A Dagger & White Oak Ash Theory

15 Oct

Shit ya’ll I’ve got a theory on the whole “the dagger will kill any demon who wields it” story. I know @redcognito suggested that it was a fake, something the Originals made up. And its been speculated that at least one Original was killed with a white oak stake, prompting the Original family to burn it down. So what if it was a werewolf who killed an Original? We know Papa Original killed Klaus’ werewolf family but since its genetic, some obviously survived. Whether they killed Papa Original or a sibling, it makes perfect sense to me that a werewolf did it. And naturally, the Originals would have created the story to prevent another supernatural creature of any kind from trying it again. I’m sure they weren’t thinking a human could use it at the time. So it’s still a fake story, but with a very good reason for why they faked it. Just like the Sun & Moon curse was faked but with a purpose.

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