17 Jan

Leverage just wrapped up S4 this Sunday and I had to quickly comment on it. I know several of my friends are working their way through the series so I will try not to be too spoilery. I absolutely recommend Leverage as it is one of my favorite series.

I’m in love with Parker and Elliott though Hardison is still a favorite. Elliott just fits my whole obsession with guys who are rough around the edges. And Parker is the best.

I’ve always been sort of okay with Nate Ford. I don’t hate him, but sometimes I wish the show would give more time to the other members of the cast instead of focusing so much on Nate’s issues. This season did better with that than most.

Then there’s Sophie. I’ve sort of hated Sophie’s character for the longest time but this season I finally started liking her. Which is good, seeing as she’s a rather vital part of the team.

The finale was fun in that it brought other past stars back (something I think the show could do more often without messing with the dynamic) though I definitely enjoyed the Boys Night & Girls Night Out jobs better as far as guest stars went. Sean Faris as a kickass black ops soldier? Yes, please.

At the end of the day though, I didn’t particularly care for the choice of who was behind this mastermind. He was a target that was beaten pretty easily and I had a hard time believing that he was that much of a threat. I appreciate that Leverage is trying to create a bigger target to take down and give the team a challenge, but it needs to actually be a challenge. Moreau was great at that, especially since it pulled Elliott more into the story.

What I did like however was Nate’s decision. I didn’t want him to completely follow Sophie’s advice and let the targets just go to jail (where they could apparently still cause problems) but I also knew that he was in trouble if he took that final step. So the end worked out nicely in my opinion.

Now I just can’t wait until the summer when the show returns!

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