Behind the Scenes: How The Vampire Diaries Got a Vampirate Metal Band

06 Feb

Happy Monday fandom! I bet ya’ll are in semi-good moods right now but you’re pretty sure by the end of the day you’ll be hating the world. I mean, it’s Monday, that’s kind of expected. That’s why I’m here to stop that. By making you laugh your ass off.  (PS. This post is ridiculously spoilery if you haven’t seen last week’s TVD episode yet. So I nicely included a picture below of a cat to keep you from being super spoiled immediately.)

Aw, adorable right? Okay anyway. After the episode there was endless gushing going on over Kol because Nate Buzolic has a sort of puckish, Peter Pan met the Newsies and got really hot quality (not that I rewound that scene 20 times to determine this) but also he looks like Elijah so of course we’re going to love him. Finn however was a little different. There was quite spirited discussion over what type of Original Finn is. Abby (@abbygraham) is quite certain that Finn’s crazy eyes means he chews on the furniture. I said he looks like what would happen if Aragron drank all the rum, dressed like a pirate and went to join the gay pride parade.

See? Crazy Eyes!

Then Vee (@dieslaughing) threw out the idea of a vampire-pirate (vampirate) metal band. At least I think it was her. Anyway, Amber (@piratetothenah) and I joked about wondering when auditions were being held. And because I was bored on a Sunday morning, I created this audition advertisement. That’s when everything sort of snowballed. If you’ve been part of this fandom for long, you know that when we latch onto something, we really go to town. Take the Elijah for Mayor Campaign, which has been recently revived. Last spring that was quite the hit. So Amber and I took off running with the idea that Finn was the lead singer of a vampirate metal band called Original Plunder.

This is the band's logo.

As you can imagine, a logo wasn’t enough so we just kept going. There’s a backstory and the whole family is involved, after all, as Elijah says “This is family business.”

Everyone has a role to play.

I’ve included a list of all the things Amber & I have come up with so far and I’m betting they’ll give you at least a few laughs. Be sure to keep on the lookout for more as well. We’ll be adding things on a regular basis.

Finn Mikaelson & the Original Plunder facebook fanpage: This has all the scoop on the band and of course behind the scenes tidbits. We’ll be releasing stories over the next few weeks about all the tribute bands who have played in honor of Finn (who’s been on hiatus for the last 900 years). There will be concert posters, stories of the concerts and you might just be surprised at who’s stepped in to honor their favorite vampirate metal singer.

If you decide to become a fan, be sure to check out The Wenches facebook page too. The Wenches have long been fans of Original Plunder and are stoked to see the band is back. We’ll introduce you to the first Penny Lane and release pictures of wenches through the years. The group has been a big part of keeping the love for the band alive over the centuries.

You can even pick up merchandise from the band like the shirts & buttons shown below here.

So check out the fun, feel free to audition by emailing the band manager @ and spread the word. The world’s favorite vampirate metal band may be coming to a city near you. We’ve even heard rumors about the release of the lost EP, “Viking Voyages” songs that are a tale of the band’s early years that will change history as you know it. For now we’ll leave you with this preview poster, to get you excited about “Original Plunder”s sure to be epic return.

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One response to “Behind the Scenes: How The Vampire Diaries Got a Vampirate Metal Band

  1. Angelized1st

    February 6, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    You guys are so silly! I loved that advertisement on Craig’s List. HILARIOUS!


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