdchicago

Torrey is pretty sure Nanny Carrie will never die. #tvdchicago

Kat would love to be in a sci-fi blockbuster or biopioc & Malese would love to do comedy. #tvdchicago

Q: role you most want to play? Torrey: “A psychopath like Angelina Jolie in Girl Interrupted.” #tvdchicago

Q: Who do you most admire? “Moms and sister.” #tvdchicago

Torrey would play brooding Stefan, Kat would play Klaus and Malese would be Damon if switching roles. #tvdchicago

Malese was worried she didn’t get it but ended up on The Vampire Diaries instead of “Gigantic” on Nickelodeon. #tvdchicago

Torrey says auditioning is terrifying. She auditioned over a year ago but Meredith wasn’t used yet. She also tried out for Elena#tvdchicago

Kat’s audition process was auditioning for multiple pilots before getting the role of Bonnie. #tvdchicago

The last panel of the day was Paul. This was a tough one. Paul was charismatic and engaging, when certain fans would let him speak. A question would be read and then several fans kept trying to shout out answers. Not only was it frustrating to me, as a fan who would like to hear Paul’s answers sans influence, it was obviously frustrating for him. He even brought up the way fans weren’t letting him answer at one point. As well, Paul had apparently been dealing with fans who crossed the line from zealous to harassment and was upset about it. You can probably tell from the stories below that Paul was charming and funny regardless. And he was. But it was obvious that he wasn’t his normal self and I wish I could’ve seen that guy.

My Tweets from Paul’s Panel:

Actor that inspires him is Marlon Brando, Phillip Seymour Hoffman but is more inspired by good directors. #paulwesley #tvdchicago

Vampire Diaries is the most challenging role he’s ever played.#paulwesley #tvdchicago

Loves flashback episodes and would do lots of them & dark Stefan if he wrote the show. #paulwesley #tvdchicago

Paul says he would be Pinky in “Pinky and the Brain.” Someone send@paulwesley that Klaus/Stefan as Pinky & the Brain vid. #tvdchicago

Paul just gave the audience an image of him rollerskating in short shorts, shirtless, oiled up on Venice Beach. #tvdchicago

Paul loves working with Joseph Morgan. He’s always prepared & takes his work seriously unlike other CW actors. #tvdchicago

Paul on taking least time to primp: “Everyone is just jealous that I look the best.” #tvdchicago

Paul on whether Gillies is right that he takes the longest to primp. He takes 30 minutes, everyone else is an hour. #tvdchicago

Q: Any special talents? Fan: “Show us your moves.” Paul: “Boobs?!”#tvdchicago

Wanted to be a hockey player. Likes New York Rangers. Or be an investigative journalist. #paulwesley #tvdchicago

Enjoys that the show is very different from the books. Says it adds sustainability. #tvdchicago #paulwesley

Paul re: a Europe ep: “Didn’t Gossip Girl do that? I call it GG. What the hell, why do they get to go to Paris?” #tvdchicago

If Paul had 3 wishes they would be 1) Moving the show to Vancouver to snowboard daily, 2) a Stefan/Damon on location Europe ep.#tvdchicago

Q: What if you were Ian? “Jesus Christ. Pass out from anxiety. Can I get out? 24 hours & be back to normal? Hit on a few chicks at the mall”

Loves pierogis. “thaT’s always a good time.” #tvdchicago

Paul: “for those who haven’t seen Roll Bounce, you should. It’s awesome. I wear sparkly pants & speak in a high voice.” #tvdchicago

Admits the boys are right that he would lose a battle of survival. He couldn’t make it without his sleep machine. #tvdchicago

Paul: “I sleep in my curlers & cucumber eye mask.” #tvdchicago

Q: 5 things you can’t live without? Paul: “white noise sleep machine, eye mask, boots, jeans, hair pomade & curling devices.” #tvdchicago

Paul says they once told Ian that the show ran out of money & they wouldn’t be able to use the special filters on him & Ian freaked.

Just said he’s never seen Buffy.

Q: What vampire from another show or movie would Stefan form an allegiance with? Paul: “Willem Dafoe in Shadow of the Vampires.”#tvdchicago

Paul says Vincent D’Onofrio is the most interesting person he’s ever worked with. #tvdchicago

Q: Hardest scene to shoot? Paul: the bridge scene was really frustrating & the phone call in 3×1.” #tvdchicago

Paul was singing the Jeopardy theme as a kid and his mom chose to put him in acting class. #tvdchicago

Paul: “I said reproduce and babies started crying.” #tvdchicago

Paul just clued in to the fact that Stefan could make Stefan babies if he was human for a day. He’ll make 7. Fan: “I volunteer!” DEAD.

Paul really wants to direct an ep of TVD next season. “I think I’d do a swell job. Swell.” DYING. #tvdchicago

Paul loves working with Daniel Gillies. Calls him “a phenomenal actor.” & Matt Davis, they have a lot of fun. #tvdchicago

Y’all should be here to hear Paul say “oooh a fairy.” #tvdchicago says castmates would tease “Oh Paul wants to be a fairy” #tvdchicago

Loved filming the 1920s episode. Describes Klaus as “so hot.”#tvdchicago #paulwesley

“Viewers tuned into see Stefan the Ripper & then they see me.” *makes swimming motions. “WTF.” #tvdchicago

Fan: We loved you in Beneath the Blue. Paul: “Oh God. Why? I thought it was in my past & all of a sudden I’m freaking petting dolphins.”

Paul notes that he’s played a werewolf, angel and vampire. He’ll try succubus next. Playing a wolf was easiest for him. #tvdchicago

Before I get into general items, I will share a story that  was talked about during all the boys’ panels. So on Saturday, the guys were all asked variations of who would die first on a deserted island, who would survive or if the TVD cast was in the Hunger Games, who would win and who would die. While Matt, Trevino, and Gillies all insisted they would win, they also all wanted to bring along Zach Roerig and his arsenal of deadly weapons. So barring a Caesar and Brutus situation, my bet is on Zach living longest. But they also all agreed that Paul would die first because he has to primp too much to survive. Matt also suggested that even if Paul, Ian and Nina all died, they wouldn’t provide much sustenance since they are “skin and bones”. So then came Sunday, after Paul had heard loud and clear how they threw him under the bus. He insisted that contrary to Gillies’ statements, he is ready for filming faster than anyone else. But he did later note that he probably would be the first to die since he can’t sleep without his eye mask and sleep machine. Seriously. I can’t make this stuff up.

Okay so a few general thoughts. I found the method of having questions submitted and screened to be a good one but a few could have still been screened better. There also needed to be a better way to cut off fans who kept asking for hugs (but more on that later). The volunteers and seemed well informed and were helpful when I needed them. The events were condensed to one area of the hotel which helped keep things moving slowly and allowed fans to relax at other areas of the hotel. Also, at least from the lobby and meeting rooms, this is one of the nicer Westins I’ve seen. I however stayed across the street at Marriott for $30 cheaper a night. And we had a suite. So I would encourage fans to consider other nearby hotels to save money. I did also notice that the Westin had a lunch buffet set up both days with items from $2-6 for attendees to purchase in between panels, a nice gesture from the hotel. My biggest suggestion (for any Con) would be to consider setting up a separate shuttle with the hotel to take people to the train station or grocery story. While not horribly far or a walk, it was too far in the rain and most out of town people didn’t have a car. Hotels are usually able to work something out in this area if arranged in advance.

Vendor Room: I’ll comment  quickly on the vendor room. I would have liked to see a larger selection. The items available were nice but most can be found at Hot Topic or Target. I’m sure it was great for international fans but still very limited. I think having more novelty TVD items, as well as nicer items would be helpful. I hoped there would be quality jewelry reminiscent of the show, sweatshirts, trinkets and gear with other supporting cast members, even if they weren’t attending. I didn’t find a picture of Klaus & Stefan together either to my disappointment. Only one non-official vendor had items for sale.

And now for my rant. I have two major issues with the con. First the unprofessional behavior of two actors. I’m sure most of you know this but in case you didn’t, the actors are all paid to be at these events. And not just their expenses paid for. This is a job for them. Yes there’s an aspect of them caring about the fans because they can say no or cancel but still, this isn’t a paid vacation. It’s work. And when you go to work, you have a responsibility to show up sober, coherent and professional. Considering I’m shelling out my hard earned money for airfare, hotel, food, and tickets, I expect to get a decent 45 minute panel. That’s it. They have to sit on a stage and answer questions for 45 minutes, sit at a table and sign autographs and stand for an hour or so and take pictures with fans. THIS IS NOT A DIFFICULT JOB TO HAVE. In fact most of us would happily switch places. So yeah, I expect professionalism and I am very disappointed that such a concept was nowhere to be found with Zach Roerig and David Anders.

Second the fans. Look y’all there need to be boundaries. For one, remember that the actors know you love them. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t but saying so during a panel is just wasting everyone’s time. For another, let’s just put a moratorium on requests for hugs, dances, drinks or anything else during panels. Not only are you eating up valuable time when they could be sharing stories for everyone to hear, no one else gets to be singled out. And you aren’t a special snowflake. Save the hugs for photo-ops. But let’s remember some boundaries there too. Don’t try and kiss an actor. INAPPROPRIATE. (And yes this happened). Also inappropriate? Propositioning or making sexual comments towards any of the actors but especially the married ones. That happened so much with Paul and y’all his wife was like 10 yards away. Have some decorum. I’m not saying you can’t be excited to see them. Absolutely! But maybe consider them to be like your local Starbucks barista. Would you walk up and plant a kiss on your barista or ask them out after they told you the coffee cake was really good today? Probably not. But the thing is, you know your barista about as well as you know these actors. So practice some self-restraint. Don’t wait around by the front door for them to come in from the airport (besides, these guys have private drivers and back entrances they go through. They aren’t taking the airport shuttle and checking in at the front desk). Don’t ask them for inappropriate favors. Be excited and courteous and everyone, fan and actor alike can enjoy the experience.

Finally, since this is quite long, I feel I would recommend attending a Creation con with a few words of advice. Plan some activities or sightseeing beyond the con so the success of your trip doesn’t rely solely on the actors. Also, don’t go for one actor only. They have bad days just like the rest of us and it would suck if your entire experience was ruined based on one part. Overall however, Creation pulled off a good con. The events moved along quickly, I didn’t experience difficulties and most of the actor panels were highly entertaining. Depending on the guest list, (I want Claire, Joseph, and Nate), I would probably go back for Chicago next year.

If you went, let me know your thoughts in the comments or on twitter @onlymystory!

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One response to “TVD Chicago Review

  1. Angelized1st

    April 23, 2012 at 3:26 am

    Good review. I heard stories, but it was nice to read how things went down all in one place. More cohesive. Sounds like you had a good time, drunk actors notwithstanding.


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