TVD “The Hybrid” Recap: I Live for Little Moments Like That

23 Sep

Just a friendly reminder to take a shower:

Whew, this episode just did not stop. It was easily one of my favorite episodes both for the emphasis on family and the constant little moments. This show works so well when it focuses on small words or actions and this week nailed that. So much love to the actors for making me laugh, scream and cry this week.

I do want to make one comment on some complaints I’ve noticed on twitter and tumblr tonight. There’s a lot of rage about Bonnie being gone. Guys, Bonnie is a supporting character and as such, is usually in an average of 17 episodes. We have a while before we need to worry. In addition, Bonnie’s absence is probably a good sign. By not having her in any scenes, the odds are better that Bonnie will have a stronger story line with more scenes in later episodes. It’s been established that she would have a greater story this season, give Kevin and Julie time to get there. And for those who say that its unfair that Kat’s not in an episode and Joseph Morgan was upgraded to a regular, let me just point out two things. 1) Klaus is a regular this season but he is still a villain. He won’t be around forever. Bonnie, as a best friend and the sole witch, will be around much longer. 2) I’m going out on a limb here but I think Kat Graham is probably pretty happy that she is able to both be on the Vampire Diaries but not work so much that she can’t equally work on her music. She’s never struck me as someone who is angry about the amount of screen time. We’re 2 episodes into a 22 episode season. Be patient.

I have no real order to this post, more a discussion of relationships.

Caroline/Carol/Bill: Let’s establish first off that I (and the rest of fandom) do NOT approve of Caroline torture scenes. ESPECIALLY BY HER DADDY!!! I’m a little creeped out by why Carol is so close to Caroline’s gay father but whatever. I think all of us exhibit enough rage towards this that I don’t need to add on. Let’s just go with my three thoughts on the matter.

1)      Does Coleman have a thing for playing a twisted fatherly relationship to blonde cheerleaders?

2)      What is it with guys named Bill on vampire shows?

3)      When he inevitably dies, can someone add a little extra torture for the shitshow that Heroes became? I know it’s not his fault but he’s here and Damon has a thing for torture. I take what I can get.

Damon/Elena/Stefan: So I was asked what my thoughts are on the D/E/S love triangle, particularly as I make no secret of my hatred for Damon. Here’s my  thoughts. The short answer is yes, I do. The long answer comes from 2 perspectives. As a fan, I of course not only don’t like Damon but want Stefan and Elena together. What I’ve been appreciating is that even as the DE side of things moves forward, so does the SE side. I didn’t want to return with Elena being over Stefan or even close to over him. And while this episode showed that Elena’s realizing things have changed, she still clearly loves Stefan. The fan part of me has hope in that.
Which segues into my other perspective, that of a writer. That one knows that I won’t always like the direction a show goes. Tyler/Caroline & Damon/Elena are two examples of that. What I want though, is for the writing to make sense how we got to that point, why this story line is important and make it organic to the story. And as much as I can’t stand Damon, I don’t feel like the writers have been lacking in the development of his character. He’s grown in ways that make complete sense and not grown in others. And I don’t think the story between Damon and Elena has been rushed or inappropriate in any ways. With the exception of the last couple episodes, the romance side has been clearly only coming from Damon. Elena’s emotions have been slowly growing, first to friendship, then more. So while the fan side of me doesn’t like it, the writer side respects the way the show has gone about it. And I wish more fans would understand that this show has built a reputation for little moments between “ships”, potential or otherwise. The big sweeping declarations are few and far between. It’s a look here and there, a slip of a word, an action that shows deeper feelings. That is what I love about the way TVD is handling the D/E/S storyline and why I am completely okay with the direction it has and continues to go.

Elena/Alaric and by proxy Jeremy: Family, guys. It’s always about family. The older two need to step into this ghost situation but I love so much that they are forming a bond. There’s a saying that your friends are the family you choose for yourself. This is happening here and I love it. I also may have welled up when Elena told Alaric that he wasn’t a lost cause, he was just lost.

Tyler: So this has been my pattern with Tyler. I like him, pity him, like him more, hate him, like him, love him, hate him, despise him, forgive him because Caroline does, think Trevino’s hot but I still don’t like Tyler, kind of like Tyler, don’t want him with Caroline, in love with Tyler again and more than I ever was. I fully blame Trevino for this because I love his portrayal of Tyler, even as I get pissed at Tyler. (Who has never crossed to Damon levels of hatred though). But tonight, Tyler tried to work things out with Matt, he helped Elena, he went looking for Caroline and pretty much told his mother she was a dumbass bitch. I hate to say it but he kind of earned himself a few Pacey points tonight. Now let’s hope he saves Caroline next week.

Quick disclaimer for Maddie & Maria: I still hate the idea of Forwood. #TeamMatt forever. But, if the show is going to insist on Forwood happening, then I damn well have guidelines for how Tyler is expected to behave in this relationship.

Everyone/Caroline: Where the hell are you people?! As iphignia939, a favorite recapper of mine pointed out, the last time no one could find Caroline she was being tortured by white trash werewolves (which may be a redundant statement at this point). Start freaking out!

Mythology of Hybrids: Klaus said he did what he was TOLD. As has been pointed out to me, that probably refers to what his many witches told him would work best. But just in case, that’s not what he meant, I’m very curious as to who told him. According to Elijah, Klaus’ werewolf side, dormant as it was, already rendered him indestructible.  Elena not being dead appears to be causing a problem for Klaus. Since the sacrifice has happened and Klaus turned, would straight up killing Elena fix the problem? After all, if the ORDER mattered, then technically Elena randomly dying doesn’t work.

Jeremy/Matt Not Having Those Memories of Vicki: See, this is what I love about the show. It returns to issues set up in season 1. Elena’s motivations were good but she made a choice to take away both Jeremy and Matt’s memories of Vicki’s last days. Now Vicki’s appearing and both of these boys have to realize that they don’t remember some of these details. It’s heartbreaking.

This allows us to segue into Vicki saying she can come back and asking for help and Anna telling Jeremy not to trust Vicki. I agree with others that there has to be a darker force behind Vicki, and while it may be her body, it’s not really her. But if it is a darker force behind Vicki, who’s driving it? Also, what if competing evil forces have Vicki and Anna? Can either be trusted? My prediction is that Anna isn’t supposed to be there, that she somehow slipped through the veil or what have you when the evil force controlling Vicki came through and that her warning is accurate. I also think that Matt will end up seeing and trying to bring Vicki back while Jeremy listens to Anna. Shit is about to get real in Mystic Falls with this business. Also I can deal with a lot of creepy stuff but this story line may be the one that pushes me over the edge. Ghostly possession freaks me the f*ck out.

Matt, always stepping up: He’s amazing. I will never understand all of the Matt hatred in the world but at least he’s starting to get a story line so you can all see how wrong you were. But while I liked many Matt moments, and he broke my heart when he came to see Jeremy with all of Vicki’s stuff, the Tyler moment stood out. Matt is still hurting that Tyler and Caroline are so close and I think part of that stems from the fact that he doesn’t understand what they deal with as werewolf and vampire. Yet instead of walking away, he asked Tyler if he needed help with the full moon.  Thankfully Tyler turned him down because that would be awkward. Though your mother staring at your junk all night is equally weird.

Alaric & Damon: I think we all knew that Alaric would call Damon for back up. That’s what they do. If Elena had convinced Damon first, he would have brought Alaric. But then Damon says “thanks for the tip, brother”. Brother! I swear this bromance continues to be awesome. But I do also want to note that I like the way Alaric looks out for Elena but doesn’t completely disrespect her. He lets her and Damon work out their issues. It feels like an older brother and little sister relationship between Alaric and Elena, which has a lot of potential.

Carol only put Caroline together: I mean how dumb can you be Carol? This is what cracks me up. She has spent months, (months!) on figuring out that there are vampires still in Mystic Falls and the only thing she can come up with is Caroline. Never mind that she’s seen Caroline grow up so it is obviously a recent change, she doesn’t even grasp the idea that someone had to turn Caroline. I just wanted to bust a gut laughing.

Klaus’s freak out over the hybrid thing not working:  He may be a jackass (ok, maybe not jackass but creepy, sadistic sociopath) but somewhere in there is a little boy who was once the outcast in his family as the bastard child and he’s been searching for a family ever since. I think over a thousand years, Klaus has fought and buried that so deep that he doesn’t even know it’s there anymore. But there is a part of him that needs a place to belong. It’s why he wants an army of “soldiers”, “comrades”. Both words evoke the idea of friendships, albeit within battle, and Klaus is careful to correct Stefan that he doesn’t want slaves. It’s subtle but telling. Meanwhile, Klaus also keeps his family nearby. They’re dead, because he’s a nut job who doesn’t want competition but he can’t figure out how to let them go. Joseph Morgan said Klaus would show feelings and I would love to see the flashbacks to the Original family that show us how Klaus was tossed aside at some point and he’s been fighting for a semblance of a family ever since. And I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that it will ultimately be Klaus who brings Elijah back, because he needs his brother. They spent 500 years at each other’s sides. There’s more to that story. Rose told Damon that eventually, you can’t turn off your emotions. You feel them and you simply make a decision as to how you will live with that. If Rose had reached that point, we know Klaus has. I have the feeling, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, that this mission to make comrades is an outward manifestation of Klaus’ feelings of loneliness and need for a family. What I love about this development, is that it goes right back to what Julie and Kevin have constantly said this show is about. Family. At the end of the day our family is our greatest strength and our greatest weakness.

Plus, let’s talk more about that moment with Stefan. Klaus could have given Stefan his blood straight from his arm. Instead, he put the blood in a bottle and walked away. Stefan had the option to drink it and run. Klaus gave him a choice to follow him and even commented that Stefan was the only “comrade” he had left. Klaus needs Stefan. But more importantly, he wants Stefan.

That’s where things really get interesting. We don’t actually know a whole lot about any contacts Damon might have had in his past (with the exception of Bree) but the impression is that Damon treats every one as disposable but if you could help him release Katherine, you lasted a little longer. He doesn’t make ties. Stefan, on the other hand, does. Stefan was good friends with Lexi, we’ve heard that an old ripper days friend is dropping in and he makes friends in general. Stefan chooses to make whatever family he can. Right now, I think Stefan is starting to see Klaus as the only family he has. He’s stuck with Klaus, because even if he does run, Klaus can follow and find out Elena’s alive. But the good side of Stefan has to wonder when he will go far enough that Elena will stop looking, that it will be too much. I think Stefan knows that point will come and in that moment of drinking and following Klaus, made a decision as to who his new family is going to be. For better or for worse, they need each other.

Light hearted moment: Y’all know that I think Klaus/Stefan are pretty frickin hot together and I would not mind some action there. Here’s a thought: HoYay Special Features on the S3 DVD.  (BTW, this might tell you more than you want to know but there is some HOT fanfiction about the two of them out there).

Elena: I mean there’s a lot but the fact that she walked up to Ray with the willingness to do whatever to him to get what she wanted says a lot. That really is jumping into the middle of the story but I’ve been hoping for a darker Elena and I think that moment showed yet again that Elena is willing to push more this season, not just give up. I technically have a lot more to say about Elena but I think I’m going to wait and give her a special post. Unlike half the other people and recappers out there, I adore Elena. Always have, always will.

So thoughts? Do you think we should start purchasing nightlights for the ghost stories? Does Klaus need a hug? How hot is Zach Roerig’s Adonis belt? (Yes I paused, stared and made the picture my desktop background. You didn’t need to ask). Was this one of the best episodes of the series?

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