Scandal: A Deliciously Addicting New Show

07 Apr

I think I can safely recommend Scandal as a fabulous new show that you should all be watching, especially if you like talented actors, rapid-fire dialogue, and soapy goodness. I say “think” because so far my track record with loving new shows hasn’t worked so well. Once Upon a Time and Smash were two that seemed fantastic based on the pilot and have since plummeted in quality. However, I’ve now seen two episodes of Scandal and it feels more like having a new Grey’s Anatomy in a political world. You know, soapy, gossipy, people in love with the wrong people, lots of pretty faces, and lots of under the surface damage. So I’m taking a shot and recommending it.

Henry Ian Cusick is absolutely fabulous (as always) as is the rest of the cast. But the true revelation is Kerry Washington. She’s a talented actress but she’s blowing me away in this role. Kerry is just sooo good. You’ll love her. Plus the romantic dynamics and the banter are great. And those of you who are Hart of Dixie fans may enjoy seeing Judson in the pilot episode. The first two episodes are available on hulu if you want to watch. Let me know what you think!

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