TVD Thoughts: All We Have are Our Choices

04 Feb

Alright this is gonna be fairly quick. I know there was a lot of flack last night when Elena explained to Caroline that it wasn’t right to force feed her dad blood because all he has left is his choice. And he chooses to die. And the big uproar is of course that Elena is saying this after she had Damon compel Jeremy to leave town. So I have three thoughts on that.

1) Elena certainly isn’t perfect but she does tend to learn from her mistakes. If she messes up, she realizes pretty quickly that she did. In a case like this, what good is she doing to reverse that compulsion and bring Jeremy back to the danger that is Mystic Falls? None. That’s the answer. So I think it’s quite possible that Elena has seen the problem in what she did, hell she saw it as she was doing it but she felt at a loss for how to help him.

2) Technically, Jeremy’s choice was to leave. He said  he wanted to pack everything up and get the hell out of Mystic Falls. That was his wish. To say yes this sucks but let’s move somewhere else and start over. Sure we’ll be aware that the world is a scarier place but we won’t be HERE. Deep down, that’s Jeremy’s choice. To run. Now I love Jeremy and I think when he has to, he steps up in awesome ways but emotionally he is still trying to peace out of bad situations. He hasn’t completely learned to deal with life as it comes. So his first choice was to leave Mystic Falls. Which leads to my final thought.

3) When Elena actually suggested Jeremy leave, the look he gave her said he knew  that he couldn’t leave as long as she chose to stay. They’re family and you look out for family. So I kind of think that Elena knew that in a twisted way, she was actually taking away Jeremy’s choice by staying in Mystic Falls. And that’s Elena’s choice too. She shouldn’t have to leave because Jeremy wants to. But it seems like Jeremy can’t get what he wants if he’s letting others choices take priority.

Maybe I’m just rambling incoherently, after all there was a lot of pretty on TVD last night & I tend to be easily distracted. But I wish everyone would take a moment to realize that just because Elena says something, doesn’t mean she’s an idiot. It might mean she learned from previous mistakes.

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