TVD Recap-ish: Let’s Talk Ghosts & Things that Go Bump in the Night

23 Oct

I think you all know at this point that my “recaps” of the Vampire Diaries tend to be very unrecappy (it’s a word) and more focused on a topic I want to discuss. I like to read my favorite recaps, hear a few theories and then start speculating. As usual this week, I’ll suggest you read the recaps from Gale, Sarah and Thomas plus the reaction post from The SBH. For those of you who know I’ve been considering a couple posts on Elena and another on the Damon/Elena/Stefan triangle, those are still coming. I feel like holding out until the hiatus though. I don’t want to write something that is more than just a reaction to an episode only to have the next episode shoot cannon ball sized holes in my theories. Winter hiatus will be perfect. It also might include an indepth look at my position on Bonnie Bennett, whom I don’t hate but don’t love, yet I feel like I could love Bonnie with a few changes. So, this week, I want to talk ghosts. I get the feeling that most of you don’t mind the ghost story but other than wanting to smack Matt for pulling stunts even Bing could tell him were dangerous and falling in love with Anna again, the ghost story really isn’t on the top of everyone’s mind. I think it should be. Now, a few people have started theorizing about the ghosts after this week’s episode and I think next week a lot more people will be on board.

Here’s the thing, it looks like we have several different plots going on at once on the Vampire Diaries. There’s the ghosts, Ripper Stefan and Elena’s mission to save him, Mikael, and Klaus and the Hybrids. But it’s not multiple plots, it’s one. Everything is tied back to Klaus/Elena. Which, while this isn’t the point of my discussion, is nice. We all know that the show is going to be about Elena and featuring her as a centerpoint to the show. But instead of everything being “save Elena” for no other reason than people care about her (great reason of course but it was the only one until the last few episodes of S2) this time around the stories revolve around Elena as the doppelganger and Klaus as the ultimate hybrid. I know most of the gang will be trying to save Elena but this time around it is for very different reasons. In addition, we have a problem now because saving Elena means more hybrids. I just really like the extra depth that’s been added to the save Elena bandwagon. That said, back to the ghosts!

*Fair Warning: As a speculation post, I am bringing up spoilers.*

My first question is what if it wasn’t Jeremy’s death (and return via Bonnie) that opened the veil (hey it worked for Harry Potter so that’s what I’m calling it) between the ghost world and the real world? We’ve been assuming that because the witches told Bonnie there would be consequences for her actions, that the ghosts came through Jeremy. What if Jeremy’s resurrection just gave them a contact point? I have a working theory (so probably full of holes) that it was Elena’s death as the doppelganger that broke the veil. This season just informed us that Elena, as a doppelganger, is a lot more valuable than just as a pawn in a curse. If the witch and ghosts are so concerned with Klaus and the hybrids, I have the feeling that it was Elena’s death/resurrection that gave the witch her opening to send Vicki through. Jeremy just set up the perfect first tether/anchor/contact point or whatever else we’re calling it. Allow me to explain.

Each ghost needs a contact point to pull all the way in. Mason showed up at Damon’s first and *spoiler* Lexi with Stefan & Elena in the promos for next week. (both of whom have brought her up lately but especially Elena). That contact seems pretty important but since it is so varied now, that’s why I think it wasn’t Jeremy’s death (or at least not his alone) that opened the door. If this all revolved around Jeremy, I don’t think Matt, Damon or Elena would be able to see the ghosts. The contact point seems necessary (even if it is an unstable contact). Now that Matt did that spell however, it would appear that the ghosts don’t need the humans quite as much as they did before. With this bigger opening that Matt created (I doubt Vicki realized just what Matt was doing though I don’t think she would’ve stopped him) are the ghosts going to have more free range or is the OW moving the strings? Forcing people to do what she wants. Vicki got sent back so it seems like the ghosts are still tied to a contact point but don’t need to be at the forefront of anyone’s mind anymore.

Speaking of contact points and ghosts coming through the veil, I also believe that Anna slipped through on accident. I think that the witch pulling the strings (we’ll get to that) picked up on the fact that Jeremy coming back to life and all the death in his life would probably have him thinking of the girls he’s lost, even if just for a moment and used that plus the opening to the living world to push Vicki through. But we’ve seen now that Anna is the one that still matters to Jeremy, Vicki not so much. I believe that Anna, lonely in this ghost world, has been thinking of Jeremy and was somehow able to slip through when Vicki did, initially unbeknownst to the witch who was pushing Vicki through. Part of my support for this is that Anna hasn’t shown an ulterior motive for appearing. Now that could be a very smart move on the witch and we’ll find out later that even Anna was being manipulated to create a good cop/bad cop scenario. I’m of the opinion that Anna and Jeremy will be forced into a situation where they have to make tough decisions though. That somehow the witch/darkness will have leverage on Anna and try to force her hand that way. Again, I’m partial to Anna too though so I hate thinking she could be evil. In case you’re wondering how I have justification for this, I also look to Anna’s comments that there’s a price for upsetting the balance of nature and that Jeremy doesn’t know what price Vicki is willing to pay. We found out what that was but I’m betting that there will be a price for Anna and Jeremy down the road and they’ll have to decide whether or not to pay it.

Now, onto the witch thing. Vicki brought up a witch who was helping her to push through.  And interestingly, quite a few people seem to assume that she’s referring to the Original witch. I’m open to this possibility and I think it is pretty strongly supported. But I do think it’s interesting that we’re automatically jumping to Original Witch. If it’s not her, who else might it be? And if it is the original witch, she probably doesn’t need Vicki to kill Elena and doesn’t care about Vicki. She’s just using other people to get her dirty work done. I’m also of the opinion that’s not fully Vicki. She bashed Matt’s head way too fast to be a sister who loves him. Anna’s right, there’s still darkness there and its in the form of the witch.

So what does the OW want? No one’s motivations on this show are as simple as revenge. There’s always more going on. I think the Original Witch wants to come back and really come back not just as a ghost. I’m not sure how she can do it but I’m positive she will. And when she confronts Klaus, that’s when all hell really will break loose on the show.

Thoughts, comments or cannons into my theories are always welcomed. I may try to find ways to patch up any holes you find.


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3 responses to “TVD Recap-ish: Let’s Talk Ghosts & Things that Go Bump in the Night

  1. Molly

    October 26, 2011 at 2:18 am

    I love your theory on the ghosts- I honestly thought Jeremy being the catalyst for all this was a little lame, Elena makes much more sense. After all, she is a supernatural creature- what if her looking like Katherine/ Original Petrova isn’t all there is to being a doppleganger? I would love it if there’s more to it than looks.


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