A Brief Step on to a Political Soapbox

06 Mar

I’m having a bit of a rant with friends on twitter right now over things I find absurd and there are a couple points I want to put out in the world that are way too difficult to do on twitter. So I thought I’d put them here. Note, this is actually not a lecture on specific policies or laws. There are just a couple things that I wish people (especially the conservative right which surrounds me all day, but really everyone) would remember.

1) Everyone has a moral bias in an election. Conservatives, particularly religious conservatives like to say that they vote or try to pass certain laws from a moral standpoint. But so does everyone else! And those who try to say you aren’t looking at things from a moral perspective? Yeah you’re wrong too. We all have our own system of morals and beliefs and like it or not, they shape our opinions. So try and remember that claiming to have the moral high ground is ridiculous. Everyone thinks they have the true moral high ground. This is an argument that doesn’t work.

2) If you want to actually bring someone to your point of view, or at least force them to think through your argument, you have to use logic. There’s the verse in the Bible (bear with me) that says “Give to God what is God’s and give to Caesar what is Caesar’s.” Ya’ll know what the point was? That not everything has to be, NOR SHOULD BE, handled through a moral or religious lens. And some people need to get that. Your personal values are defined by your personal beliefs, whatever they may be. But using solely personal opinion, rather than logic, to shape policy that affects millions? That’s just stupid. Logic, people. It is your friend.

Okay stepping off the soapbox. Just had to get that out.

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Posted by on March 6, 2012 in Pull Out the Soapbox


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