Car Sharking, On Deck Wine & Original Mafia

16 Feb

Oh gosh ya’ll. So Cougar Town came back last night & it was full of so much awesomeness. I can’t even begin to describe it all for you. There was car sharking, which is to toilet paper a car to look like a shark. Um, on-deck wine necklaces, throwing a too creepy flag and then just plain old making me cry my eyes out in sappiness before crying from laughter. You just can’t beat this show. Happy Endings comes close but still its no Cougar Town. I’m so so so happy the Cul-de-Sac crew is back.

Car Sharking









That's on-deck wine. Also Laurie speaks the words of my soul.

Oh and then there were lots of interviews from Daniel Gillies today (which normally would make me nervous and it sort of still does but Zach’s been doing a lot of interviews and Matt’s still alive so maybe Elijah will last until a spinoff too). But he made mention of how he envisions a spinoff of being sort of Originals as like this ultimate Mafia family. Which I think would be epic. Actually, it would be beyond epic. So plese, please, please can we get an Originals spinoff up in here?!

Um let’s see what else happened that was fun today? Oh that’s right, the list of artists for the Hunger Games soundtrack (which is not the same as the score, to be announced later) was released and for the most part its a pretty kickass list. It is missing some Florence & the Machine though because her entire album would be perfect for the movie. Not a ton of squee but a little. Now I’m going to start sending out Portrait assignments (been kind of behind on that one and not kind of) and watching Grey’s. I’m up to the “Into You Like a Train” episode which is one of my favorites. I feel like this is the episode where the show really came together and got all the pieces working as a cohesive group. It’ll be a highlight of my S2 rewatch recap.

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