Morning Squees & Recommendations

14 Feb

Giving up twitter is taking discipline. Seriously it’s been like 2 days (okay today makes the start of three) but it kind of kills me. But since I’m staying away, I can’t retweet or share some of my favorite things. (Yes, I know I could just RT stuff but not dialogue on twitter but that seems like cheating. And now I think I’ll be giving up twitter for Lent. That’s 6 weeks people. SIX WEEKS! I’m insane. That’s like official now.) Anyway, doing this means some days will have a couple blog posts but I really want to be able to have little gushes or recommendations on stuff even if I’m not on twitter. So here’s what I’m squeeing over this morning:

Dan & Blair kissed! No, I have not seen the episode yet. I didn’t care. I read a couple recaps, looked up the kiss on youtube, told Serena to suck it and then just keep replaying the moment. To say I’m ecstatic does not even begin to describe it. Like you know how ya’ll Damon/Elena fans have been begging for something to happen that puts all those feelings out there? And then there was the kiss and yeah there’s been some obstacles since and they haven’t gotten a relationship, but its out there and has to be dealt with instead of some giant not-really-secret? That’s been me with Dan & Blair. I don’t need them together right away, in fact that wouldn’t make total sense to me but I did need something to happen to force Dan’s feelings out in the open so that he and Blair would have to address them. AND SHE TOTALLY KISSED HIM BACK!

Recappies: (That’s not a word. In case you weren’t sure).

Offcolor-TV is basically my recap home so you should just hang out there forever. Seriously, its the best. Anyway my final Once Upon a Time recap is up (and if you are upset that I’m not recapping it anymore, where were your comments the last few weeks? *crickets* Yeah, that’s what I thought) plus because apparently the CW isn’t coming in on digital channels in Boise anymore (stupid) I can’t cover Hart of Dixie for a couple weeks. So instead, @offcolortv is doing a fantabulous job and of course appropriately swooning over Wade and adoring Lemon & Lavon in her recap. As it should be. @Dayna_Barter had a pretty kickass recap of Smash, a show I’m really enjoying and the best part of the day is @hockeybychoice’s weekly gif recap full of delicious goodness. Be sure to read them all.

If you’re like me, you have a need to react to Vampire Diaries over the weekend and analyze during the week. If you haven’t checked out the following recaps yet, you really should. By the way, these are the recappers that I always recommend because I think they do the best job and have slightly different angles in their approach. @CindyMcLennan of Television Without Pity is great at analyzing the why behind actions or mythology and her more recent trick of letting the characters do some of the recapping has been highly entertaining. I almost enjoy Damon/Elena/Stefan more this way. @offcolortv is seriously the best person ever at finding Ho-Yay in the Vampire Diaries but even better are her analogies about certain moments. Gale has more of a reaction style recap but I can honestly say that you won’t find someone who has a better grasp on who these characters are and what makes them tick. Then The Salvatore Boarding House reaction post is the one that I’m a part of. To say we have some of the dirtiest minds around is kind of an understatement. But if you need some fellow squee or righteous anger, you’ll need the SBH. I also think that @entertainocd ‘s reaction style recap is fabulous (and full of unicorns) while @thomascgalvin’s are pretty epic too. Plus Neville Shortbottom the DevilCorgiPire (longest dog name ever) has been sharing some hilarious insight.

Finally, if you’re into TV, you’ll want to be heading to the ATX Television Festival in June. They’ve got some kickass stuff lined up including HBO programming, special Friday Night Lights screening, Lone Star & Life Unexpected programming and a lot more to come. Plus on their advisory board are some really kickass female EPs so you know it’s going to be awesome. Once pilot season is over they’ll be announcing more programming. However, if you want to get tickets to the event at a much cheaper price, you’ll need to get them now. The festival is on kickstarter and is just shy of the amount needed for this first round. Ticket prices go significantly up so I highly encourage you to get in on this awesomeness now. Plus once other shows are announced, you know tickets are going to sell out fast. If you can’t go but are still interested in supporting, they’ve got a pretty sweet deal. For $25 you can get a shoutout on twitter from Arielle Kebbel (Lexi from the Vampire Diaries), Julie Plec or Liz Tigelaar. That in itself is awesome. So go check it out and support the fact that we can finally get a festival focused solely on television!

I think that’s all of the morning’s recommendations and squee. If I think of anything else, obviously I’ll share it with you. And if I missed anything epically awesome, please tell me in the comments!

I lied. I found more awesome. Did you know George Takei shares random pictures on facebook every day? I did not. But they’re awesome. I love punny jokes and other random crap. So here are several from the last two weeks that entertained me. Everyone needs a laugh on Tuesdays!



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One response to “Morning Squees & Recommendations

  1. Lemonade

    February 15, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    Just had to join you in squeeing for Dair! And that gif is awesome. 😀

    I watched the episode live on tv, and couldn’t help but tear up during it! I realized the season 4 Valentine’s Day episode aired (almost exactly) a year ago, back when we were just hoping that a Dair kiss could even be a possibility, and getting excited over a brief handhold. We’ve been waiting over a year for anything close to this (since they screwed us out of seeing their other kisses), so I teared up partly because I couldn’t believe it was finally happening. I’ve learned (the hard way) to not let myself get my hopes up with this show, and I’d prepared myself to expect disappointment this season, so FINALLY getting something I’ve wanted so badly to happen was just overwhelming.

    I’m still wary of getting too hopeful, because good things often get ruined quickly on Gossip Girl, and the (romantic) spark they had last year has dimmed a little during this first half of season 5. But I am absolutely thrilled that they have at least given us this to reward our patience. Now I would LOVE a Dair endgame (it just works for so many reasons, especially narratively), but what I’ve said all along is that I just want them to have a fair chance as a storyline. If they address Dan & Blair’s (potential) relationship in a fair, honest, and in-character way, then I will be pleased, and able to accept whatever endgame they choose to go with (or not go with) for the series. For a ship with so much promise, it would be a shame not to explore that. So I will cautiously trust that this kiss is a sign that they will go down that road after all. *crosses fingers*


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