Rewatch Reliability

19 Mar

I have a long list of tv shows I need to catch up on. There’s the last 4 episodes of White Collar, half of the latest Sons of Anarchy season,  Justified from 2×5 on, Downton Abbey S2, Misfits S2 & S3, The Good Wife (most of this season), HIMYM & TBBT (current seasons), Fringe (current season), and that’s just the ones in progress. Sherlock, Shameless, Homeland, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Supernatural, Suburgatory, Up All Night, Grimm, Game of Thrones, and more are on my list of start watching at some point. And you’d probably be horrified by my Netflix queue which has a good chunk of classic shows (Felicity, Charmed, etc)  waiting on me. And I guarantee that I’m missing another 20 shows out of that list.

When I list those shows, I’m not listing shows that I have no interest in watching. Most of the in-progress ones are well loved by me and the others are ones I really do want to watch. Or at least try. I will give up a show if it’s not working for me. (See ya, Parenthood, Once Upon a Time, Nikita, Mad Men, Ringer and Secret Circle). I’ll even plan it out. In fact, the last three weekends in a row, I’ve set aside time to marathon Game of Thrones. It still hasn’t happened. I finished the first two books, but each time I start to watch the show, the same thing happens…

I open my DVD cabinet, shuffle through the cases for Game of Thrones, pull out the right DVD, and inevitably, something else ends up in the DVD player. Friends and Buffy have been the most recent culprits. You see that’s my biggest problem. Sure, all those shows are really excellent and I’d probably love them. In fact, I do obsessively love several of my in-progress shows. I don’t have this wariness about getting into another TV show and having something else I’m hooked on. I accept that this happens constantly with me. The thing is, no matter how good a new show is; it can’t compare to the comfort of an old favorite.

Maybe I’m the only one who feels that way. But I kind of doubt it. There’s this tendency to be reminded of a favorite moment in an old show and find yourself lost in a marathon a few hours later. Like the other day when I watched an episode of Happy Endings & Dave references the Ice Capades. While the line was funny, it makes me think of how upset Ross was that he had to sit so far away at the ice show that Michelle Kwan couldn’t read his banner. (She knows he hearts her though.) So I went to dig up that episode. I watched it, but it reminded me of a reference in S2. So I watched that. But then I was in the Julie episodes and I wanted to see Rachel’s birthday in S1 when she first realizes Ross is madly in love with her (homegirl is a little slow). Well it made no sense to just jump into the S1 finale so I started with the pilot. That was Thursday. I’m halfway through S4 now in a rewatch marathon. And yes, I know Friends waaaaay too well.

I’ve also been working my way through Buffy. Technically, I started by only watching S7. I actually love S7, even though it has my second most hated scene in all of Buffydom. I know a few Buffy virgins read this (and you should remedy that right now!) so I won’t spoil but if you’re curious, it is in “Empty Places”. My most hated is in “Seeing Red”. I liked the twinge of hope and light that S7 had in the midst of a very dark story. And for some reason that I can’t think of now, I found myself in a mood to watch Buffy. But then I was watching S7 and realized that I kind of wanted to watch a couple favorite songs in “Once More With Feeling”. Especially when Giles sings. Because I love Giles. Though not more than Oz. NO ONE BEATS OZ IN MY HEART. (Still, Anthony Head singing is one of the sexiest fucking things on the planet. When he sings Behind Blue Eyes…I DIE. All time favorite song, all time favorite band, and his voice. Gah, words do not suffice. And if you think I’m crazy, you are obviously young so give it 5-10 years and come talk to me again). So now that’s clarified and you better believe I took a 20 minute break in writing this post to go watch videos of him singing. But back to my point. Of course watching that ep of S6 triggered other favorite scenes so as soon as I finish S7 (I’m determined), I’ll be rewatching from the pilot. I really have no choice in the matter.

There’s something deliciously comfortable and reliable in a rewatch of a favorite show. I know the characters, I know the jokes or the heartaches, the shocking moments and the insane ones. But no matter how many people recommend a new show to me, 9 times out of 10 I’ll return to an old favorite. You just can’t beat a rewatch.

So what are some of y’alls go to shows for a rewatch? I’d love to hear if we’re on similar pages or totally different thoughts. Buffy, Friends, My Boys, One Tree Hill, and Leverage are my most turned to but The Big Bang Theory, Will and Grace, Gilmore Girls, and Little House on the Prairie (seriously) are pretty high on the list too.


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3 responses to “Rewatch Reliability

  1. Lemonade

    March 19, 2012 at 7:22 am

    Basically YES to all of this. My parents could never understand how I could rewatch any show (or movie) more than once, let alone a million times. But seeing how popular dvd collections have gotten over the last few years, it’s clear we are not alone in our rewatch tendencies (maybe it’s generational).

    I’m in the middle of a Buffy rewatch myself (although I’m only doing seasons 4-7), although I (kind of) have an excuse. After years of reluctance, a friend of mine randomly decided (on her own) to give Buffy a try for the first time, so that’s what triggered my own rewatch. At first, I was just trying to rewatch the episodes I hadn’t seen in a long time before she got to them, that way I could follow her progress and answer any questions she might have about things. But now she’s caught up to me (we’re at the start of season 5), and I’m too excited for what’s to come–both for her as a first-time watcher (“watcher,” hehe) & myself–to stop now, so I’m just watching alongside her.

    So I completely understand how easy it is to get swept up into a rewatch of an old favorite. You not only get the fun of watching a show that you’re guaranteed to enjoy, but you get to watch without the pressure of trying to follow a brand new show, with new stories, characters, and a whole new universe to learn about. Sure, getting sucked into a new series can be exciting, but depending on your mood, it can also be overwhelming. So watching old favorites can almost be like a vacation within the vacation that is watching a tv show. Plus, there’s the possibility that you’ll discover something new about the show along the way.

    I tend to do this a lot with movies too. Why risk getting disappointed by a new movie I only have a small amount of interest in, when I could watch something I know I already know I will love?

  2. loretta

    March 19, 2012 at 10:29 am

    I honestly thought I was the only one who was like that with a show. mine has always been one tree hill, I will see something that reminds me of an episode and want to watch it and then that episode will lead to another and so on and so forth until I am at the pilot and working my way through the entire first 8 seasons again! Iam currently trying to finish season 4 of the secret life, and am in season 2 of lost. I can never seem to get far very quickly on any other shows since December when I discovered the vampire diaries. I will watch an episode or 2 of something and somehow I end up back on tvd everytime. I am currently on season 2 again. I want to marathon the Gilmore girls, the ghost whisperer, and supernatural. but am too stuck on my faves!

  3. Angelized1st

    March 19, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    My most re-watched shows (not including Buffy, Angel, or TVD) are 24, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Deadwood,Moonlight, Supernatural, and Lost. I’ll even do Smallville, and Roswell marathons as well. I also re-watch The Tudors, but generally on tv, not on my dvds. I own a lot of TV on dvd, but those are my go-to shows.


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