The Originals: A Familiae Semper Fidelis

20 Feb

Disclaimery Stuff: I own nothing, all rights to their respective owners. I don’t normally write fanfic so this might be total shit. Also, I haven’t written a book form story in like 5 years (since my book was published) only scripts so my tenses might be completely off. If so, maybe be nice and don’t point it out unless it really fucks with the story.

So basically I got all inspired by Daniel Gillies wish to have the Originals in a spinoff that involved them as like mafia in New York. I started writing that story except too much exposition was having to happen about how they left Mystic Falls. Which I would have left out except Caroline is with the Originals and I felt like there needed to be reasons for why she left which meant there needed to be reasons to get the Originals out alive. Which is all to say that the prologue ended up really damn long and I wrote it in random pieces and then got tired of writing Bonnie scenes because I’m really not a Bonnie fan and this isn’t the Mystic Falls story. So that’s why there’s a fair amount of exposition to start things off. It’s also why all the scenes include at least Caroline or an Original or both. Once the chapters start, you’ll see more Elijah and Rebekah.

We’re about two months past the events of “All My Children” (which means time moves really slow in my version of this world). Tyler returned and apologized to Caroline again, asking for another chance. Caroline forgave Tyler but chose Klaus, to the Original hybrid’s shock and unbridled joy.

It turned out that a witch transitioning into a vampire was more difficult than anyone had anticipated. The whole balance of nature meant there was in essence a war within one’s self. Abby wasn’t strong enough to survive the changes and died a few days later. Elena did her best to respect Bonnie’s request for privacy, though she found small ways to try and tell Bonnie that she cared. It wasn’t enough. With Abby’s death, something in Bonnie finally snapped.

She found her own spell in the Martins’ collection of grimoires that allowed her to access the power of her ancestors. Esther learned of this and secretly returned to Mystic Falls with Finn and offered her assistance to Bonnie if she would help her kill her children. Bonnie told Esther in no uncertain terms that Esther started this mess when she created the vampires in the first place. Bonnie had no faith that Esther would get it right this time. Then Bonnie channeled her ancestors and ripped Esther’s heart out without even touching her.

Finn fled and found Elijah, telling him what happened. Finn has since disappeared, while Elijah tracked down Kol and returned to Mystic Falls. The Originals have kept an eye on the situation, making sure Elena is safe as the doppelganger, but until a couple days ago, stayed uninvolved. However, Rebekah has since learned that Bonnie has the remainder of the white oak, so it’s only a matter of time before they get involved.

Over the last few weeks, Bonnie has been on a rampage, killing hybrids and other vampires. Her additional power has allowed her to intensify the pain of the aneurysms she can send to a supernatural brain. Bonnie hits the hybrids over and over with the pain until their heads literally explode. Klaus is annoyed by all this as one might expect, but he’s also so infatuated with Caroline that he’s adopted a “don’t give a shit” attitude for the most part. Once he learns what Rebekah knows, everyone is hoping that will get him involved, so that there might be a chance of taking down Bonnie.

Elena and Caroline know that Bonnie needs to be stopped, but because they haven’t seen her in action, haven’t realized just how off the reservation she’s gone. They don’t realize that the Bonnie they used to know is gone, completely shut off. That’s all about to change, as Bonnie is using Tyler to show her former friends just how serious she is about ridding the world of vampires, hybrids and werewolves, and restoring the balance of nature.

Still, a lot of discussion and planning has happened as Bonnie’s been on her witch rampage. The need to stop her is there. Leading to the following culmination of events.

~                             ~                             ~                             ~                             ~

Outside Caroline’s House

Bonnie shoved Tyler to the ground in front of her in disgust. It didn’t take but the smallest effort to send searing pain to his brain over and over again. Tyler’s body contorted as he screamed, begging Bonnie to stop.

Elena and Caroline raced out of the house and skidded to a stop in horror.

“Bonnie, stop it!” screamed Caroline. “Stop hurting him!”

Bonnie leaned towards Tyler, who whimpered in agony. “Do you want it to stop, Tyler?” she asked. “Do you want me to take the pain away?”

“Please,” begged Tyler, his voice breaking.

Elena sprinted off the steps towards Tyler, terrified of what she saw in her former best friend’s eyes. “Bonnie, no!” yelled Elena.

She wasn’t fast enough. It was over in a matter of seconds. Bonnie surged her power at Tyler’s brain, sending aneurysms so fast, his brain explodes, just like the other hybrids. Elena fell to the ground beside Tyler in tears. Caroline was at her side in an instant, cradling Tyler’s now lifeless body in her arms.

“What the hell is wrong with?” Caroline screamed at Bonnie. “Tyler was your friend! He never hurt you.”

Bonnie’s lips twisted in disgust. “He’s one of them. So are you.”

“Oh give it up, Bonnie,” snapped Elena. “You’re a witch. You’re one of them too.”

“I told you,” said Bonnie, eyes glittering with anger. “The world doesn’t need vampires or hybrids. They don’t belong here. And if you support them, I will take you out.”

“So you’ll just keep killing all of your friends?” asked Caroline, horrified at just how far Bonnie was willing to go.

Elena shook her head in disgust.

“This is your fault, Elena,” yelled Bonnie. She wasn’t about to let Elena think she was better than her.

“My fault?! How the hell is this my fault?”

“You had to get involved with vampires. If you hadn’t started dating Stefan, none of the last two years would’ve happened.”

“Bonnie,” interrupted Caroline. “Elena didn’t…”

“Don’t Caroline,” snapped Elena. “I’ve got this.” Elena turned on Bonnie. The Petrova fire was nearly spitting sparks, Elena was so furious. “I was born the doppelganger, Bonnie! I didn’t choose to be the key in a thousand year old curse. And don’t even try pulling that on me. You were born a witch! Your own mother knew about me and never bothered to tell you, but you’re going to blame me for her death?!”

“She died because of you!” screamed Bonnie. “Because you had to be saved.”

“She died because she picked the wrong side. It’s that fucking simple,” yelled Elena. “We were both born into supernatural destinies over a thousand years old and your mother picked the side of an evil witch. Don’t you dare try and put that on me.”

Caroline stood and joined Elena. “And what about you, Bonnie? You keep saying vampires are your enemy but you’ve got a lot of blame to carry for me being a vampire.”

“Excuse me?!” Bonnie was furious.

“You left that device spelled, which put me in the accident, you made Damon give me blood and you told Katherine about it!” Caroline spat the words with venom. “That’s on you, Bonnie. Not Elena.”

Bonnie started screaming back at them as Elena moved a hand to wipe tears from her eyes. What had happened to them? How could everything have possibly become so messed up? She was tired. Tired of fighting yet another battle every two seconds, tired of worrying about who might come after her next. She looked down at Tyler, whose dead eyes still registered his fear and shuddered.

“Enough,” said Elena wearily. “Can’t it all be enough?” She reached towards the girl who had been her best friend for 17 years. “Bonnie, we’ve all been through so much this year. You can stop this. We can figure out how to move on. We have to find a way to get past this.”

Bonnie slapped Elena’s hand out of the way. “I don’t want to move on, Elena. I sure as hell don’t want your forgiveness. I want it over.”  As she finished speaking, Bonnie sent a surge at Caroline’s brain, causing the young vampire to collapse on the ground. Bonnie pulled out a stake and lunged at Caroline.

Elena flew at Bonnie, fighting to get the stake away. Bonnie slams her elbow into Elena’s face, sending her flying backwards. She adjusted her grip on the stake and reached for Caroline, who was still struggling to fight against the constant pain in her head. Bonnie had the point of the stake pushed through Caroline’s skin when she flew backwards as though hit by a train. When she recovered, both Elena and Caroline were gone.

Caroline’s head stopped pounding as soon as Bonnie’s concentration had been broken but it took her a few minutes to register that it was Kol who was running with her in one arm and Elena in the other. “Kol,” she said weakly.

Kol stopped instantly, unceremoniously dumping both girls to the ground. “You are constant trouble,” he remarked, a characteristic smirk on his face.

“Excuse me for not wanting to believe my best friend would actually try to kill me,” huffed Caroline, recovering quickly. She wanted to smack the grin off Kol’s face. “What were you doing there anyway? I thought the Originals were staying out of ‘the commoners problem’ as you so insultingly put it.”

Kol sighed. “I was trying. But if you die, then Nik will start brooding again. I hate when he’s moody,” complained Kol. Over the centuries, he’d seen enough of his brother’s moods to be sick of them. “He’s always slaughtering villages or going to war when he loses a favorite toy.”

Caroline chose to sidestep the personal insult. “You don’t like killing people?” she asked in disbelief.

“I love killing people,” replied Kol, with a grin so malicious it made Caroline take a step back. “The look in their eyes when you finally break them, when they look at you and see death…it’s better than the blood itself.”

Caroline shuddered. Just when she thought Kol was showing signs of normalcy. Next to her, Elena was beginning to wake up.

Kol continued, “But my god you have no idea how depressing mindless slaughter can be. It’s no fun if you can’t hear them beg. The Livonian war was such a bore. The Inquisition though…that was a good time.” Kol smiled at the memory before moving on. “So as you can see, saving you keeps my brother interesting. Which in turn is in my best interest.”

Elena had come to and clearly heard the last of Kol’s speech. She focused on the part that mattered most. “If you’re going to be helpful, could you get Klaus on board? I want the people I care about, at least those who are left, to be kept safe. I can’t do that on my own.” She didn’t add that she knew how obvious that last part was.

Kol glanced at Elena as she rose to her feet. “Does your offer still stand?”

Elena nodded. “One pint of doppelganger blood every month, as long as I live. And I won’t suddenly pull a Katherine.”

“Then I’ll get Nik to agree to your terms. After today’s events, I doubt I’ll need to persuade him.” Kol turned to Caroline. “Get Elena to the Salvatores. I need to talk to Nik.”

Caroline hesitated.

“What is it, Caroline?” asked an exasperated Kol. His willingness to help only went so far.

“Since when is that the safest place to be?” retorted Caroline. Kol might give her the creeps but she wasn’t going to let him be a constant ass.

“Since Elijah arrived there an hour ago. Trust me, Nik may play hard to get but the rest of us returned once Beks called to tell us Bonnie had found the white oak tree. At least what was left of it.” Kol was done explaining. He needed to kill someone, anyone, to work off his energy. “Go,” he snarled, ending the conversation.

Caroline looped an arm around Elena and sped off. Kol headed towards the Grill. He needed a bite to eat before facing his older brother.

~                             ~                             ~                             ~                             ~                             ~                             ~

Mikaelson Home: Living Room

Klaus looked up from his sketchpad as Kol walked into the room. He’d heard him storm into the house a moment earlier and was curious as to what had brought his brother back to Mystic Falls.

“Elijah’s at the Salvatores with Rebekah. I told him we’d be there within the hour.” Kol wasn’t interested in wasting time. Far too much was at stake.

“I thought I made myself clear several weeks ago,” snapped Klaus. “I have no interest in making deals with the doppelganger or her little band of incompetents.”

“That little witch has the remains of the white oak,” returned Kol.

Klaus didn’t even look up. “She’ll be dead before she ever gets close enough to use it.”

“Perhaps not. Apparently this venture into evil has given the witch more confidence. And with it more skill. We need a plan, Nik.” Kol ripped the sketchbook out of his brother’s hands, determined to make sure he understood the gravity of the situation.

“Get out.” Klaus’ voice was low and quiet, in a tone that did not invite argument.

Kol wasn’t finished. “Bonnie tried to kill Caroline today.”

That got Klaus’ attention, just as Kol knew it would. Klaus growled, snapping his teeth in rage. “Where is she?”

“Caroline’s at the Salvatores,” replied Kol.

“No,” clarified Klaus. “That witch. I’ll see her in pieces before this day is over.”

“You can’t. Rebekah already tried. It seems Bonnie has used some of the white oak ash to cast a protective spell. We can’t touch her.” Kol bared his own fangs at this, unable to hide his own desire to rip the witch’s throat out. “Sorry, Nik, but it seems we need Elena’s help after all.”

“Fine.” Klaus rose to his feet. “Kol?”


“I want you to protect Caroline. Keep her out of harm’s way.”

“She’s a vampire, Nik,” complained Kol. “She doesn’t need a constant bodyguard.”

Klaus stared down his brother. “I wasn’t asking Kol. Don’t let her get hurt.”

Kol turned towards his brother. “Just how important is Caroline, Nik?”

Klaus glared at Kol. “Very.”

“Not enough. If I’m to put my life on the line to protect her, I want a scale. Caroline or Anastasia?” Kol asked, referring to Anastasia Romanovna. Klaus had loved the original tsaritsa more than anyone had thought possible. Though she refused to choose Niklaus outright, the two had carried on a secret affair until her death. Kol had assumed that Anastasia was just a passing fancy and not blinked an eye at the danger she’d been in until it was too late. Kol had hated the decades after that as Nik spend every day antagonizing the war efforts of Anastasia’s husband. Even for an Original vampire, a quarter of a century was a long time to waste on getting over a lover. Kol wanted to know just how much Caroline mattered to Nik.

Klaus responded without hesitation. “Caroline.” He watched the shock in his brother’s eyes, though Kol quickly recovered. “I gave Anastasia’s bracelet to Caroline,” he added, as a way to insure his brother knew how much the young vampire meant to him.

“I’ll look out for her,” promised Kol. He left immediately, determined to make sure that this time, the woman his brother loved, stayed alive long enough to love him back.

~                      ~                      ~                      ~                      ~                      ~

Bonnie’s Home

Bonnie paced across her living room, furious that a vampire had gotten the jump on her earlier. The white oak ash spell she had created protected her but it had to be activated to be useful. Caroline was so young, Bonnie hadn’t bothered with the extra protection. And now she would have to work harder to bring the vampires down. For a brief moment, Bonnie considered the fact that it was Caroline, a girl who had been her best friend for years that she was trying to kill. But only for a moment. Caroline made her choices, Bonnie would make hers. This was war. And in war, one can’t afford friends.

~                      ~                      ~                      ~                      ~                      ~

Salvatore House: Library

Stefan threw his glass into the wall in frustration. For several hours now they’d been discussing how to defeat Bonnie. Klaus wanted to use force. If they all came at her at once, surely one could kill her. Damon agreed with that plan, as did Rebekah. No surprise on that front. Of course, none of them were listening to the fact that Bonnie’s spell prevented all vampires from getting to her, not just one. “We’re getting nowhere,” he remarked. “Witches talk about that balance of nature bullshit all the time. That means there has to be a way to beat Bonnie.”

Elijah looked at Stefan with disgust. Outbursts did nothing to help the situation. “What would you suggest, Stefan?”

“Find a way to stop the spell,” answered the younger Salvatore.

“And then what?” Damon interrupted with a raise of his eyebrows. “She can still make your head explode.”

“Damon’s right,” noted Caroline. “Bonnie would have killed me today if Kol hadn’t shown up and the white oak spell wasn’t even in effect.”

“Besides, who’s to say she won’t reactivate the spell right after we stop it?” interjected Rebekah, rolling her eyes at the Salvatore boys. Unlike them, she’d already encountered that very problem with Bonnie.

“Then you find a solution,” snapped Stefan.

Elena spoke up. “We have to block Bonnie’s ability to cast the spell in the first place. She’s channeling the energies of nature to make it work. The only way is to block the spell.”

“That doesn’t solve all of our problems,” said Damon, though he said it more gently. He and Elena were still working through their issues but he was trying to be gracious.

“If we can block the spell, then we just have to distract Bonnie long enough for one of the Originals to get to her,” explained Elena. “As long as Bonnie is focused on us, she won’t be able to have time to get rid of the block and reactivate the spell.”

“A sneak attack before the full on force,” observed Kol. “Sounds good to me.”

“One problem,” interrupted Alaric, who had been quietly whittling stakes in the corner. “We still don’t know what blocks a witch’s spell.”

“Chrysoberyl.” Elijah spoke from his chair by the fire and the others silenced. As the elder Original, he observed before making judgment, seeking the best course of action. “According to our mother’s grimoires, a witch’s spell can be blocked with a chrysoberyl gemstone.” He glanced at the confused faces of the others. “Cat’s eye.”

“The problem,” noted Klaus with no small amount of frustration in his own voice, “is that Bonnie will notice if we simply start throwing a cat’s eye gemstone at her. It has to get past the spell to start blocking it.”

“And none of us can get to her,” groaned Damon. “We’re back to square one.”

“I can get to Bonnie,” said a voice in the doorway.

Everyone turned to see Matt standing at the edge of the room, a solemn look on his face. “Bonnie believes I want to stay out of this entire mess. If I ask her for protection from the rest of you, she’ll give it to me. That will allow me to get close enough to stop her.”

Elena walked over to Matt and slipped her hand in his. She knew how much this hurt Matt. He had hoped his friends would work things out. None of them had expected things to come to this. “Are you sure, Matt? You realize what you’re agreeing to?”

Matt nodded. “I don’t like this supernatural stuff. But I’m in it. Closing my eyes doesn’t make it go away. Which means I have to do something about it.”

“You’re okay to help kill one of your best friends?” asked Rebekah in disbelief.

“No,” answered Matt. “But Bonnie’s made it clear that she’s not backing down. So the way I see it, I lose one friend, or I lose everyone. And in a way, we’ve already lost Bonnie.”

“Then it’s agreed,” said Elijah. “Thank you, Matt.”

Matt joined the others in the living room as they worked out exactly how everything would work out. Within another hour, the plan was set. By this time tomorrow, Bonnie would be dead.

~                             ~                             ~                             ~                             ~

Salvatore House: Front Yard

Klaus followed Caroline out the door of the Salvatores. Rebekah was still bickering with Kol in the driveway so the two walked further away. Vampire hearing or not, Caroline at least preferred the illusion of privacy. Klaus stopped in front of her, not sure how to proceed. They hadn’t had a moment alone since he’d learned that Bonnie was trying to kill her.

“Caroline love,” said Klaus hesitantly. “Are you certain you’re well?”

Caroline smiled. There was something so touching about how gentle Klaus was with her; when he never let his guard down around anyone else. “I’m fine.”

Klaus was unconvinced.

“I promise, Klaus. I’m fine,” reassured Caroline. She wasn’t, not really. It wasn’t exactly easy to get over one’s best friend trying to kill you but physically she felt perfectly fine.

“When Kol told me…” Klaus barely choked the words out. His eyes darkened with rage yet again.

“I know.” Caroline stepped closer to the original and clasped his hands in hers. “But we have bigger things to worry about now.”

Klaus frowned. “I’ll send Kol to watch out for Matt.”

“Like I’d trust Kol to look out for Matt” huffed Caroline. The last time Kol and Matt were alone, Kol had crushed the human’s hand. Neither man had forgotten the incident.

“Different circumstances, sweetheart,” returned Klaus. Kol knew better than to screw this up.

Caroline sighed. “I’m still going, Klaus. This is my life and these are my friends. I’m not leaving them alone.”

“I want you safe,” snapped Klaus. As far as he was concerned, the other citizens of Mystic Falls could die. Caroline, and Elena for her blood, were the only people Klaus worried about. He might be helping but it didn’t mean he wanted to lose Caroline.

Caroline yanked her hands from Klaus and stepped back. “I can’t believe you,” she ranted at him. “You’re as bad as Damon and Stefan.”

“What’s wrong with trying to protect you?!”

“It’s not your decision! You can’t control my life.” Caroline was furious. How could Klaus not see that she needed to be a part of this? No matter how much it hurt to plan to kill her former best friend, she couldn’t let it happen second hand. Caroline took a deep breath. “I chose you, Klaus. I. Chose. You. But you don’t own me.”

“She has a point,” interrupted Kol. He & Rebekah stood a few feet away from the two of them.

Rebekah rolled her eyes. She’d been assigned to guard Alaric while they picked up several cats-eye stones. Elijah had found an owner in a small town a couple hours away with just a few phone calls. Rebekah was not happy being relegated to bodyguard and she made no attempt to hide the fact.

Klaus snarled at Kol, not appreciating the interruption.

“Oh shut up, Nik,” drawled Kol. “I’ll be there to look out for Caroline.”

“Because that’s reassuring,” muttered Caroline.

Rebekah and Klaus smirked.

Kol rolled his eyes. “She’s guarding Matt, Nik. The one person Bonnie isn’t trying to kill. And I’m guarding Caroline.”

“That has to be enough, Klaus,” added Caroline, willing him to understand.

“You’ll keep her safe, Kol?” asked Klaus, an unspoken threat in his tone.

“I said yes, Nik. Move on.” Kol didn’t care enough to keep pushing the issue.

Alaric pulled up at that moment and Rebekah hopped in the car. Kol took off as soon as they left, assuring Caroline he would be at Matt’s later that evening.

Klaus reached for Caroline’s hand, pulling her back to him in the afternoon sunlight. “There’s something else we need to talk about love.”

Caroline looked up at him, slightly puzzled.

“Elena’s deal means my family leaves town,” clarified Klaus. “That includes me.”

“I know,” said Caroline quietly. “I heard the deal.”

Klaus didn’t speak. He was afraid to ask what that meant for them.

“I chose you,” noted Caroline firmly. “You, Klaus. I never expected to stay in Mystic Falls forever.” She gripped the edges of his jacket in her hands and pulled him close, kissing him softly. “I’ll go where you go.”

Klaus stared at Caroline for a long moment. He’d been amazed a few weeks ago when she had chosen him over Tyler, saying she would give him a chance to prove that the love he professed was real. Yet when he had made the deal with Elena earlier, he was certain that meant losing Caroline. Unable to speak, Klaus slipped one arm around Caroline’s waist, holding her close, and weaved his other hand in her hair, kissing her passionately. For now, having her in his arms was all he needed from the world.

~                             ~                             ~                             ~                             ~

Mikaelson Home

Klaus sank into a chair in the living room after leaving Caroline. She was going to spend a few hours with Elena before heading to Matt’s. Elijah and Kol had already made it back home. Elijah sat in a chair near the fire while Kol lay sprawled on the couch.

“Rebekah hasn’t returned?” asked Klaus.

“She’s within an hour’s drive,” replied Elijah.

“An hour by her standards or the human’s?” joked Kol, knowing his sister’s reckless nature behind a wheel.

“The human’s,” answered Elijah with a slight smile. He took a sip of his whisky. We have a few things to discuss as a family.”

“Such as?” Klaus was curious as to what Elijah wanted in this move. Their family was leaving Mystic Falls, no one had discussed what that entailed. Klaus’ siblings weren’t as angry with him since it had turned out he did a good thing by killing their mother so long ago, even if it didn’t stick. But he wasn’t sure that meant being a real family. After all, they were only back now because Bonnie had become a legitimate threat.

“I am uninterested in seeing this family scatter yet again,” said Elijah. “We are stronger united. I would prefer we stay that way.”

“I’m in if everyone else is,” said Kol. “But are we going to do anything fun? This will be the first time that we’re all together and not on the run.”

Klaus agreed with Kol. They were Originals after all. Drinking at a small town bar every day didn’t suit his fancy.

“There were times when we controlled much of the supernatural world,” stated Elijah. “I should like to see us regain that control.”

Kol perked up at this. Whenever Elijah started his “we need to be The Family, The Originals” speech; that meant Kol got to play with the latest forms of torture. Not that most modern forms interested him. Hot iron was so much more interesting than chemical cocktails.

“And just where do you plan on accomplishing this?” Rebekah walked in and shoved Kol’s legs aside, sitting down in the vacated space.

Kol threw his book at her. “Brat.”

“Oh shut up, Kol,” retorted Rebekah. “No one asked you to open your mouth.”

“And no one ever has to ask you either,” cracked Kol.

“Enough,” said Elijah firmly and Rebekah’s hand froze in mid air as she refrained from slapping Kol. Elijah continued. “I believe New York will be the best fit. Though some travel will be necessary to insure the full reach of our control.”

Rebekah smiled. New York meant she could finally shop at decent stores again. It also meant parties with her brothers and no end of mischief. Even a bossy Elijah couldn’t completely stop her fun in New York.

“We’ll need a home,” stated Klaus. “Offices. Business enterprises.”

“I’ve already secured everything we need,” said Elijah. “I didn’t spend the last few weeks on a walkabout.”

“You knew we’d be leaving?” asked Rebekah.

“Eventually.” Elijah had actually been the one to give Elena the ideas for the terms of her deal but he saw no need to share that with Klaus. Both brothers were still struggling to trust the other.

“Will Caroline be joining us?” asked Kol.

Rebekah groaned. The baby vampire annoyed her.

“Cheer up Beks,” laughed Kol. “At least it’s not Elena.”

“Bite your tongue, Kol,” snapped Rebekah. “That blonde bitch has some good taste, I’ll give her that.”

“Rebekah,” said Klaus with a warning in his voice.

“Oh don’t start, Nik. I won’t try to kill her and I’ll accept that she’s coming but I’m not going to be nice about it.” Rebekah folded her arms in a huff.

“Fine,” said Klaus, exasperated. “Elijah if you need help with any other arrangements, let me know. I’ll have several hybrids begin packing our belongings for the move.

Elijah nodded. So long as their family was in agreement, the other details could be worked out later.

~                             ~                             ~                             ~                             ~

Matt’s House

Caroline sat in a chair on Matt’s porch while Kol leaned against the railing. Everything had to come together tomorrow and they were on guard duty until then.

“Why did you back me up earlier?” asked Caroline. Klaus had tried to insist that she stay away from the danger with Kol to watch out for her. She had adamantly refused of course. While her choice had been made, she still cared too much about Matt not to look out for him. But she hadn’t expected Kol to take her side.

Kol turned to study Caroline before answering. “I knew you’d be here anyway. It seemed to make more sense to be certain Nik understood that then sneaking off and fighting with him later.” That wasn’t the only reason but Kol wasn’t the type to give extra information if he wasn’t asked.

Unfortunately for Kol, Caroline was the type to ask. “I don’t believe you. You fought for my right to be a part of this. It wasn’t about making a point. Why?”

“Because no matter how much Nik may want to keep you safe, you deserve to make these decisions for yourself. It’s your right,” said Kol.

Caroline couldn’t hide her shock.

Kol shrugged. “Look, I know I’m an ass. I’ve been one for a long time and I don’t really plan on changing that. But if my brother is going to fall in love with you, he has to allow you to be yourself. Everyone deserves that right.”

“Thank you, Kol,” said Caroline softly. She never would have guessed that would come out of Kol’s mouth.

“Besides,” he added, “you chose him.”

“What?” asked Caroline, confused again.

“You chose my brother,” clarified Kol. “He’s loved very few people, especially romantically, and not one ever chose him. He’s never been anyone’s first choice. But you made him yours.” Kol paused, realizing that this might be the only time he got the answer to why Caroline was different. “My turn to ask why. Why pick Klaus?”

Caroline smiled, remembering the look in Klaus’ eyes when she told him she was choosing him. “I told Klaus if he wanted me to care about him, let alone care for him, he had to earn it.”

“The diamonds weren’t enough,” laughed Kol.

Caroline shook her head. “Not with things. I wanted honesty, someone to connect to. I want someone who understands me.”

“And Nik does?”

“He’s trying,” answered Caroline. “For now, that’s enough.”

Kol accepted her answer silently. Perhaps there was more to Caroline than he’d first thought. Caroline didn’t seem to be waiting for a response from him. She was playing with the bracelet around her wrist, a small smile on her lips. Kol waited a moment before sitting in a chair next to her. The two sat quietly, each lost in their own thoughts, as Matt slept inside the house.

~                      ~                      ~                      ~                      ~                      ~

Outside the Witch House

Elijah and Damon watched, hidden in the trees as Bonnie set up her protective spell outside the witch house. She was here nearly every day so this had seemed the best place to attack her.

Damon whispered so low only a vampire could hear. “Why don’t we just kill her now? Before she sets up the spell?”

Elijah sighed. “Her reflexes have been heightened with the extra magic and she carries white oak stakes, Damon. I’m not going to end up dead because I was impatient.”

“We have the element of surprise,” hissed Damon.

“Fine,” returned Elijah. “Then you go give it a try. She probably won’t think anything odd of you attacking her after she went after Elena yesterday. Test her.”

Damon had a moment of thinking better of his idea but he didn’t like the way Elijah was clearly mocking him. He moved away from Elijah so as not to attract attention and then rushed at Bonnie from the edge of the woods.

Bonnie barely glanced up. 20 feet away from her, Damon keeled over in agonizing pain before Bonnie used an unseen force to slam him into a tree. “Really, Damon?” asked Bonnie.

“You went after Elena,” groaned Damon.

“And I’ll go after her again. As long as she’s on your side,” returned Bonnie. “But I appreciate you stopping by. Now I don’t have to find you to kill you.” She took a step towards him and at that moment, from across the clearing, Stefan broke a branch. He stayed hidden but it was enough to distract Bonnie from immobilizing Damon.

Damon sped away to the safety of the woods and found Elijah. “Don’t say it,” he muttered.

Elijah merely smirked. If Stefan was here that meant Elena was with him. Elijah listened closely as the rest of the group reached their places along the edge of the clearing. They formed a circle, surrounding Bonnie, with the witch house behind her. The plan kept Bonnie outside but they already had contingencies in case Bonnie made it into the house. She could burn in it just as the other witches had. Rebekah and Alaric were there, Klaus stood alone and finally Kol, Caroline and Matt were in place. It was time.

Matt turned to Kol. “Do it,” he whispered. He knew Kol was far too happy about his role in this but they had to sell it to Bonnie. Kol gleefully took Matt’s arm and snapped it in two, then punched him to get a good welt going. Matt stifled a groan as Caroline looked away. She didn’t like seeing him  hurt, no matter how necessary.

Matt took a deep breath, used his good hand to check that the cats-eyes were still there, and took off running down the path to the house. “Bonnie!” he yelled, the pain from his arm making him sound desperate.

Bonnie turned. “Matt? Matt what happened?”

“Kol,” choked out Matt. “He was waiting for me this morning. I threw the ash at him like you told me but I don’t think it’s going to last.” Matt grimaced and held his arm, trying not to pass out from the pain. “You have to help me Bonnie. He’ll kill me.”

As Matt was convincing Bonnie to help him, Kol let Caroline throw a small bit of white oak ash at him. Klaus had only had a bit left but the effects were similar to vervain. It burned Kol and made him the slightest bit slower than normal. He was still fast though, and quickly flashed over to the clearing.

“Well, well, Matt.” Kol grinned maliciously. “One pathetic teenage witch isn’t going to stop me from ripping that arm clean off.”

Bonnie recited her spell quickly and a circle of small white flames sprang up around her. “Stay close, Matt,” said Bonnie, pulling him towards her and into the circle.

That was it. Stefan, Damon and Caroline flew out of the woods at Bonnie. The flames kept the Originals out but they weren’t Originals.

Bonnie hit each of them with a succession of aneurysms, causing all three vampires to collapse, a few feet from the circle.

The split second distraction was all Matt needed. He slipped the stones into the bag at Bonnie’s side and jumped outside the circle.

Rebekah came racing in from the woods, looped an arm around Matt, dragging him to safety, before returning to the fight.

In the few seconds that took Rebekah, Elijah and Klaus joined Kol, facing down Bonnie. “Our turn,” growled Kol, as Rebekah returned.

Bonnie smiled. “You can’t reach me. And I still have the stakes that can kill you.”

The Originals moved as one towards Bonnie. Kol darted in a hairsbreadth ahead of the others and Bonnie gasped as she realized her spell had been blocked.

Bonnie grabbed a stake at her side and spun at Kol, sliding the stake into his ribcage.

Kol screamed in agony and stumbled out of the circle. His skin started burning where the stake sat.

Elena and Alaric knew their cue and raced towards Kol. Elena quickly pulled the stake out and tossed it aside while Alaric handed Kol a blood bag. The two watched to see who needed them next.

The other Originals rushed at Bonnie, whose attention was also focused on keeping Caroline and the Salvatores on the ground in pain so they couldn’t reach her. It was almost enough distraction.

Bonnie threw the spelled white oak ash at Elijah and Klaus, momentarily disabling them, though Klaus’ hybrid nature was letting him fight it faster.

Rebekah used the moment to sink her teeth into Bonnie’s neck but she wasn’t fast enough. Bonnie had another stake in hand and jammed it upwards into Rebekah’s neck.

Bonnie stood in the midst of her circle, her power pushed to the limits as she tried to keep each supernatural at bay. Alaric had reached Rebekah and removed the stake but the female Original was unconscious. She wouldn’t be able to help them for some time.

Bonnie increased the power of the aneurysms at her former friends while Elijah and Klaus fought against the spell. They had almost had her. Another few seconds of a distraction was all that it would take to bring Bonnie down and they were out of players.

A disturbing smile crept over Bonnie’s features. “You can’t win,” she gloated. “I belong here. A servant of nature. You’re an abomination.”

As she spoke, a blur flew from the woods and to everyone’s shock, Katherine stood in front of Bonnie. She didn’t hesitate as she slammed a knife into Bonnie’s stomach. “I hate witches,” snarked Katherine. “So judgmental.”

Klaus saw the opening he needed. As Bonnie summoned up enough energy to throw Katherine away from her, he leaped at her. Klaus’s fangs came out and he bit on the girl’s throat, ripping her life away in less time than it took Bonnie to form a scream.

~                      ~                      ~                      ~                      ~                      ~

Klaus’ Bedroom

Klaus was resting after the day’s events in his room. The Originals had disposed of Bonnie’s body and burned the witch house to the ground. The cats-eyes were sunk deep into the soil under the ashes, to prevent other witches from accessing the power of the dead witches in the future.

Alaric & Elena had taken care of the others. Stefan and Damon were at their home, regaining their strength, while Elena and Caroline stayed at the hospital with Matt until he was released from surgery.

Klaus could tell that Caroline needed to be with her friends, to mourn the loss of another friend. So he had gone home with his family, none of whom were particularly bothered by the day’s events. They’d won after all and this wasn’t the first time a witch had been out of control in the last millennium. Bonnie had come closer to killing them than anyone else in a very long time though, so there was a sense of heightened awareness. Security would be important at their new home.

So it was puzzlement that Klaus looked up when he heard a noise at his door.

Caroline stood there, her eyes red from crying. She tried to explain why she was there but couldn’t figure out the words without bursting into tears again.

Klaus moved the quilt on his bed to the side, offering Caroline a refuge. He could tell that words of comfort weren’t what she needed, though he wasn’t sure exactly what she did need.

Caroline silently crawled into bed next to Klaus, resting her head on his chest.

He pulled Caroline close and wrapped the blanket around her as he leaned back into the pillows.

Caroline held onto him tightly and began to softly cry. For the first time in several days, she began to feel like her life would someday be whole again. She didn’t need soothing words. She needed Klaus.


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9 responses to “The Originals: A Familiae Semper Fidelis

  1. loretta

    February 20, 2012 at 9:23 pm

    this is awesome. now I want to watch it for real!!!

    • onlymystory

      February 22, 2012 at 4:11 pm


  2. darkmaxou

    February 21, 2012 at 8:28 pm

    Ok… I need to know what comes next like now !!

    Nice touch with Katherine, not saving the day per say, but tipping the balance at the last minute. Totally her style.

    Can’t wait for the torture scenes. (And yes, I know how wrong this sounds.)

    • onlymystory

      February 22, 2012 at 4:12 pm

      Glad you liked the Katherine addition. I almost had Finn come back and then I realized that Katherine fit better. She’s always about self-preservation and at this point, helping kill Bonnie is doing just that.

      Hee, I worked on a torture scene last night. It was way more fun to write than it should have been.

      • darkmaxou

        February 23, 2012 at 10:34 am

        Finn wouldn’t have came back so soon. Now I totally see him sulking in a cave for a few hundred years.
        He hates what he and his brothers and sister are, but contrary to Mikael, he never had the time to really wrap his head around it with being daggered and all.
        I *could* see him have a change of heart. We don’t really know anything about him so I can’t really say that it wouldn’t fit his character.

        On the other hand, he can also sulk and then find away to anihilate all vampires.

  3. Dayna Dawn Small (AKA Dayna Barter)

    February 22, 2012 at 2:21 pm

    I think you nailed the characters really, really well, and to me that’s the Prime Directive when it comes to fan fiction. Kol strikes me as sort of the Loki of the family: completely irreverent, mischievous, and always willing to stir the pot just to amuse himself. I don’t know how long the show is going to keep him around or how much they’ll give him to do, but I like that he’ll get more to do in your story.

    I always appreciate a good Bonnie death, so I’m not hard to impress there, but having her go all Dark Willow is, I feel, totally in keeping with her character (what little the writers have given her thus far), and it would be interesting to see the gang have to deal with one of their own, a human, going completely off the reservation. Although Elena is right; Bonnie being a witch makes her as much a part of the supernatural as the vampires and werewolves. I liked how you showed Matt willing to get involved, even though it meant the death of a friend. On the surface, one would expect Matt to side WITH Bonnie, but both you and the show have handled Matt’s reaction to the supernatural shenanigans very well, and I can totally see him doing what you had him do. The witches may be the “servants of nature,” and see themselves as these arbiters for maintaining a balance, but they don’t always recognize that it’s the regular ole mundane humans who are the fulcrum. It’s therefore gratifying to have it be a human who saves the day.

    [As an aside, I always wonder why, in supernatural stories, the characters don’t just take the obvious and expedient route when it comes to dealing with witches and wizards: Just take a gun, get yourself into position, and snipe them when they are not expecting it. Voila! Problem solved!]

    From a technical standpoint, I realize this is more of a prologue than the story proper, and I know you thought the length kind of got away from you, so I’m cutting some slack for that. The structure felt like sort of a strange amalgam of script writing and story writing, what with the setting headers. This worked to try and abbreviate the length since, again, this is to show how we get to the start of the story you’re telling and not the main focus of that story, but going forward I would like to see a more traditional, novel-like structure. It’s not that what you’ve done is wrong or anything; it’s a stylistic choice, just not my own preference. So, grain of salt, and all that.

    Another stylistic choice you made was to go with the third-person omnipotent POV. Again, there is nothing wrong with that, it’s one of the available options, etc. I gravitate more toward a third person limited POV within a scene because I think it allows a sharper focus on one character, usually the one who most “owns” the scene. Hopping from head to head often means you can’t, for narrative purposes, give more than a cursory glance at what is going on for the characters internally, where as a single POV gets you deeper into the character with the most at stake, and also allows you to do some interesting inter-character things with all not always being as it appears to one character. Especially with this cast of wily, Machiavellian Originals, I think that could be a powerful writing tool. BUT, this is totally just my own preference, and not something you are in any way obligated to do. It’s your story, after all. I’m just throwing it out there as something to think about.

    I’m really, REALLY looking forward to seeing what happens when the lot of them arrive in the Big Apple. So, um… WRITE FASTER!

    • onlymystory

      February 22, 2012 at 6:02 pm

      Yay for long comments! You’re awesomesauce. Okay first, I’m so glad I nailed the characters. (Crossing my fingers I continue to). I write so much original work (no pun intended) and have never written fanfic so I was really nervous about being untrue to the characters. I hate reading stories where I’m like um, that character would never say that or use those words or make those choices.
      I’m especially glad you liked my use of Kol. I know I’ve said in the reaction posts that I find him fascinating and I really want to flesh him out a bit more. I think he’s an utter dick and I don’t really find that changing, but I also think he loves his family. That was my biggest reason for having him stick up for Caroline. He doesn’t give a shit about Caroline but if his brother does, he’ll put forth an effort.

      I’m also happy you liked my use of Matt. I wanted the human to be useful but not in a Xander/Dark Willow way. And honestly, its tough to make a witch friend go dark without the comparisons. You’re so right though about the sniper solution.

      It actually will become more of a novel like structure in the future. I know we talk about an Originals spinoff and when I envision it, I don’t picture 20,000 plot twists a week. I picture it moving much more slowly and being more deliberate about setting up a larger world rather than the small, interwoven web that is Mystic Falls. its still hard for me to get back into novel mode after writing scripts for so long but it is the goal.

      And as for the character POV, sometimes, I will keep it between multiple characters with that third person omnipotent viewpoint just because I think that in action scenes it can work better. Even if it is breaking some rule of writing. But most of the scenes will be much more limited POV because I do want to get inside the head of each Original.

  4. ramblingsofrin

    May 17, 2012 at 3:52 am

    I am finally reading this and let me just say WOW. I LOVE it!

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