Grey’s Anatomy Rewatch: Season 1

13 Feb

I'm Your Person

I’m not completely sure what triggered my rewatch of Grey’s Anatomy but I’m now a couple episodes into S2 so I thought it might be fun to do a few posts about my rewatch. Plus not being on twitter means I have a lot of extra free time. (Seriously ya’ll just try not being on twitter for more than a couple days. It is TOUGH. I want to respond or RT stuff but I know that if I let in a little, I won’t be working on myself. It’s like that line between 1 tequila shot and drunk, a line I usually miss). Anyway, that little tidbit of info aside, let’s get into Grey’s Anatomy.

If you haven’t watched Grey’s, it’s a soapy medical drama set in Seattle. Occasionally you’ll get a very obviously LA scene in the show (where its actually filmed) but for the most part, the show does a decent job of looking like Seattle. (I say this having lived in Seattle. Again, its not perfect but its better than a lot of shows). Grey’s Anatomy launched with a ten episode pilot season in the spring of 2005. Creator Shonda Rimes was a fairly new face in the TV world so folks wondered how this show would work. Fun fact: Shonda Rimes wrote “Crossroads” the Britney Spears movie that every 90s girl loves but won’t always admit to. (Trust me, we love it and sort of want to do the karaoke bit with friends.)

I always enjoy rewatching shows after several years. Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, Gilmore Girls and Friends are top favorites. The newer seasons are often more polished but the early seasons are when everyone’s figuring out who they are. So it tends to be more refreshing. Like S1 of Friends and Grey’s have these people in their mid to late 20s just figuring out who they’re going to be. Since that’s the age I’m at, I enjoy knowing that’s a normal thing.

Since I’ve seen Grey’s dozens of times and done more than a few rewatches, it can be hard to have a fresh opinion. Like I don’t mind Izzie in the early seasons but I’m not nearly as invested in her storylines as I once was. Except the S2 finale stuff. That wrecks me. And I can’t get invested at all in Burke anymore. I wasn’t his biggest fan in the first place but after Isaiah Washington came out as an asshole, it just changes my viewpoint. But I do find myself loving Meredith and Alex more and more. They are easily my favorites.

I’m also a fan of McDreamy. I know people have gotten fed up with Derek and even Meredith to a point, though I think Shonda’s done a lot better in recent seasons about taking away Meredith’s magic vagina that lets her get away with far too much. But I’ve always liked Derek Shephard. I have a tough time figuring out how I feel about him hiding the fact that he was married. On the one hand, it seems like the kind of shit you tell someone. But on the other hand, it had been like 2 months of dating. That’s not exactly a long time to figure out how to spring the fact that you were married and that your wife slept with your best friend. In the end, I guess it boils down to I don’t fault Derek but I like that Meredith takes a while into the 2nd season to realize she can get past that because of her feelings for him. Plus he’s a little scared of Bailey (as one should be) and that’s always entertaining.

The big friendship of S1 is of course between Meredith and Christina. The others begin to connect and find common ground but the core is Christina and Meredith realizing they are each other’s person. Okay technically the “I’m your person” thing happens in S2 but they got there in S1. I love it. The picture I included is of the moment when they acknowledge this and it’s just great. I think we all want to have that friend (or maybe even a couple friends) who can know exactly what we need and will be there for us no matter what. The kind of friend who is more than happy to call us out on our shit but let someone else start getting on our case and they start throwing punches. Having a person is awesome.

Overall, there aren’t real big episodes in S1. It’s really more about the relationships and beginning the changes to characters that will continue to be issues even into the current seasons. But I did want to share some of my favorite songs from season one. Grey’s Anatomy has always been top notch in regards to the soundtrack but the first season was especially good.

My Grey’s Anatomy Soundtrack Choices:

Rilo Kiley “Portions for Foxes”

Thirteen Senses “Into the Fire”

Keane “Somewhere Only We Know”

Tegan and Sara “You Wouldn’t Like Me” & “I Won’t Be Left” & “where Does the Good Go”

The Ditty Bops “Wishful Thinking” & Wake Up

Rosie Thomas “Let Myself Fall”

Sia “Sunday”

Jem “Save Me”

Wilco “Hummingbird”

Joe Purdy “I Love the Rain the Most”

78 Saab “No Illusions”

Iron and Wine “Naked as We Came”


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2 responses to “Grey’s Anatomy Rewatch: Season 1

  1. Ruth

    February 14, 2012 at 12:00 am

    Now that I know you’re trying to be off twitter for a while…i can leave you a long comment here that you’ll get! YAY!
    Anyways, I had a sudden urge to re-watch grey’s too this weekend, of course, with so many things going on, didn’t get started…but I definitely will
    You brought up so many good points about re-watching a show. The idea that knowing where the characters are further down the road really does affect how you view them in earlier seasons. I’m mainly excited to re-watch because I know I missed some details mainly because I started watching the show season 5-ish and was more concerned about getting caught up than I was about the characters themselves and their relationships and growth. Really excited that your’e doing this, and please continue to post about it. Reading your thoughts as well as seeing what you “missed” since last watching these seasons is going to be great!
    Talk to you more when you re-join us on twitter 🙂

    • onlymystory

      February 14, 2012 at 12:41 am

      Yes talking to me here is great! I’ll be back to twitter eventually, just feeling like the break is necessary for me right now.
      I’m a couple episodes into S2 so I’ll be excited to know someone’s rewatching at the same time! You are going to love S2. I remember I started Grey’s with the pilot and then about 1/3 of the way into S2, I got really busy with work and didn’t get back into the show in S4. I still watched but missed a lot in catching up. So my first rewatch of S2 was probably what really made me fall in love with the show and put it as one of my favorites.
      I will definitely be posting more thoughts too! And more in depth since I know I’m doing this now. Season 2 has so many great moments throughout.


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