Quick comment on Klaus/Caroline

13 Jan

How exactly is Klaus/Caroline messed up? Seriously, I will welcome legitimate arguments against it. And to clarify, I get that Klaus has wreaked havoc on Caroline’s friends and family and that she was mad at Tyler. But there will be a big difference between Tyler blindly following and if this ending up with Caroline making a choice. Also, Klaus/Caroline is in no way like Damon/Caroline. Damon compelled Caroline and used her. Klaus didn’t. And furthermore, let’s talk about just how much Caroline’s friends have looked out for her….I’m waiting…still waiting…nothing. Because Caroline gets tortured, abused, and killed before people bother noticing. Believe me, I still haven’t forgiven her friends for letting Damon continue to use her and essentially rape her and not tell her the truth.

Also, Klaus and Caroline have a lot in common. They both seek their father’s approval and don’t get it. They both have mothers who at one point or another wanted to kill them. They both love planning parties and making everything perfect. And they both do a very good job of putting on a smile and pretending the world is lovely, even when it sucks.

So if you don’t want to be a fan of Klaroline, that is fine. You have that prerogative. But don’t come in here telling me it is creepy or fucked up or weird. There is nothing about KIaus/Caroline that is anymore messed up than any other pairing on this show. 

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